What is so Great about Reddit?

When I first started blogging on WordPress, I found to my delight that they had widgets that allowed you to share things to reddit. I was aware of this website through my daughter’s work on Video Games Blogger.

It is used by quite a few games channels and websites as a means to publicize their articles. I had never used it before and was eager to give it a go. The first ever post I uploaded to reddit was a post about the film Stake Land the referrals I got from reddit alone helped to push my view count up to 1051 views. In one day. For one post.

I was, in a word, ecstatic.

I started sharing all my posts with reddit and I also interacted with the folks who had commented on my upload. Everything went swimmingly for a while, then…zilch, nada, and zero, “zip-ah.”

Now, I don’t have a full understanding of how reddit works. I am not the guru of networking and my rudimentary knowledge of the site could fill a matchbox, maybe. I do know that each category and sub-category is watched over by a sort of “mediator.” This man or woman tries to insure that the submitter abides by the rules of the site.

They also “weed out” the spam.

I’ve got a suspicion that as I used reddit a lot that I’ve been put on the naughty list.

I splurged and bought a “Gold” reddit account and I wished that I’d saved my money. So, okay, maybe I was spamming the site. I did create a little group of accounts so that I could keep submitting to the site. In my defence though, reddit is sort of wacky when it comes to submissions. You can take a day or two break from submitting and when you get back on the site to submit, they tell you, “You’ve been doing that too much lately, wait for 125 minutes and re-submit.”


Due to this “apparent” ┬ábanning of my website I had to chuckle when Tyson over at Head In A Vice mentioned it in a blog post. Because he’d mentioned it, I decided to give the reddit another shot.

The end result?

Zilch, nada, zero…zip.

In essence, no change at all; my website is obviously still on the naughty list. I don’t mind (like hell I don’t) but I’ve never gotten one word of why or how I got put on the list; if such a list even exists. It would be nice. I went through a short time period of getting thousands of views per day. I was so excited that it’s a real wonder that I did not have my heart attack sooner.

I am trying, though, to comply with Tyson’s Call to Arms to help publicize other folks’ blog posts, but, reddit is not one avenue that works for me. I have even tried “sharing” other blogs’ posts with the site and again, gotten no response.

So I’ll wait to see if I get taken off the naughty list, it has been about six months, and hopefully I’ll start getting more views again. If not? Well, I’ll continue to write, rant, and ridicule where I see fit. Despite my obvious preoccupation with them, numbers don’t really matter. Only the writing does and I’ll never stop doing that.

So there, reddit; put that in your metaphorical pipe and smoke it.


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