Why Blog at All

MSI laptop computer

On certain days, I find it a little difficult to make my tiny contribution to the world of letters and words. I sit down after having enough coffee and nicotine to get my heart started and turn on my laptop.

I then check my various networks to see what has happened in my little world throughout the night. I check to see if anyone has read my most recent posts and left any likes or comments.

Some mornings I am amazed at the amount of ‘hits’ my little blog has gotten. Other times I am a bit puzzled by the complete lack of activity. On the low ‘hits’ days I peruse other blogs to see what they have written about and see what sort of comments have been left on their blog.

I check the Freshly Pressed page every day. The diverseness of the blogs featured never ceases to impress me. It appears that photographic ‘essays’ are quite popular as well as ‘personal interest’ and travelogue blogs. I read many, leave comments on a few and ‘like’ almost every blog I read.

Sometimes before I finish my speculative blog reading, I will have an idea crop up in my mind. Sometimes it is an almost complete story or opinion that only needs my fingertips to caress my laptop’s keyboard to bring it out. Other times the ideas float around like so many dust motes. Difficult to pin down, let alone grab.

On the days that it is difficult to come up with something, I will gaze inwardly at the dust mote ideas and wait. Sometimes one of the motes will turn into a mental firefly. Flickering light that will blaze up and then disappear only to show up in another spot.

It is the fireflies that I rely on when my mind is stalled out on a subject of interest.

On the days where I have to play the part of firefly wrangler just to come up with something to post on my blog. I do think, why blog at all. The answer to that internal questions is always the same.

Why blog at all? The answer is to.

To communicate. To remember. To think. To show. To write. To live. To create.

I know that most of the additional “to’s” can and do fall under the umbrella of communicate. But I like to specify, especially in the areas of  ‘to live’ and ‘to create’ for they are perhaps the most important.

Lots of folks have to create to live and conversely a lot of folks live to create. I fall somewhere in the middle. I don’t feel alive unless I create.

So that’s why I blog.