It’s the Big Four-OH-OH!

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Wow! I woke up this morning and after a long debate on whether I really wanted to get up or not, I finally rolled out of bed. The first thing I do in the mornings is pop the old kettle on for my caffeine fix (aka getting my heart started) and the second thing is to check the internet.

This of course entails checking: E-mail, my blog, YouTube channel, sites I contribute too and the daily news; I also check my “physical” mail.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I saw that my blog now has over 400 followers!

The words pleased, chuffed, excited and grateful spring immediately to mind! I always go all “Sally Field” when I hit a landmark like this; “You like me, you really like me!” Sniffing back tears and gazing at my computer screen with a big dopey grin on my face. (Sorry Sally)

Sally Field reference aside, I am very happy.

Happy to know that there are, at this count, 402 of you who have obligated yourselves to reading whatever drivel nonsense thoughts that I set to computer screen. My old grasshopper brain continually comes up with things to write about and I am so grateful that so many of you have taken to the time to follow my literary hopping around.

So thanks guys and gals (and businesses) who have shown the ultimate sign of acceptance and followed my little blog.

“You all ROCK!”

*I also have to thank WordPress for having a site that allowed me to reach so many folks. Much more than any other site I’ve been on. So suffice to say, “WordPress, you ROCK!”

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The BIG THREE-OH-OH or 300 (for Purists)

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So I lay my head down to take a nap (I’ve been very busy lately and damned if it’s not tiring) and when I wake up, all fuzzy headed and wondering where the hell am I and what just happened. I pass the 300 follower point on my blog!

(How’s that for one long-assed opening sentence? Well I’ve got plenty more where that came from.)

Seriously though, I am pleased, excited, happy, (You like me, you really like me! Sorry Sally Field, I couldn’t resist.) and surprised. When I started blogging seriously back in 2011 I never dreamed that it would become such a huge part of my life.

Mind you I never knew that I was going to have two heath issues in one year (one of which was kind of critical) and have all that extra time to write. I did pretty good while I was working full-time at a real job, but my “not-real” job is a lot more fun and the lunch breaks are better.

You will all be happy to know that this is a short post. It will not be one of my 1000 word plus Margaret Mitchell length rants or reviews.

No, this is a quick 0410 in the morning shout of “Hurrah!” and thanks. Thanks to all you great folks out there who have made the ultimate show of interest and followed little old me.

I am eternally grateful and pleased to make your acquaintance.

Now go out and get your friends to follow.


Just kidding! I love you all for reading, following, commenting, and “liking” my stuff. Gee, it seems like I’ve said that before. The only fly in this honeyed ointment is that WordPress obviously do not give an award for the big 300!

So… what? Is 300 not as amazing as 200 was?

Still complaining aside, I’ll leave you all with one thought; this is how a blog post from moi looks when written at 0400 hours in the morning…after a nap!

Thanks guys! I raise my coffee cup in toast and say, “You’re the best!”



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