Britney Spears Lip Syncing Accusations at Las Vegas Premiere

Britney Spears Lip Syncing Accusations at Las Vegas Premiere

Britney Spears faces lip synching accusations at her Las Vegas Planet Hollywood premiere the day after she blew critics away with her stunning open. Music critics have been “showing the love” for 32 year-old mother of two and pop’s aging princess Spears as her dazzling performance hit all the right chords. All, that is, except for the dis-chord of that pesky lip synching habit that the singer has grown to rely upon.


Sylvester Stallone Leonardo Da Vinci of Celluloid

Sylvester Stallone Leonardo Da Vinci of Celluloid

Sylvester Stallone is a Hollywood legend. He has been around the track a few times as one of the town’s more prolific tough guys. He has managed to make his Rocky films pay quite handsomely at the box office with amazing regularity and his Rambo franchise made him even more popular. But now, Stallone is to show his more refined side.

Britney Spears Remembering Her First Kiss

Britney Spears Remembering Her First Kiss

The big news relayed to the nation via Good Morning America on September 17 was Britney Spears announcing her two year residency in Las Vegas. The official confirmation that the singer’s negotiations with Planet Hollywood had come to a satisfactory end. But Spears also did a little prompted reminiscing as well as remembering her first kiss.