Kathy Griffin Departing Fashion Police: Yawn

Kathy Griffin
Perhaps the most annoying thing about 54 year old Joan Rivers “wanna be” Kathy Griffin departing from the Fashion Police show on E! is that I have had to agree with that pompous and pretentious arse, Piers Morgan about something.

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Piers Morgan Swan Song Not Soon Enough

Piers Morgan Swan Song Not Soon Enough

CNN have never explained just what the American public did that was so horrible that it decided to inflict Piers Morgan on them, it took the transplanted Englishman over three years to finally sing his swan song, and it was not soon enough. The brash Brit has been a loud mouthed opponent to American’s rights to bear arms. His opinion, based on the rules of his own country, is that citizens do not have the right to protect themselves.

Miss America 2014: Donald Trump Hates on US Tattooed Soldier Miss Kansas

Miss America 2014: Donald Trump Hates on US Tattooed Soldier Miss Kansas

While Miss Oklahoma, Kelsey Griswold, appears to be the favorite to win the Miss America 2014 pageant, It is Miss Kansas who has made the biggest waves publicity wise. And somewhat amazingly, billionaire business tycoon Donald Trump hates on the US tattooed soldier Miss Kansas, aka Sergeant Theresa Vail, on the Piers Morgan show.

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