American Horror Story Edward Mordrake Part 2: The Darkest Hour

American Horror Story Edward Mordrake Part 2: The Darkest Hour

In Edward Mordrake Part 2 of American Horror Story Freak Show the demon headed myth has arrived at the Jupiter, Florida camp to question the freaks about their darkest hour, the worst moment of their lives and those with the most blood and pain on their hands will be doomed to join the legend and his troupe. At first the dark legend speaks to the “seal boy” and the half-woman. Their tales are sad and bring a tear to the demon on the back of Mordrake’s head. Each have their darkest moments and have committed “sin.”

Justin Bieber Arrested Finally

Justin Bieber Arrested Finally

People who have been trapped under a rock for the last 24 hours, or stuck in a hell-hole where the Internet does not work may not know that Justin Bieber has been arrested finally. After skirting right up to the edge of misbehaving enough to earn himself a police record, the 19 year-old pop sensation has, at last, got his very own rap sheet.

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