ABC Kills ‘Revenge’ and No Spinoff in Sight

With rumors of a spinoff circulating the web, which was actually addressed and shot down at E!, ABC has confirmed that Revenge has been killed off after four seasons. Fans of both Emily VanCamp and Madeline Stowe will no doubt be crushed at this news. There are few actresses on television that can provide so much in terms of eye candy combined with real talent in the acting department.

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Scorpion: Revenge (Recap and Review)

Scorpion: Revenge (Recap and Review)

At the beginning of Scorpion: Revenge a group of masked people enter a safe manufacturing company with a bottle of water, guns and explosives. Shooting two people dead, they open a safe and set off exploding boxes. Walter O’Brien is still having trouble dealing with Paige’s ex husband Drew getting closer to their high IQ son Ralph, and in the process becoming involved with Paige again. Walter is having to work really hard to handle Drew’s encroachment and Team Scorpion get called in to investigate the safe manufacturing job. Before that, Drew asks Paige to dinner and the gang, especially Sylvester, are all uncomfortable that they eavesdropped on the conversation.