Superstore: Election Day (Recap/Review)

Superstore - Season 2

After last week’s Halloween filled antics, and Dina as a dominatrix cop, Superstore shifts into high gear for the upcoming Election day. This episode focuses on Dina and Glenn, allowing them to become the comic highlight of the show.

Mateo tries to keep his illegal alien status a secret, although he does confide in Cheyenne. His confession does not get quite the reception he was hoping for as she thought he was going to talk about Jeff.

Amy is shocked and thrown completely off course when she meets Naomi, the new woman in Jonah’s life.  Her reaction, after she and Jonah actually start bonding and really loosening up with one another is priceless.

The reason the two are getting on so well is down to their combined effort to produce an election pamphlet to combat the one Cloud 9 have been pushing.   Amy and Jonah are so pleased at the response to the “truthful” pamphlet that they are not, for once, arguing about everything. They are actually laughing and joking during their break together.

In comes Naomi who says Jonah was going to help her pick out towels. (Things must be going well for the couple.) There are awkward introductions and Amy becomes flustered. She later replaces Jonah on pamphlet duty and has Marcus help her instead.

Superstore - Season 2

The bickering between Dina and Glenn reaches epic proportions. Their stubborn refusal to back down leads to the two becoming reluctant co-horts in crime.  While bringing out coffee for Syd and Dorothy, they manage to spill the stuff into a ballot box.

They quickly grab the box and start drying out the coffee drenched ballots. Glenn turns on a fan to hurry up the process and the 53 wet ballots go flying out the window. Both Glenn and Dina are now convinced that they are in serious trouble.

Mateo cannot vote, since he is an illegal alien, and tries to get a badge that says “I Voted.” He tries repeatedly to get one from the booth, but Dorothy guards them like they were gold. Later, she is shown handing them out to children.

Cheyenne makes him a badge but he does not appreciate the  gesture. Toward the end of the episode, after he tries to grab a badge from the dumpster, he buys Garrett’s. He proudly shows it off and no one cares.

Glenn tries to get Dina to incriminate herself by taping a conversation about the missing ballots. She does not cooperate and tries to incriminate him.

Meanwhile, Syd and Dorothy talk about the 53 missing  ballots and Syd laughs. “Jeez, that’s way down from last time.

The episode ends with Glenn and Dina shouting over one another while he holds the recorder.  “Election Day” was a funny episode that allowed Amy and Jonah to take a backseat to the proceedings.

Mark McKinney and Lauren Ash were brilliant in this episode by taking their bickering work relationship up a few notches.  The pay off was the two having to work together (Politics really does make strange bedfellows…) to keep from going to prison.

Amy and Jonah’s working relationship took a tumble and it will be interesting to see how they interact after the appearance of Naomi.  In terms of comedy some of Superstore‘s highlights are down to these two working together.

Speaking of highlights, there were several in this episode.  The “Brooklyn-ese” that Jonah uses to get the dock workers to vote for the right guy was funny. Even funnier was Amy’s telling him that not every dock worker comes from Brooklyn. Then the guy Jonah is talking to responds with a “Deze and Doze,” accent. Brilliant.

Later, just before Naomi enters the picture, Amy and Jonah are talking to each other in the Brooklyn accent. It was a splendid moment as the chemistry between these two is spot on.

Other highlight’s included the mice giving birth in the jalapeño cheese dip and the customer vignettes were spot on this week as well. The grown up “aisle hog” (Jimmy Johnson) running the kid in the tiny car into an end cap was very funny.

Superstore - Season 2
Jimmie Johnson “Competition R Us.”

Superstore is brilliant fun. Exploring the inner workings of a Box Store, aka Walmart, and the people who work there.

The series airs Thursdays on NBC. Tune and catch the comedy.


Guest starring  Edward James Gage as Syd,  Jayne Taini as Dorothy, Azie Tesfai as Naomi and Jimmy Johnson as himself.

The Good Place: Episode 9 – Get the Fork Out (Recap/Review)

The Good Place - Season 1

The Good Place picks up where it left off last week;  where the Real Eleanor arrives via the train and Michael decides to fight for the Fake Eleanor to stay. While “Someone Like Me As a Member” focusses on the negotiations with Trevor, Tahani learns Jianyu’s secret. We also learn about “Shawn.” By the end of the episode, Michael gets tough and tells Trevor and his gang of bullies to “Get the fork out.”

Real Eleanor gets to eat food that “does not turn into spiders in your mouth” and she shows Fake Eleanor how to get into the bedroom via the hidden steps. (The whole fake and real bit is a tad annoying but slightly better than “Good Eleanor and Bad Eleanor.”)

Finally this episode reveals how the mixup between the Eleanor’s occurred.  Both were in Phoenix, Arizona in the same supermarket parking lot when they died. The Real Eleanor was there to buy something for homeless people and the Fake one to buy margarita mix and a magazine called “Celebrity Baby Plastic Surgery Disasters.”

Both died within “10,000th’s of a second” in the same traffic accident. Real Eleanor tried to save Fake Eleanor and they were both hit by the “boner pill” truck.  Real Eleanor apologizes to Fake Eleanor for “botching” the rescue attempt.

Michael reveals that people on Earth look like dots and then tries to buy off  Trevor with the option of getting a real unicorn. After Trevor reacts by saying they might like skinning and eating the creature Michael rethinks his strategy.

Fake Eleanor asks Michael why he is fighting for her to stay and he tells her that now she feels like a member of the team.  Fake Eleanor has a flashback, or two, about being a loner when she was alive.

Michael asks Tahani for help with Trevor and his bullying crew. The architect admits that he is afraid of Trevor and his minions. Tahani agrees to help and they hold the negotiations for Fake Eleanor in her house.

The Good Place - Season 1
Michael and Tahani

Trevor, Chidi and the two Eleanor’s go on a double date to The Good Plates.  It becomes obvious that Chidi and the Real Eleanor really are “soulmates.”  During the dinner date from Hell, we learn what the real difference is between the two Eleanor’s.

Fake Eleanor is a glass half empty person and Real Eleanor is a glass half full person.

Janet, or “Good Janet” has to ask Jianyu what jalapeño poppers are and he tells her.  He then gives the A.I. a hug and when she asks why, Jianyu replies that she is the only one here who is nice to him.

Trevor acts disgusting throughout the entire meal and Fake Eleanor has another flashback. At Tahani’s house, the bully crew are snorting time and Tahani learns that Jianyu knows how to tap a keg.

After the Real Eleanor and Chidi go on a tour of The Good Place, while Fake Eleanor gets hammered with Trevor.  He tries to convince her that she belongs in the bad place. Fake Eleanor goes to leave and Trevor asks if they are going to have sex.

“Ew. Gross. No.”

“Okay. You know I had to ask babe.”

Tahani teaches Michael how to “man up” against Trevor and his goons. Fake Eleanor gets her first hangover since arriving in The Good Place. Chidi reveals to Fake Eleanor that he is still on her side and will go with her to the negotiations.

Cue another flashback and Fake Eleanor’s work life on Earth.  (Her dream job was selling fake medicine to old people.)

At the negotiations Trevor lies and says that Fake Eleanor gave up and will be coming to The Bad Place with him.  She then tells them all that she wants to stay because she wants to be a better person.

Michael stands up to Trevor and tells him he will get nothing and finishes by telling him to “get the fork out of my town.” Trevor and his crew storm out and he tells Fake Eleanor that she is on borrowed time.

Tahani confronts Jianyu in his man cave and reveals that she knows he is not a Buddhist monk. She also found his junk food. Tahani suggests they have a chat.

The Good Place continues to amuse. “Someone Like Me As a Member” did have one flaw. The concept of “The Bad Place” and Trevor as the “devil” came across a bit more disgusting than horrible. (Although food into spiders thing was pretty horrific…)

It also a tad odd that the presence of Trevor and his nasty little gang did not cause some sort of disruption. All the inappropriate things they got up to should have torn the place to pieces.

Their behavior also points out the more topical premise of The Good Place. In this show, heaven and hell are separated by degrees of political correctness.

The Good Place is all PC and frozen yoghurt while The Bad Place is disgusting and, as Fake Eleanor says, gross.  This is a concept that seems to fit Millennials like a glove.

On a quick sidenote, we love Tiya Sircar’s Real Eleanor.

The Good Place airs Thursdays on NBC. Tune is for a giggle or two.


The Mindy Project: Leland Breakfast Is the Miracle Worker (Recap/Review)

The Mindy Project Logo

It seems that Nurse Ben may be sticking around for a while on The Mindy Project. Although things get a bit dodgy when Mindy is asked out by Leland Breakfast and she learns that Ben has a girlfriend.  A lab technician named Lisa blurts out that Ben talks about Mindy all the time.

She also reveals that Ben in her boyfriend.

Jeremy invites Mindy to see his old school chum Leland Breakfast in “The Miracle Worker” and she reluctantly agrees. Initially she thinks it is a musical and when she learns it is just a play, Mindy wants to back out.

Finally she goes the show and gets a front row seat with Jeremy. Mindy stays glued to her smart phone throughout the performance. Leland notices, breaks the fourth wall and demands her phone.

Seeing that she has been texting about celebrity gossip, he throws the phone backstage. Later, Jeremy brings Mindy with him to meet his famous school chum. Breakfast is also starring in a Marvel film, called “Dr Universe” which is clearly a reference to Doctor Strange and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Breakfast is intrigued by Mindy’s shallowness and asks her out on a date. She refuses but this does not deter “Dr. Universe.” He has put his British mobile number in her phone. He tells Mindy that she can text him if she changes her mind.

He also reveals that it will call her $15 to send the text. (A clear dig at the outrageous phone charges for international texts or calls.) He finishes by pointing out that he is worth it.

Jeremy, who was called Princess Wanker in school, throws Leland a party. He the invites all the office after reminding some of the staff that they are meant to ignore the invitation.

Mindy decides to  attend as payback to Ben for having a secret girlfriend. Jody has a “date” with a Jan Trang. Colette finds out and accosts the woman at her practice. After barging into a delivery room, Collette rips a strip off the the doctor.

Trang explains to Jody’s sister that it was not a date but an interview for a job at her practice.  Jody is turned down for the position because of Collette’s outburst and Trang hires a  Korean medical robot instead.

Dr. Trang actually gets one of the better lines of the episode. When Collette makes the accusation that the doctor is dating her brother Jody, her response is hilarious:

“Do I look like I want drug-resistant crabs?”

Later Collette confronts Jody about the job interview and leaving her alone at  Clinic. Breakfast, after hearing that Jody has been rejected, sings “her” a song. Jody’s day just got worse.

The newest member of the medical team, ice princess Dr. Ziev, takes Jody into the toilet to tell him off. She kisses him, aggressively, and tells him to pull himself together. This was a very funny scene.

Mindy invites Ben to the party and when he arrives they talk and Ben explains why he held on to Lisa. Leland walks in on them and punches Ben in the face before storming out of the party.

Ben and Mindy both got some great lines in this episode before officially becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.  Mindy’s best line in the episode was that gasped delivery about the poetry book that Ben gave her:

” I almost read it!”

Jack Davenport rocked it as the Brit star with an attitude and an even bigger ego. If viewers are wondering where they have seen Jack before, a younger thinner version of the actor played Keira Knightley’s fiancé in the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

By the end of the episode Ben and Mindy are now officially a couple. However, given the track record of poor Dr. Lahiri it will not last long.

The Mindy Project airs Tuesdays on Hulu. Tune in and see what the ob/gyn gets up to next.


Guest starring Jack Davenport as Leland Breakfast, VyVy Nguyen as Dr. Jen  Trang and Chelsea Gonzalez as Lisa.

Aftermath: Madame Sosostris – Who Are You? (Recap/Review)

Aftermath - Season 1

Aftermath “Madame Sosostris” picks up where the last episode ended. Aunt Sally is dead and the hordes of skinwalkers have been defeated. After Karen lights the funeral pyre for her sister, the Copeland’s agree to split up and get supplies and information.

As the family prepare to leave the Alamo, tremors shake the area. Booner tells them that this happens all the time.  Joshua and Karen decide that now Brianna is back they want to go home.

Joshua takes Brianna and Devyn to find an old colleague; Gloria Douglas,  who predicted everything that has happened.  Dana, Karen and Matt all head off to a summer campground to get supplies.

Booner is reluctant to let the family leave but sends two “shooters” to tag along and gives them another vehicle.  Jane accompanies Joshua and Martin goes with Karen.

As Martin and Dana have already bonded, this pairing up works out perfectly. The two potential lovers sit in the back of the pickup truck while Matt and Karen sit in the cab.

Joshua takes the RV to Memphis Pacific College and tells Brianna and Devyn to stay inside. Copeland enters the facility looking for Douglas and some answers.

Back at the campground, Martin and Dana go to the counselor’s cabins to look for supplies. Karen and Matt go to the main complex to do the same. Dana talks about how much she loved the camp and getting away from her family.

In the woods outside the camp, former female prisoners dressed in orange jumpsuits and carrying weapons, hear Dana and Martin talking. They have staked the camp out as being their territory and they advance on the interlopers.

Joshua begins to search for Professor Douglas when he hears the faint sounds of someone talking. He finds Douglas learning to speak Spanish. She is not overly welcome but not quite hostile.

Back at the camp, Martin and Dana stop in the middle of gathering  supplies to make use of the barn. The two decide that they cannot wait any longer to consummate their relationship.

At the college, Devyn is acting odd. Brianna goes to check on him and is rebuffed.

Dana and Martin are making out in the barn when a man-eating plant vine grabs Dana by the leg.  She thinks that Martin is tickling her. The vine begins to drag her away. Martin pulls a knife and hacks the thing off of Dana.

Joshua talks to Professor Douglas while he looks for her research materials. Suddenly Douglas attacks Joshua with an axe. The woman lets out an inhuman scream and chases him down the stairs, axe in hand.

Just as she is about to kill him, Jane, one of Booner’s shooters kills the thing. It melts away and Joshua explains that it is a shapeshifter.  He tells Jane that it can take on the shape of anyone it can get close to.

Jane surmises that Douglas must be nearby. Joshua continues his search.

Dana and Martin escape from the man-eating plant. Just as Martin realizes he left his gun behind, they are confronted with two of the orange suited women with weapons of their own.

The convicts threaten to shoot the couple and Dana warns them about the plant. They ignore her and one of the women is dragged under a cabin. Her colleague shoots under the building and is completely freaked out by her friend’s death.

Dana and Martin escape.

Karen and Matt team up while the rest of the prisoners look for Martin and Dana. Joshua finds the real Douglas and she is not as welcoming as the shift changer was.

Copeland and Douglas share a history together. The prophesies he wants now were used by him and his colleagues to get the professor fired years ago. She is not in an overly forgiving mood and initially offers very little help.

Outside the building, Devyn runs out of the RV and wants to shoot himself. Brianna stops him but only just. Something is wrong with the boy from the religious commune.

The convicts capture Karen and Matt. She tries to reason with the three women but they tell her that Dana and Martin are dead, killed by them. Karen goes berserk. She throws a knife at one convict and takes a weapon from another.

Aftermath - Season 1

Furious, she kills all three and empties the clip into the last woman. Dana arrives at that moment and is horrified at what her mother has done.

“Who are you” she asks Karen.

In the RV, Brianna hears a knocking on the door. Joshua asks her to open it. Once he gets inside Brianna learns that this is not her father but a shape shifter. It tries to kill her.

Devyn intervienes and kills the thing. The farm boy is able to kill the creature because he has been infected by a skin walker. Brianna says nothing about this  new development and hugs Devyn.

Douglas confronts Joshua about getting her fired and finally tells him that everything he needs to know is in a shoebox. She also tells Joshua that the building is rigged with explosives and that he has one minute to find the box and get out.

He finds the box but the building does not explode. Douglas tells him that Mount Rainier is going to erupt soon and asks him to kill her. He cannot but Jane has no problem shooting the professor.

In these days, Jane says, if someone asks for that, you do it.

Joshua, Brianna and Devyn head back to the camp. There they learn about the convicts and Karen killing them all. Devyn comes out of the RV armed and he talks about the skinwalker and tells Brianna that he cannot fight it off any longer.

Matt tries to intervene and is knocked over by Devyn. Just before he shoots himself he tells Brianna that she was right, love is stronger than anything.  Putting the barrel under his chin Devyn pulls the trigger.

Brianna throws herself onto the boy’s dead body and sobs.

This episode of Aftermath was about the continual evolution of the Copeland family.  All the experiences faced by them so far has changed each member of the family.

Certainly the people around them are changing. The ones not taken over by skin walkers or other demons are also adapting to this new, temporary world.

Karen is tougher and will kill whomever threatens her family with no hesitation. Dana has been traumatized by Karen’s change. Joshua is also becoming a stronger character, proving that while Karen may be the “soldier” in the family he is no slouch in the protection stakes. Matt has also been hardened by events.

Brianna, however, has endured a lot of things that her family know nothing about. Her separation has changed her as well.  Devyn’s death has affected her deeply making her the most vulnerable of the group.

Dana’s question, “Who are you,”  to her mother could be applied to every member of this family fighting so hard to survive. They are all turning into new version’s of themselves.

Anne Heche continues to convince as the no-nonsense mother who will gladly kill to save her brood.  Taylor Hickson also knocks it out of the park with her depiction of Brianna.

Aftermath is an ensemble piece where everyone holds their own and  the show has been  blessed with guest stars like Wayne Brady and Leslie Hope who step up  and match the series regulars.

(On a sidenote: This episode title, which refers to Professor Douglas, is “Madame Sosostris.” The name comes from the T.S. Eliot poem The Waste Lands.)

Aftermath airs Tuesdays on SyFy. Tune in to see what weird and wonderful things the family encounter next as they face the end of the world.


Guest starring Wayne Brady as Lamar Boone and Leslie Hope as Gloria Douglas

Lucifer: Monster – Oily Balls (Recap/Review)


Lucifer is on a downward spiral after killing Uriel and in “Monster” he acts out against Chloe. She is not happy with Lucifer’s “new”  attitude. So she reprimands him and “benches” her partner. It is not just Chloe that Lucifer strikes out at, he also targets strangers and Linda Martin.

Morningstar is not the only one suffering. Amenadiel feels as much guilt as Lucifer. Charlotte is dealing with her son’s death quite calmly and Maze is not bothered at all.

The episode begins with  a “zombie” themed wedding. The bride and groom are about to take their vows when shots ring out. The groom is wounded but the bride is shot twice and she dies.

There appears to be a sniper running about.

Dan actually ends up working the case with his soon-to-be ex. Lucifer spends all his time wallowing in guilt. Drinking and playing the piano or acting very inappropriately at the crime scene. He spends most of the episode breaking rules and ignoring protocol.

Following clues, Morningstar and Chloe end up at a Dutch food truck.  As Decker questions the van’s owners, Lucifer orders, quite loudly, Oliebollen, aka Dutch donuts, which explains mean literally “oily balls.”

(Major points to Tom Ellis and the writers for this episode for having Lucifer pronounce “stroopwafels” correctly.)

As Lucifer stands shouting out his order, the sniper shoots the van owner’s partner.  The death barely registers with Lucifer.

Chloe laying down some ground rules.

At home Chloe is beginning to regret house sharing with Maze. She comes into the room to find Trixie giggling and being pushed in a “sex swing.”  She lays down some ground rules and Mazikeen reluctantly agrees to them.

Charlotte takes a grieving Amenadiel out to where Lucifer buried Uriel.  They talk and the angel gets angry with his Father, who he says should have prevented the death and the issues with Lucifer and Charlotte.


Later, as  Decker gets more involved with the case, she has to ask her “roomie” to take Trixie trick or treating.  Again, Maze reluctantly agrees.  She helps the kid change costumes and the two do very well at candy gathering.

The sniper turns out to be a military man whose wife died from cancer. He is punishing those he holds responsible. Dan and Chloe rush to save the last two names on the killer’s list.

Lucifer turns up, after drunkenly telling everyone in Lux to leave, and stands in front of the sniper’s target. He demands the man shoot him.  The sniper shoots all around Lucifer and Chloe gets the drop on the killer.

Chloe  tells Lucifer that she does not believe him to be bad at all. He explains that she really knows nothing about him

While trick or treating Maze intimidates the people giving out sweets and later, at Trixie’s urgings, dons her own costume. Trixie loves it.  After the case is solved, Chloe returns home to find both Maze and Trixie asleep in front of the television.

Both of them have apparently gorged themselves on candy and the film playing on the telly is Nightmare on Elm Street.  Chloe covers the two sleeping beauties up.

Lucifer goes to see Dr. Martin and he apologizes for being so horrible to her before. She insists on total honesty or the sessions will have to stop. She tells Lucifer to show her his real self. He agrees to this request and does so.

Hiding his human countenance, Lucifer appears in his true form complete with those red eyes. Linda says nothing. She stares in complete silence, quivering like a frightened rabbit.

Lucifer leaves.

“Monster” brought out the best in the script writers and the actors on Lucifer. Morningstar’s explanation behind his grief was brilliant. He  explains that he has never killed anyone.

He has only ever punished the dead, he says, not the living.  Amenadiel’s anger at their Father, is really anger at himself. He lost his powers because of his reluctance to take action. (That and his having sex with a demon.)

Looking at the previews to next week’s episode, it appears that Linda may finally believe that Lucifer is the devil.

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX.