Roadies: The Bryce Newman Letter – Acid Attack (Review) [Poll]


Last week on Roadies Reg Whitehead proved he was a lot more savvy than Kelly Ann thought (with his WWPD tee’s) but in The Bryce Newman Letter” the annoying Brit gets it very wrong.  After music blogger Newman writes an acidic attack on Staton-House Band, based on  YouTube video of a recent concert, the crew become apoplectic with rage and Reg tries to sugar coat the situation.

Instructing the crew to “lead with sugar” Reg invites Bryce to the Atlanta show and plans to do some serious “arse” kissing.  Wes, however, completely misreads Whitehead’s instructions and sends the music critic on an acid trip to end all trips.  Reg is furious.

(Note: It  may have been mentioned elsewhere, but let us talk about the sometimes obsequious and pushy busybody Reg and his last name. In England a whitehead is a spot, aka a zit, aka a pimple. In other words, Reg’s surname means a clogged up bit of pore or, in other words a bit of irritated skin. Mistake? Oh no. A bit of clever writing from someone. A clear indication that Reg is a clogged up irritant.)

Back to the episode. Roadies this brings on Lindsey Buckingham (former member of Fleetwood Mac and the artist that some would say was instrumental in the success of the band) who sings “Big Love” and then leaves.

“The Bryce Newman Letter” sees the return of the fabulous Natalie Shin, stalker and band junkie (she is not a groupie as such since she has a restraining order). Shin arrives in time to help Newman get in and then helps the crew set the blowhard up for some punishment.

Natalie Shin and “Bruce” Newman…

Bill has stopped trying to fill Phil’s shoes (sorry) and is adapting his own style and choosing “Phil-isms” where needed.  He still has a taste for the younger woman but loses his “once a year” love interest when she grows up.  Shelli tells Donna how to have a long distance relationship though phone sex.

She tells Mancini that Bill does not know otherwise he would feel the need to act jealous. Kelly Ann is taking an online self improvement course to make her seem less serious. She spends most of the episode trying to crack jokes and failing to get a laugh.

Shin sets Newman up for  a big fall by making him believe they will have sex and then stealing all his clothes.  Left with just a robe, that he has on backwards, Bryce begins roaming the arena looking for his “dark elf.”

The vast majority of the show sees Newman making an arse of himself while under the influence. He speaks to a sign for Mexican food and a giant cactus. The blogging critic stands in front of the audience and admits that he is a fraud.  Bryce also throws off the backwards robe and cavorts across the stage in his 52 year old birthday suit.

Newman finally walks off the stage front and injures himself.

Rather interestingly, Reg and Bill figuratively butt heads in this episode. Bill actually threatens the Englishman twice.  Whitehead, reacts the second time and takes his jacket off before they all realize that the captured Newman has gotten on stage.

Rafe Spall as Reg and Luke Wilson as Bill

This episode of Roadies was good fun and it revealed a nastier side to Reg, aka Double D.  He was all too ready to fire Wes, who only misunderstood his directions. He also went on to say that Kelly Ann should go as well. He obviously still believes she tried to have him fired and this was meant to be a bit of pay back. Tsk tsk, Reg.

Kelly Ann helps Bill generate a great memory of Cassie (Taylor Frey) and he says, “Thanks Cyrano.” The ever hopeful Kelly Ann murmurs that she would love that for a nickname.

Roadies airs Sundays on Showtime.  Before the next episode, take a moment to take our Poll. The squaring off between Reg and Bill prompted us to ask: “Who would win if the two actually came to blows?” Tell us what you think.

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Guest Stars: Rainn Wilson as Bryce Newman, Jacqueline Byers as Natalie Shin, Brian Benben as Preston. 

Musical Guest: Lindsey Buckingham

Stitchers: A Poll (and a Theory)

EMMA ISHTA, KYLE HARRISIn the time since Stitchers first season ended with Cameron dead and not being revived (while Kirsten yells his name over and over…) there are only so many places to watch old episodes. Hulu has two whole episodes, be still my beating heart (Sorry Cam.).

ABC have an “on-demand” option to re-watch the first season apparently and then there are sites where one can access the show’s first season.  So out of boredom and a need to see who else is thinking of  Stitchers, a poll was created.

For those who had the wherewithal to record the episodes on DVR (And really…why wouldn’t you?) getting that Stitchers fix is a bit easier. By the end of the show’s finale, it looked like the question of Ms. Clark and Dr. Goodkin becoming a couple, aka “Will they, won’t they?” was (pardon the pun) possibly a dead issue. If Cameron does not make it back into the world of the living, who will Kirsten turn to for support?

Sure the show is about so much more than link ups between workmates and colleagues. It has a pretty intricate plot with so many questions that need answering.

For Example:

The whole, is Kirsten’s father (Who turned out to  be C. Thomas Howell…how cool is that?) still alive and if so where is he and what is he doing scenario.

Who was Barbiero talking to, in the car and on that cell phone …And who killed him?

Linus with his, “nobody likes me, everybody hates me” storyline.

Liam’s phone call (To whom?) where he asks about plan B.

Les Turner…

Quincy seems to be doing okay in hospital and Camille is the only member of the team with no real “outstanding” issues at the moment (apart from Linus being totally p*ssed at her for not telling the then live Cameron that he should pilot).  Maggie proved that regardless of any doubts beforehand that she supports her stitchers team. All of them.

While waiting for the Halloween special, it was decided to look at the more romantic side of the show and see who fans think Kirsten should link up with.

Be advised, one answer does kind of depend on Cameron being revived… (Although not necessarily – see theory for further explanation.)

The question for the poll  is…”Who should Kirsten link up with in the show?” In other words who do you think her perfect mate is? But before answering that question by clicking on the below suggestions, or adding your own, check out the theory.

Time for that theory:

Anyone watching the season finale will remember the secret footage of Kirsten’s dad giving her Temporal Dysplasia and “killing” her mother while trying to rescue mom from her coma.


What if Mother did not die? It only looks like the poor woman expired. Perhaps mother is still alive somewhere, not necessarily in a coma (which this viewer believes to be the case). If Kirsten’s mom is alive this brings us neatly to the theory:

What if Cameron does not die and ends up comatose? Could Kirsten then, with the updated technology that Cameron himself structured, talk to him while he is in the coma?  It sounds a little like a variation of the Jennifer Lopez film The Cell (Her character entered into the minds of  others and interacted with them.) This would give the second season a completely different slant and allow Kirsten to be with Cameron although only in the metaphorical sense.

There it is, the  theory. What do you think? Possible, not possible?

Down below is the poll. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by participating. It is just for fun…and to see who fans think should be in the “will they, won’t they” running. Plus, it is a little something to keep minds on the ABC Family show until its Halloween Special. Anyone who has ideas, or an idea, for future polls about other characters…like, for instance, who you would like to see have a bigger role in future (think Tim from engineering…) please leave suggestions in the comment section.

The same holds true for ideas of what Cameron’s fate may be, thoughts and suggestion in the comment section please and thank you.

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GTA V Online Multiplayer Bad Sport Poll Result (Update)

GTA V Online Multiplayer Bad Sport Poll Result (Update)

Three weeks ago we held a poll to see what players thought of the GTA V Online Multiplayer Bad Sport penalty and the lobby for those who earn the duncecap. Well over 6,000 gamers voted on the poll and quite a large number left comments on the poll letting us, and other gamers, know what they thought of Rockstar Games introducing this feature to the online gameplay.


Poll Results


On the 27th of February I added a Poll to the end of a review. I was experimenting with a new type format of review and I wanted a second opinion as to how to present these ramblings.

I promised that I would post the results of that Poll and that is the sole purpose of this very, very short post. Now, in case you’ve forgotten, the poll was a if I should use the new format (which was to break the review into sections, such as plot, device, twist, et al) or just to ramble on as I always do.

I would like to say that traffic to the polls was brisk, but that would be a grotesque untruth. Business was slack to the point of being non-existent. The grand total of participants equalled (drum roll please) 9.

And one of those was my vote, to see if it would register or not!

So despite the dismal turnout of voters, I have left the poll up for the requisite week as promised and here are the results.

Poll Results:

6 people voted for the new format.

3 people voted for the mix and match format.

No one voted on either of the two other choices.

Due to the very low response to the poll, I have decided to do a mix and match.

Why, you may ask, why not do the new format?

Good question.

The answer is simple, I kind of like the new format, but, it doesn’t really fit all the films I review. Some do not have an obvious “twist” and some just don’t warrant  the new format. Plus I am still not sure I really like the new format. Add to the fact that my blog is not a democracy but more of a benevolent dictatorship, I going to go with the lower numbers. (not to mention that I voted for that one anyway)

Had there been a greater turnout, I might have gone with popular demand. But the truth of the matter is (with only eight people actually taking the time to vote) that not enough people seemed to be bothered one way or another.

I was not too surprised to see such a low number of respondents. I have never included a poll in any of my blog posts before and it must have thrown folks off. Still, it was an experiment that I wanted to try (like the new format) and I am glad that I did.

So there you have it. One very short post about the Poll results.

Thanks to all those who took the time to vote, it was appreciated. But as this experiment did so pol-ly (sorry, I couldn’t resist) I doubt that I’ll be doing another one in the foreseeable future.

I could have sworn I put a poll here somewhere...
I could have sworn I put a poll here somewhere…

My Soul to Take (2010): The Film Critics Love to Hate?


Written and directed by “tongue-in-cheek” horror master Wes Craven, My Soul to Take opened to almost universal pans. No-one, it appears, liked the film and critics united in an effort to slam this film. As a huge Wes Craven (and fan of all the Screams) I am amazed at the amount of “Craven-bashing” that took place when this film premiered.

It is almost like a rerun of Craven’s other film, Cursed; which to be fair was a pretty messy affair (being re-shot no less than 3 times) and critics again rallied to beat Craven metaphorically about the face and eyes in their rush to show their hatred for this film. I waited for the film to be released on DVD and watched it.

I liked the rated and un-rated version…

I liked it.

So when critics slammed the s**t out of  My Soul to Take, I withheld my judgement (as usual) until I’d seen it. Unsurprisingly, I liked it. In fact, I liked it so much I bought a Blu-ray copy of the film. So while I have to restrain myself from giving the middle finger of disdain to the world’s film critics, I have no problem with sending a huge raspberry their way.


Max Thieriot
Denzel Whitaker
Raul Esparza
Shareeka Epps
Bug looking pretty damned guilty.
Bug looking pretty damned guilty.

The Plot:

On the night that an almost unstoppable serial killer with a split-personality is seemingly dispatched, 7 babies are born in the local hospital. 16 years later on their birthday, they are all hunted down by the presumed dead serial killer and one boy, Adam ‘aka Bug’ (Thierot), finds out that his dad was the serial killer. Adam must figure out who is killing all his peers and stop him or her.

The Device:

*Warning: this could be seen as a spoiler.*

All the film’s action hinges on the device of “soul eating” and that when a person dies their soul is consumed by their killer. Apparently, when the original serial killer died, his soul was split into 7 parts and each baby born on that night took a portion.

The Twist:

The killer isn’t who you (repeatedly) think it is.

The Verdict: 

The film is honestly not as bad as the critics would have you believe. Okay, so some of Craven’s sly humour is missing here. The overall plot is not too complex and basically folks, if you’re expecting another version of the Scream verse; you’re going to be disappointed. It’s not as clever as Scream or Cursed (which I liked remember) so be prepared.

It does feature another “super-human” Big Bad that is fairly impressive. So overall, I really cannot understand the total lack of love that this film gets.

The Score: 

I would have to give this a solid 4 out of 5 stars just for the split-personality angle and the 7 souls schtick. A good popcorn munchin’ film with solid performances by all.

*This is an experimental review format that I’m trying out for this film. Let me know what you think. Vote on the format you like best and I’ll try to write future reviews in that format.*

*Just to let you know, I’m popping my Poll cherry here, please be gentle! I’ll “post” the results after a week or so. Thanks guys.*

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