Better Late Than Never: Episode 2 Kyoto – What Happened to the Sumo? (Review)

Better Late Than Never - Season 1

Episode two of Better Late Than Never starts in Kyoto, Japan and ends in Hong Kong.  There is samurai training, zen training,  a night of entertainment in a Geisha house and Sumo. At least in the clips there was Sumo.  We get a tantalizing glimpse of Winkler and Jeff Dye “diapered” up and wrestling. In reality there is no Sumo segment. Okay, NBC, what happened to the flaming Sumo?

The older celebs are still enjoying their stay in Japan, although William Shatner is less than enamored of the futon beds (side by side) on offer.  In Kyoto, at the Geisha “experience” there was fish-head consommé (aka clear soup). Bradshaw was horrified at the prospect of eating the eyes and George Foreman happily ate his without complaint.

Zen was something that only Shatner got.  The rest, even George Foreman, were miles from understanding the whole thing. Jeff lost his phone, the zen master chucks it out the window when it rings, and Henry got the lion’s share of the “zen stick.”

Better Late Than Never - Season 1
Zen Training

William Shatner complains, several times, that he is stuck with a “bunch of buffoons.” Terry Bradshaw and Jeff clearly bring out the child in one another. George is pretty calm throughout, except in Hong Kong, and Henry is out to have fun – nothing to be taken too seriously.

After the futon fiasco, Shatner decides he is taking charge of arrangements.  He bluntly invites Jeff off of the Hong Kong helicopter trip. Henry offers up his seat to Dye, who does not hold William’s somewhat rude demeanor against him.  Winkler and Foreman take the bus, with all the luggage, to the hotel.

At the former British commonwealth the group stay in five star accommodation.  All are ensconced in the Presidential Suite, a real steal at $18,000 a night.  Terry is excited by the computerized toilet (Shatner is not impressed.) and so too is his new buddy Jeff.

Bradshaw proves two things in Hong Kong. He loves karaoke, which was sort of established in Japan, and going  commando. Either under a kimono os swimming on the roof of a five star hotel, the former quarterback loves going au naturale.

In Hong Kong, Shatner treats all his traveling buddies to new suits.  He also takes the group to a Chinese medicine shop where 5,000 year old treatments are dispensed.  Baby mouse wine, cow penis and live cobras are on offer. William happily eats his cow penis. When asked what it tastes like, Shatner responds, “cow penis.”

The group also go “yachting” around Hong Kong.  George explains how he got involved in George Foreman Grills and the guys go fishing. Jeff catches something and falls in the water. He does not look best pleased. Shatner is not overly impressed with his boat mates, for one thing they keep calling it “William Shatner’s boat.”

“It is not my boat,” Shatner says bluntly.

To make Bradshaw happy, after the medicine meltdown where Terry scrambled from the shop when the cobras were brought out, Shatner used Twitter to set up a street karaoke for Terry.

Better Late Than Never - Season 1
Chinese Medicine.

At night, as George sleeps, Henry Winkler and William Shatner share “life changing moments” and Winker does the Fonz for Bradshaw. It is a defining moment, this cigar smoking (Cuban obviously.) time of calm revelation.  For once, no one is mugging for the camera or putting up a front.

Better Late Than Never is a travelogue of sorts.  Built on broad comedy, nothing like the delightful Michael Palin  travelogues, this is a fun show to watch. Episode two had plenty of pleasing laugh out loud moments.

(Palin is a one man show though and he writes about his travels as well.)

It matters not that the show is obviously scripted, as are all reality shows, what make the series fun are the personalities of those involved.  Sure they may be “acting” to a degree, although  to be fair Bradshaw and Foreman come across as “straight,” but this is good natured and sometimes silly fun.

Despite the amount of laughs that this episode generated it would have been nice to know what happened to the Sumo.  Did someone lose the pixelating application?

Beter Late Than Never airs Tuesdays on NBC.


America’s Got Talent: Gold Buzzer Time Again (Review)

 America's Got Talent - Season 11

How can one not love Heidi Klum? Granted the competition is stiff as Mel B. keeps getting better and better, but Ms. Klum is more than adorable.   Her enthusiasm for “America’s Got Talent” is infectious and she opted to hit the Golden buzzer this week.  With a face that could easily launch a thousand ships, it is her eyes that seal the deal.  We have no problem believing that Heidi is enthralled, concerned or annoyed at the act in front of her.

This week the competition had a number of dance groups. Sadly not every one got a decent shot in the spotlight, we got highlights but not the entire act. Room was made for the lackluster and few “token” nutters (an old dear and her screaming chihuahua was one such novelty act).

There was a  person dressed up as what appeared to be an Emu (a singer) and one lady who did a hulu-hoop act. The hula-hoop act was a return from a few years ago and this time around went no better than her last attempt.

Another act were up for their second shot, but their last time on AGT was cut short due to injury, not being voted off.

America's Got Talent - Season 11
Sal Valentinetti

The acts once again tipped the scales in terms of age.  A group of near octogenarian dancers,  a high-wire husband and wife; in their 50s and two young performers. The youngest acts consisted of a 13 year old  stand-up comedian and a 12 year old guitar playing country singer.

There was, thankfully, only one “heart-tugging” event that was more of a brief backstory moment rather than a tissue one.

Thus far the dancing groups are getting short shrift and singers are not quite so plentiful as novelty acts. Jugglers, Russian bar acts, the high-wire couple and a number of stand-up comics. (The comics also got shorted in terms of airtime.)  All that has been missing so far, apart from the Japanese chap in an earlier episode, are the magicians.

(A short sidenote here; there was a young lady featured in the build up to a 45 year old juggler, formerly from the Ukraine, who sang an Emo type song. The girl played the piano and sang that she was  creep and a weirdo. It would have been brilliant to have heard the song in its entirety.)

America's Got Talent - Season 11
Lori Mae Hernandez Owning Donald Trump.

The juggler was one part mime and he mesmerized the audience and the judges.

Once again on “America’s Got Talent” a young lady turned out to have a huge voice.  12 year old Kadie Lynn, from Texas, came out in a short lacy skirt and cowboy boots and wowed everyone with that voice.

Lynn was brilliant and as Simon himself stated she was very reminiscent of Patsy Cline back in her heyday.

The big surprise was the Italian pizza maker from Long Island who performed the Frank Sinatra classic “My Way” almost flawlessly.  Heidi Klum was so taken with this stout singer that she hit the third gold buzzer of the season.

Initially when the confident Long Island singer came on stage it could have gone either way. Then  Sal Valentinetti opened his mouth and started singing.  He channeled his inner Sinatra and killed the audience with a superb number.

After hitting the buzzer, Heidi gave Sal a hug.

America's Got Talent - Season 11
Kadie Lynn

The third episode of “America’s Got Talent” snuck in a few more nutters and spent too little time on the dance groups.
although, we did learn which acts went through.  In terms of cute moments, the A Capella choir from Memphis Tennessee took first place. The group, called “One Voice” competed in the 16 – 18 category and one of the lads, a football player, asked the lead singer to the prom.

A real “aw” moment, all the more so as the lad borrowed  a scene from “The Office” with a teapot.

“America’s Got Talent” cut back on the heart tugging moments (we thank you) and spent a little too much time on the nutters.  If they can just get the combination right, these could be the best auditions yet. There were a lot of well earned standing ovations last night.

While you have to love Heidi Klum, you need to spare a little positive feeling for presenter Nick Cannon.  He has his own fan base and it is easy to see why.

AGT airs Tuesdays on NBC.  Tune in and see some amazing and not so amazing talent. Till next week, enjoy the 13 year old comic, the 12 year old singer and  Sal Valentinetti; who did it his way.

All Reality Television Scripted Not Just Married at First Sight

Marriage at First Site screenshot
It is amazing that in this day and age there are people who believe that reality television is not scripted, the recent “outrage” about Married at First Sight using actors or at least “aspiring actors” is the perfect case in point. This is not, however, the first time that fans of a “real” series have been shocked to learn that the participants are, in fact, actors who follow a script.

Read entire article at Viral Global News…

31 May 2015

Michael Knox-Smith

Masterchef Junior Hugs and Tears and Incredible Talent

Masterchef Junior Hugs and Tears and Incredible Talent

The idea of a cookery program relying upon the culinary talents of children under the age of 14 should strike fear in the heart of most parents, add in the incredible Gordon Ramsay with his well known four letter rants and concern for these kids rises, but tonight’s competition, which consisted of tears and hugs, erased the worry that this whole Masterchef Junior thing was a bad idea. These 16 children possessed a calm and poise in front of the camera and in the kitchen that was impressive to the nth degree. Ages ranging from 8 to 13, the kids were anything but, whilst wielding sharp knives, mixing complex herbs and spices and cooking delightful looking dishes that, according to Gordon and his two “assistants” tasted as good as they looked.

Cassie Chapman Exclusive Interview: Hooters Marriage and Nashville Wives

Cassie Chapman Exclusive Interview: Hooters Marriage and Nashville Wives

Cassie Chapman, one of the stars of TNT’s Private Lives of Nashville Wives, former Hooter girl and Gary Chapman’s wife, gave Michael Smith, from the Guardian Liberty Voice, an exclusive interview where she talked about marriage and other things. After several attempts to get together with Cassie, we finally met while she and Gary were in Las Vegas for her induction into the Hooters’ Hall of Fame.

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