Rihanna Tromps TLC with Topless Pictures on Twitter

Rihanna Tromps TLC with Topless Pictures on Twitter

Rihanna could give Miley Cyrus lessons on how to “hog the limelight,” after a busy May on Twitter, the singer has tromped TLC by posting topless pictures of the R&B duo on her profile page and she has managed to be all over the Internet once again. RiRi is not afraid to go up against anyone in the Twitterverse.

Charlie Sheen vs Rihanna Prom Bat Diss Queen

Charlie Sheen vs Rihanna Prom Bat Diss Queen

Charlie Sheen does not suffer fools easily as evidenced by his past Twitter feuds and he is engaged in another one, now it’s Sheen vs Rihanna, the prom bat “diss queen.” The actor is reacting angrily to an insult by the singer. Apparently some websites are amused and supportive of the 26 year-old performer in her “battle” against tiger-blood Sheen, although it is hard to understand why exactly.

Rihanna Fan Prom Bat Diss Says Love Me Do Not Copy Me?

Rihanna Fan Prom Bat Diss Says Love Me Do Not Copy Me?

It seems that Rihanna let her base instincts as a female of the species get the better of her when she dissed a fan being picked on by Twitter, calling her a prom bat, after the 16 year-old wore a similar outfit to Rihanna’s 2010 catsuit, looks like the singer is saying “love me but do not copy me.” Catsuit copying apparently brings out the claws in a meow type attack on the teenager from the 26 year-old singer.


Rihanna Whoopsie Costs Her $25000

Rihanna Whoopsie Costs Her $25000

Rihanna certainly loves her selfies and with her latest Instagram snaps being banned by the picture sharing application, it would make sense that the singer would slow down taking those photographs, but, her latest selfie “whoopsie” cost her a cool $25,000. Not in fines or legal fees, but in reaching deep in her pocket to make up for a moment of clumsiness.

Avril Lavigne ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’ Meet & Greet

Avril Lavigne ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’ Meet & Greet

The latest news about the Hello Kitty singer Avril Lavigne shows that she may want to appease her fans with Meet and Greet photo sessions but she’s gone all Police in terms of personal space, like the song says Don’t Stand So Close To Me. Apparently while down south of the border, as in way south; beyond Mexico and winding up in Brazil south, fans were paying around $400 a pop to get their picture taken with their Sk8er Boi idol.