Lindsay Lohan Sex List Mercifully Short

Lindsay Lohan Sex List Mercifully Short

Sadly, Lindsay Lohan has admitted that her “leaked” sex list is real and, mercifully for her remaining fans, short. Of course there are those who are interested in this recounting by name of her “conquests” between the sheets. The same sort of people who like train wreck television and get excited at the prospect of any sort of scandal of the rich and famous. Interestingly enough, Lohan is one of the few actors to make the transition from child star to adult-ish star with a minimum of muss and fuss.

Demi Lovato Stands by Selena Gomez and Her Attempt to Get over Justin Bieber

Demi Lovato Stands by Selena Gomez and Her Attempt to Get over Justin Bieber

Recording artist and actress Demi Lovato has gone on record saying that she is standing by her BFF Selena Gomez and her attempt to get over Justin Bieber. The former Barney and Camp Rock performer is well known for her support of gay rights and her philanthropic philosophy. Like Taylor Swift, Lovato gives generously to various charities. The 21 year-old entertainer is also well known for her Christian beliefs and her “spirituality.”

Chris Brown Rehab be Damned

Chris Brown Rehab be Damned

Chris Brown may have checked into rehab to get a lesser sentence after his assault charge in Washington DC, but now he seems to be saying rehab be damned. He checked himself out early and has declared that he is an outpatient attending anger management classes. Sadly, it seems that is all he is addressing in his new status as a non-resident rehabilitation attendee.

Chris Brown Voluntarily Enters Rehab to Avoid Jail?

Chris Brown Voluntarily Enters Rehab to Avoid Jail?

In what appears to be a pre-emptive move, Chris Brown has voluntarily entered rehab in an attempt to avoid a jail sentence. Brown’s rep announced on Tuesday via a statement that the singer had decided after his release from jail on Monday to work on his alleged anger management problem.


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