Justin Bieber Argentina Attitude and Sex Stars

Justin Bieber Argentina Attitude and Sex Stars

Justin Bieber, his Argentina attitude and his brush with sex stars has enabled the Canadian pop star to make the headlines yet again while on the South American leg of his world tour. Justin’s behaviour in Brazil consisted of visiting brothels; spray painting graffiti on a hotel wall and storming off stage after being hit by a bottle toward the end of his Rio de Janeiro concert.

Justin Bieber Brothel Babe Says Delicious

Justin Bieber Brothel Babe Says Delicious

Justin Bieber and his Brazilian antics have certainly garnered the Canadian singer a lot of publicity. His latest round includes a brothel babe who spent the night with the pop star; she says that Justin was delicious. With an alleged price tag of $500 for the performer to spend the night with the “lady” she should say something flattering.

Justin Bieber Brothel Shopping Orders Two to Go

Justin Bieber Brothel Shopping Orders Two to Go

Pop sensation Justin Bieber was caught out doing a little brothel shopping on Friday and after taking his time in the establishment decided to order two to go. The singer was photographed trying to slip out with his takeaway order but the paparazzi managed to get a few snaps. Bieber and his two “ladies of the night” were photographed by the paps as they rushed to get into Justin’s car.

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