Johnny Dynamo Exclusive Interview With Jonathan Everett (Video)

Johnny Dynamo Exclusive Interview With Jonathan Everett (Video)

The Guardian Liberty Voice had the chance to speak with one of the Johnny Dynamo star’s Jonathan Everett in an exclusive interview where Jonathan talked to us about working on the series. Everett spoke about what it was like to work with series creator Joe Thomas (The Accidental President, The Body Sculptor), Tiny Lister, Terry Kiser and his some of his other projects as well as the Johnny Dynamo webisode. This “new” web series has proven to be very popular with Variety putting the show on its list of the Top 10 Web Series of 2013.

Johnny Dynamo Season Two Starts September 14

Johnny Dynamo Season Two Starts September 14

For anyone who loves the Web Series Johnny Dynamo, created by Dennis Mareno and Joe Thomas, the news that season two of this off-beat look at a washed-up action television star is starting on September 14 will be cause for celebration. Starring newcomer Rick Wells (The Accidental President, The Good Book) as Robert Pierce Mitchell, aka RPM, aka Johnny Dynamo, the series follows the change of fortune of a star who fell from grace after a publicity stunt went wrong.