Castle: Kill Switch (Review)

Castle: Kill Switch (Review)

After last week’s episode, where the new couple went on their busman’s holiday honeymoon, this episode, Kill Switch has Castle taking the back seat and for once Javi Esposito is the focus of the show. Rick and Kate go to their first case as newlyweds and the two compare themselves to famous literary and film crime solving couples, Nick and Nora Charles, MacMillan and Wife, Hart to Hart and Kate’s last suggestion, Turner and Hooch. It appears that now the sweethearts have made it legal, Kate has gone back to picking on her new husband.

Castle Episode Three Early Halloween Special

Castle Episode Three Early Halloween Special

This week’s episode of Castle, Clear & Present Danger started off like an early Halloween special hinting at deals with the devil and the invisible man. So a combination of supernatural and science fiction was on offer which then segwayed into scientific territory. At the start of the episode, this show’s victim was in the middle of playing pool when something invisible attacked him and pushed a broken pool cue through his chest.

Castle The Greater Good: Wall Street Can Be Murder (Review)

Castle The Greater Good: Wall Street Can Be Murder (Review)

Monday night’s episode of Castle, titled The Greater Good looked to be a homage to The Wolf of Wall Street but as this is Castle, or Caskett as many are wont to call it, in this case it was about money but it also proved that wall street can be murder. Literally. Viewers also got to find out about Captain Gates’ sister, who is a power player in the city’s political arena and a number one “hottie,” to boot. Not to diss good old Gates here, she too fills the “hottie” bill even if she does prefer to be called sir…

Castle: Belly of the Beast – Lazarus Effect (Review)

Castle: Belly of the Beast – Lazarus Effect (Review)

Episode 17 of season 6 on Castle: titled Belly of the Beast sees Beckett thrown in at the deep end of an undercover assignment that could have been called the Lazarus effect. Because not only will Kate be in a life or death meeting with a crime underlord by that name, but, a man from Beckett’s past has metaphorically risen from the dead, just like Lazarus.

Castle: Room 147 Three is Company Four is Murder

Castle: Room 147 Three is Company Four is Murder

After two hotel cleaning ladies discover a dead man in room 147, Castle and Beckett get involved and soon find out that, in terms of murder, three is company and four is murder. The victim in the hotel room has a gunshot wound in his chest and he is laying on the floor next to a fallen chair and a bottle of water. Before the two lovers get involved in this latest case they are in bed at Castle’s abode; he and Kate wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee…

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