Playboy Mansion Halloween Party 2014: Was That Snoop Dogg?

Playboy Mansion Halloween Party 2014: Was That Snoop Dogg?

On October 25, 2014 the Playboy Mansion halloween party was a huge hit for all those who attended despite logistical problems that left around 500 to 800 guests stranded twice, which will be looked at in pictures and a brief discussion, but before that there is one question begging to be answered…Was that Snoop Dogg? The evening party was a long drawn out marathon of shuttle problems, dropped communication and a lot of security – “Lemme see your wristband!” A sidenote here, the security folks were very helpful and they only shouted to be heard over the din of the hundreds of queuing guests. Starting out at the iconic Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd, the guests were already primed for the main event having been to various pre-Playboy Mansion parties being held at the Roosevelt.

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