Kim Kardashian Slammed by President Obama While She attends Kris Jenner Talk Show

Kim Kardashian Slammed by President Obama While She attends Kris Jenner Talk Show

I Love Kelly Cutrone…

I will sheepishly put my hand up and say that I liked The City; that spin-off of The Hills (that I watched, but did not like as much) that followed wannabe fashionista Whitney Port in her journey to be an image coordinator for Diane Von Furstenburg. After a poor first half season, the show underwent a few changes and Whitney started working for People’s Revolution and Kelly Cutrone.

From the moment I heard this woman speak, I was smitten. This was a “no-holds-barred” no-nonsense business person. She had no time for the idle, the unfocused and the stupid. This woman said it like it was and did not guild the lily. Straight to the point, and if necessary heading straight for the jugular. The back story on this highly successful self-made business woman and bestselling author, who is also a single mother, is pretty amazing and if you are not impressed by this lady, there’s something wrong with you.

This talented woman has overcome a lot of odds to become a success in a business that is dog-eat-dog to the nth degree. In the fashion industry if you snooze you lose; not just a contract, but your reputation, and your business. It’s a hard climb to the top and even harder to stay there. On The City, Kelly became one of the most popular people on the reality show.

Her mannerisms could be misconstrued as being harsh or even mean. But what Kelly does is just tell the truth. She doesn’t take time to ease the blow or even tiptoe around the problem. If you have screwed up or failed to perform as expected, Kelly is going to ream your ass metaphorically speaking. She knows that in the publicity business and the fashion business time is money. Being a successful business woman who is also a TV personality and writer she knows this better than perhaps anyone.

I have seen this woman bluntly tell an assistant off. If you look in her eyes you will not see any anger or animosity; what you will see is disappointment. Despite her refusal to sugar-coat the bitter pills she has to dispense, she cares about these young people. Even Whitney Port who was the “fair-haired” prodigy of the show got her fair share of “reams” from the big boss. The fact that Kelly cared for these youngsters was apparent in her dealings with Roxy Olin. Roxy was the “rotten stepchild” of the show. Unfocused and a bit of a wild child, Roxy could do good work but only after Kelly cracked down on her repeatedly. When Roxy did well, Kelly (as much as she was able) sang her praises and supported her.

The fact that Kelly came across as a “real” person, one that was not reading or following a script (she has always insisted that despite what was or wasn’t occurring on the rest of the show, her segments were not scripted) but just being herself resulted in her gaining a huge fan base. It is this fan base that most probably bought her autobiography, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You when it first hit book stands across America.

I always felt that Simon Cowell could learn a thing or two from Ms Cutrone. Where his blunt and to the point mannerism seemed a bit on the cruel side and his eyes always looked bored while he humiliated someone, Kelly’s eyes (as I mentioned before) registered disappointment. It’s like she was saying, “Look, we both know you are capable of much more than what you’ve just done.” We as viewers believed her and loved her for it, I know I did anyway.

I watched an episode of Dr Phil (Don’t Judge!!) and Ms Cutrone was a guest and a participant in an experiment where she allowed two moneyed and spoilt princesses to “train” under her for a day. It was another chance to see this amazing woman in action and I fell in love with her all over again.

Now I would love to fly to America and profess my undying affection to this powerhouse of a woman, but…I would be terrified of disappointing this wildly talented über successful business woman. So my unrequited love will have to remain so, but the very least I can do is rush out and read her book.

Next on my list to read…

Mrs Eastwood and Company

When I first read about this ‘reality’ television program that would be featuring Clint Eastwood‘s ‘last’ wife and family and that he would be dropping in on the occasional episode, I thought it was somebody’s idea of a bad joke. Surely Clint wasn’t happy about this idea and surely he wouldn’t lower himself so much that he would actually appear.

Would he?

It turned out that I was wrong on all counts. First of all, it isn’t a bad joke, although I can’t really say that with any real certainty as I haven’t seen the program yet. But it premièred in May this year and it turns out that Clint will be appearing on the odd episode, well three  according to IMDb and their episode listings of the program.

I sat here thinking about why the Eastwood’s would even consider such a venture. Do they need money that badly? I would have thought that a man with Clint’s stature in the Hollywood hierarchy would have more than enough money to see him through his retirement, if and when he decides to take it. I know he’s still working, he was over here in England last year fine tuning  his latest directorial effort.

Was Dina thinking of leaving Clint and wanted to get a nest egg set up? Or is the program primarily to help her ‘sell’ her newly discovered South African vocal group. What better way to drum up much needed publicity for your new musical protégées than to have a weekly program that they can be trotted out regularly for inspection on.

Of course the other thing I immediately wondered about was how his other children felt about the reality show. Clint has a pretty big brood. He may have only been married twice, but he’s fathered seven children with five different women. Shy and retiring  he ain’t. I just wonder if his other kids might not get jealous at this ‘special’ attention paid to the ‘newest’ additions to his family.

Checking with IMDb, and before you ask no I don’t own stock or get remuneration for mentioning the site,  Kyle seems fairly busy. So he probably doesn’t need the extra attention, but as I said before, neither does dad Clint. Daughter Alison seems to be a bit busier that Kyle so she probably doesn’t need the extra coverage either. I will admit that I didn’t check any of the other Eastwood offspring. I’m curious all right but I’m not nosey.

Of course both Kyle and Alison have worked with dad in films. Kyle does music for the Eastwood productions among other things and Alison has worked fairly steadily without having to resort to working for dad. So maybe they aren’t too bothered about the reality program. Of course if the whole Eastwood clan get along well and the reality show runs more that just a season or two, they might still consider appearing in the odd episode.

Unfortunately, considering the competition in the reality realm, I don’t think the Eastwood and Company show stands much of a chance. In a world where Keeping up with the KardashiansThe Real Housewives of New Jersey, America’s Next Top Model and all the other ‘must see’ reality programs already provide enough ersatz drama to fill the Rose Bowl stadium, I don’t know if Mrs Eastwood has much of a chance.

English: Clint Eastwood at the 2010 Toronto In...
English: Clint Eastwood at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Call me cynical, but I get the idea that this brain child is all of Mrs Eastwood’s creation. I can imagine Dina collaring Clint at the breakfast table.


Yes, Dina?”

“You know how you got Kyle and Alison started in the business?”

“Yes Dina.”

“Well, since you’re not acting any more and you’re not directing that many pictures…”

“Yes Dina?”

“Well, just how are you going to give our kids a start in the business? I was just thinking that a good way to get the kids noticed, and me, would be to do one of those ‘reality’ shows. You’d be helping the children and be helping me get my new band noticed. Be a darling and talk to some of your network friends, will you?”

“Yes Dina.”

The above conversation works a lot better if you can imagine Clint answering in a sort of tired Dirty Harry voice.

I might be wrong of course, but it does kind of stand to reason. After all, how are they going to get a start in the business if not through this program. Besides, looking at the ‘last’ Mrs Eastwood, how could Clint say anything but “Yes Dina.”

English: Dina Eastwood, wife of Clint Eastwood
English: Dina Eastwood, wife of Clint Eastwood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)