Ben Woolf American Horror Story Meep in Critical Condition

Ben Woolf American Horror Story’s Meep, the freakshow geek, is in critical condition after being struck by a car’s side mirror while crossing the street. Various entertainment news agencies have reported that the 4 foot 4 inch tall performer was hit while jaywalking at 9 p.m. on 19 February 2015… Read the rest of the story on Viral Global News.

American Horror Story: Freak Show Just Got Really Freaky (Review)

American Horror Story: Freak Show Just Got Really Freaky (Review)

American Horror Story: Freak Show just got really freaky, with its latest episode, titled very appropriately Tupperware Party Massacre, and heads off into the stratosphere exceeding all prior bounds of oddities in the season thus far. Dandy Mott making his own “mother puppet” which is in reality his own Dot and Bette puppet, after killing the Avon lady started the show off properly, setting the murderous tone for the rest of the show. *And on a sidenote, how many viewers can remember when the Avon ladies used to come to the front door and those adverts on the telly, “Avon Calling.” Ah the nostalgia…*

American Horror Story: Freak Show Ditches Clever for Bodycount (Review)

American Horror Story: Freak Show Ditches Clever for Bodycount (Review)

American Horror Story Freak Show in its latest two episodes ditches the clever Ryan Murphy touches which have made the show such a delight and instead focussed on bodycount, taking the series to an even darker place. The descent into increased homicidal tendencies and macabre episodes of violence seem to indicate that Dandy Mott’s inbred madness is contagious. The first episodes of season four had many sly touches of humor interjected with the overall oddness so prevalent in this carnival side show world of human anomalies. One such clever touch was the blending of musical numbers that were out-of-time i.e. anachronistic with the 1950s setting of the series.

‘American Horror Story’ Test of Strength Adieu Ma Petite

‘American Horror Story’ Test of Strength Adieu Ma Petite

American Horror Story: Test of Strength is easily the most tragic, yet creepiest, episode of the Ryan Murphy creation and it is “adieu Ma Petite” a tiny too trusting soul who learns that one should beware a strongman bearing gifts. Last week’s episode ended with Jimmy arriving at Mott Mansion demanding to speak to the Tatler twins. This week opened with what transpired during that visit. Young Mr. Darling learns that Bette and Dot were sold to the Motts and when he hears Dandy’s version of events the night that Twisty died, Jimmy realises that Dandy was the other clown. He tells the twins that they need to come with him, “Now.”

American Horror Story Freak Show: Gods and Monsters Equals More Genius

American Horror Story Freak Show: Gods and Monsters Equals More Genius

Yet again, Ryan Murphy equals even more genius in the realm of American Horror Story Freak Show with the excellent use of anachronistic music and in Edward Mordrake Part 1, Gods and Monsters certainly fits the bill. Murphy’s creation in season four still packs a powerful punch and has enough sly humor to satisfy the most jaded viewer. At the beginning of episode three in the American Morbidity Museum the tour guide tells Dr. Mansfield and his assistant Ms. Rothschild (Denis O’Hare and Emma Roberts) that Ed Sullivan is killing their business. To be exact she explains that in 1952 television is not just hurting Hollywood, but real life exhibits as well.

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