Avril Lavigne J-Pop Salute not Racist it is Kawaii

Avril Lavigne J-Pop Salute not Racist it is Kawaii

So according to all those that claim to know these things, Avril Lavigne’s J-pop salute is racist, I beg to differ, it is not, it is kawaii. Let me explain. Quite a lot of people have been explaining that the opening line, “Mina saiko arigato,” translates to “I’m rocking thanks.” They have, thus far left out the translation for kawaii. For those that are curious, it means cute.


Justin Bieber Brothel Babe Says Delicious

Justin Bieber Brothel Babe Says Delicious

Justin Bieber and his Brazilian antics have certainly garnered the Canadian singer a lot of publicity. His latest round includes a brothel babe who spent the night with the pop star; she says that Justin was delicious. With an alleged price tag of $500 for the performer to spend the night with the “lady” she should say something flattering.

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