‘Chelsea’ Dinner Party: The State of Politics – Rhetoric Over Food (Review)

Chelsea Handler on Netflix

Chelsea  switched back to  dinner party mode in this episode  where she and her guestss talked political rhetoric over food and alcohol.  As this is an “election year”   the emphasis  was once again  on the issues of Trump and Clinton.  The show  also acted as a sort of Politics 101 with informative slides on other issues, like “Affirmative Action.”

(On a personal note, it is fascinating to see that a lot of the things brought up during the dinner party  as topics of discussion were the same issues that were topics over 32 years ago, when this reviewer moved to the United Kingdom. Namely Affirmative Action and abortion as well as separating church and state.)

The dinner guests were an eclectic choice from different political parties and beliefs.  Interestingly, the women at the meal are both Republican”s although each had wildly differing ideas about how things should be done.

Cupp, while being an atheist, believes that abortion is wrong. Life, she asserts, begins at conception. Her solution is for unwanted babies to be given up for adoption, to gay couples.

Roberts, a gay married news anchor, made it clear that he does not want someone else’s baby to adopt. Underwood, who is not an atheist also believes that abortion is not for her, but that each woman should have a choice. The Republican woman from CBS show The Talk also reminded her dinner companions that church and state should be separated.

The main topic, with the presidential election looming large in everyone’s mind, was Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton.  Cupp was not shy in revealing that she finds Clinton “contemptible” and that she will not be voting for her. She did make a valid and very astute observation about Trump:

“He wears the Republican party like a rented tux.”

The dinner party all agreed that Trump is not of the Republican party or even from it.  He chose the conservative party to be his path to  the white house, ready to be discarded at a moments notice.

David Axelrod, who has been on Chelsea enough to almost be classified as a “regular” also made an appearance, Not at the dinner party but at an interview with Chelsea. They talked President Obama and  the healthcare act.

A pre-recorded segment had Chelsea meeting Ted Lieu; a congressman born in Taiwan who is represents the people of Los Angeles. The USAF reserve veteran is a member of the Democratic party and  one of only three “naturalized” citizens to be a congressman.

Lieu and Chelsea talked about what a congressman’s duties are and it was another Politics 101 moment. There was an amusing bit where Chelsea asked questions that were outside of Lieu’s realm of knowledge.  The  congressman “got it” and gave the audience some excellent insight into his duties.

Back at the dinner party, Chelsea and her guests also discussed President Obama.  Many felt that history will be the president’s friend.  As Thomas pointed out, the man did not accomplish everything he set out to do, but that is the nature of the beast called politics.

At the end Chelsea promised that politics will be left behind for awhile and that the next episode will deal with something other than the presidential race.

Chelsea airs  Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on Netflix. Tomorrow’s episode will feature  Jim Gaffigan and the  kids from “Stranger Things.”  As a treat, here is a glimpse of the kids and “Barb” from the Netflix series:


Mike Little: V is For Vendetta Politics Vegas Style

Mike Little: V is For Vendetta Politics Vegas Style

On March 6, 2014 Las Vegas resident Mike Little met with the County Commissioner in an attempt to settle long running issues that dealt with penalties, fines, and quite a lot of ill-will from the commissioner’s corner; three minutes into the meeting and it was apparent that in this room, V was for vendetta, and this was disturbing introduction to politics Vegas Style. Mike Little, who is running for Lieutenant Governor in Nevada, is a farmer who fell foul of the local “Fourth Protocol” or “fourth branch” of local government.

House Republican Claims Enough Votes to Impeach President Obama

House Republican Claims Enough Votes to Impeach President Obama

RIP Margaret Thatcher: The Iron Lady has Gone

1925 - 2013 RIP
1925 – 2013 RIP

It was with surprise and a touch of sadness when I learned that Margaret Thatcher died today. She was 87 and a legend.

But even legends die.

This formidable women who changed the face of politics, Britain, and, in no small way, the world. Daughter of a grocery shop owner and as a child grew up in a household that was active in politics and the church.

She started in politics at an early age, running for local office in Dartford where she was the youngest and first female candidate in an all male race. It was during this time that she married Denis Thatcher.

But this is not a biographical recounting of this powerful woman, It is a look at how she embodied the theme of “girl power” long before it became an in vogue subject to talk about. She wasn’t a Spice Girl, but she was the perfect model of a strong female role model.

A role model that the world watched as she held office as Prime Minister longer than anyone before or since.

Whether you agreed with her political stance or even the party she represented, you can still admire her strength and her will, which is still being felt in the country today.

So I’m placing my metaphorical hat over my heart and bowing my head in remembrance.

So long Ms Thatcher (born: 13 October 1925 – died: 8 April 2013) – the Iron Lady is gone, but will never be forgotten.

Win, Lose, or Draw it’s All Over Tomorrow Night

The day before the election. In a few short hours Americans from all over the world will be voting. Polling stations will open and absentee ballots will be counted (remember George Bush). In the wee hours of the morning of the 7th, America and the world will see who the President will be for the next four years.

It’s like watching a genteel boxing match. In one corner you have Mitt Romney with his designer hair and “Hollywood Casting Director” presidential looks. In the other corner, we have the President himself. Barack Obama. Compared to Romney and his seemingly generic presidential lines, Obama looks like everyman.

But looks do not a president make. Romney may look the part, but thus far in his speeches he makes G W Bush look like Socrates. He is also a silver spoon rich kid who grew up to be a rich man. This rich man understands corporate mergers and profit margins.

America does not need someone whose main concern is the money they can get from their employees, sorry constituents.

Barack Obama grew up without a silver spoon and through intelligence, hard work and integrity became the president of the United States of America. He came into the office telling everyone that he would do everything he could to turn the country around. He told us that it would be hard and that it would take a long time.

He did not lie.

There are things that the current President has done that I do not agree with, but, he is still my president (well half of me claims him anyway, the other half loves the Queen) and I think he should be given the time to do what he promised.

I believe he will deliver.

But either way, tomorrow the poll stations will close and a winner will be chosen.

We can only hope that the Electoral College does not pick who they want, especially if it turns out to be Mitt Romney.

There will be those who do not like this brief post and to them I say, “That is okay. We are all entitled to opinions and mine do not have to match yours. I know that I have not “lived” under President Obama, but like the man who could not see the forest because he was too close to the trees, I feel that I can see so much from a distance that perhaps is missed by those living in America.”

However this election falls, we will all have a president to support and follow. Let’s do our best.

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