Chris Brown Charge Reduced Despite Violence and Homophobic Attitude

Chris Brown Charge Reduced Despite Violence and Homophobic Attitude

Although Chris Brown has been complaining about just how unfair the legal system has been treating him, he got a real break from the same system on Monday. The performer had his assault charge reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor by the Washington, D.C. court he appeared before and was released under his own recognizance.

Chris Brown Doing a Miley Cyrus?

Chris Brown Doing a Miley Cyrus?

Amid all the news about Chris Brown being charged with felony assault, along with his bodyguard, it seems that the troubled singer has been doing a Miley Cyrus. According to sources, Brown has turned on his most recent romantic interest and unfollowed her on Twitter after she unfollowed Brown.

Rihanna Twitter Monitored by Thai Police

Rihanna Twitter Monitored by Thai Police

Rihanna might just be made an honorary police officer after her tweets resulted in arrests she tweeted about two separate via the her Twitter feed. It seems that after an Instagram photo of her cuddling with a slow loris led Thai law enforcement officials to animal smugglers in September, her Twitter account has been monitored by the Thai police.


Rihanna Teaches Miley Cyrus How to Twerk in Pour It Up (Video)

Rihanna Teaches Miley Cyrus How to Twerk in Pour It Up (Video)

Rihanna has taken the Miley Cyrus challenge and really “sexed-up” her latest music video, Pour It Up. She teaches Miley Cyrus how to really twerk and she doesn’t have to take off her clothes to do it. Although what she is wearing leaves very little to the imagination.

Rihanna Plus Instagram Equals Arrest

Rihanna Plus Instagram Equals Arrest

Rihanna took a break from her Diamonds World Tour and traveled to Phuket Thailand. After chilling on the beach, she stopped to take an Instagram selfie with a slow loris and posted it on the internet. The primate was on her shoulder and she added a caption about the little bundle of fur “talkin dirty” to her