Robin Williams Remembered by Zelda

Last August Robin Williams took his own life and the world cried out in shock and disbelief. His daughter Zelda, took break from social media and stepped back from the events in front of her and the rest of Robin’s family. Friday night at the Noble Awards, the daughter of the late comedian, spoke about her father and the hummingbird tattoo on her hand.

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Robin Williams: Lest We Forget

Robin Williams as seaside

There are a number of us who will never forget Robin Williams. Quite a number of media publications are helping in that area. Combing the Internet for more stories of the late funny man. When the 63 year old comedian and actor killed himself earlier this year his family, friends and fans were devastated and shocked.

How could such a bright spark put itself out? His departure has left a hole in the world that will never be filled as his talent was unique and his ability to make us laugh above and beyond that of his peers. There were instances of desperation creeping in, but this comic’s routines always had that edge. Robin’s delivery was along the lines of “don’t like this one? Well try this one, or this one or this one…”

A machine gun staccato roll out of impromptu and seemingly impromptu jokes, gags and voices. Underneath all that talent lay a man in pain. Like all great comics, his comedy was born of a deep anxiety that was made worse with the onset of Parkinson’s and medication along with his increasing depression.

Stand up comics, even those who migrate over to other portions of show business, never lose that state of mind. A type of intimate misery where the comedy comes from; pain, personal and deep, enables the best comics to entertain audiences on a regular basis.

Sometimes, as in Robin Williams’ case, this comedic exterior hides not just pain, but fear. Over and above all these hidden problems, Williams was also a genuinely nice human being. Case in point being his act of humorous kindness to his young co star in “Night of the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.”

Young Skyler Gisondo wanted to ask his girl to the prom but was stuck on set with Robin Williams and Ben Stiller, as well as Crystal the monkey. The young actor asked Stiller and Williams to help him make a video where, with their help and Crystal’s, he could ask the young lady to be his date.

Williams, lest we forget, was a natural funny man, one who specialized in impromptu performances and who kept swinging that comedy bat till he hit a homer. Robin was, according to everyone who really knew him, a nice man, father, friend and coworker. Watching the video, one cannot help but laugh and fight back tears at the same time. So long Genie, President Roosevelt, Mrs. Doubtfire, and all those other characters you brought to life. You brought a lot to the party Robin and you are missed.

By Michael Smith

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Child Friendly (Review/Trailer)

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Child Friendly (Review/Trailer)

Perhaps the saddest thing about Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, with its child friendly atmosphere and plot, is seeing the late Robin Williams reprise his role as President Teddy Roosevelt. This last trip to the world of a magical tablet that brings exhibits to life at night feels tired and forced. Even Stiller in the lead role looks fed up with the whole thing. The only aspect of these movies that seems to change are the locations.

Robin Williams Death of a Genie and Friend

Robin Williams Death of a Genie and Friend

On Monday, August 11, 2014 Robin Williams was found not breathing in his home and this news signalled the death of a genie and friend to fans all over the world. The 63 year-old comic legend left a legacy and ability that will never be matched. This funnyman and actor had a style that was a mixture of hectic and non-stop delivery combined with a sort of pathos.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Death Similar to John Belushi

Philip Seymour Hoffman Death Similar to John Belushi

While the Independent Spirit Awards paid tribute to the passing of three entertainment professionals who made an impact in the world of independent films, the cause of death for Philip Seymour Hoffman was revealed to be similar to that of John Belushi. A toxic mixture of heroin and cocaine – otherwise known as a “speedball” combined with amphetamine, and benzodiazepine all contributed to the award winning actor’s accidental demise.


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