You, Me and the Apocalypse: End of Days – Mum’s Monkey (Review)

You, Me and the Apocalypse: End of Days finishes on a pretty impressive cliffhanger, despite Sky’s assertion that the story ended on a conclusive note. Pretty confusing really about as much as Mum Sutton (Diana Rigg) and that monkey.

 You, Me and the Apocalypse - Season 1

You, Me and the Apocalypse: End of Days finishes on a pretty impressive cliffhanger, despite Sky’s assertion that the story ended on a conclusive note. Pretty confusing really about mind boggling  as Mum Sutton (Diana Rigg) and that monkey.  Quite a lot happens in the show’s final episode and it appears that Jamie may really be the “son of God,” after all.

Although we will now never know what Jude’s role in all this was, or whether or not he would have returned from the dead in a second season.  Before talking about the annoying bits, aka unanswered or unresolved parts of the story, perhaps a brief recap is in order.


Jamie’s mum (Pauline Quirke) marries Dave (Joel Fry).

Frankie (Grace Taylor)  helps to rescue Jamie and tells Celine (Gaia Scodellaro) that she is carrying Jude’s baby.

Leanne (Megan Mullally) along with Rhonda (Jenna Fischer) and the rest of the escapees fly to England and crash short of the bunker and Rhonda shoots a man for his wrecker.

Layla (Karla Cromeis fooled by Ariel (Mathew Baynton) until he calls her “babe” and she causes him to crash the car and escapes. Jamie, along with Frankie, mum, Dave and Celine grab Layla. 

Jaimie parts the “green” Thames.

Meteors; forerunners of the incoming comet of the apocalypse, smash into the earth like missiles of death.

Rhonda’s husband Rajesh (Prasanna Puwanarajah) stays outside the bunker to close the door with the stolen wrecker. Jamie stays to help Rajesh but is knocked out by Ariel (The evil twin is like the Energizer Bunny, or a Timex watch – takes a licking and keeps on ticking –  who takes his brother’s place in the bunker.

As the comet hits; clouds and lightning fill the sky and  a naked Jamie crawls toward the bunker entrance as the end approaches.

You, Me and the Apocalypse - Season 1
“It’s a miracle, Jamie! A Charlton blooody Heston type miracle.”

Comic Moments:

The password to get into the bank vault:

“Dave has a tiny winkie”

Leanne’s line to the general:

“Can a dinosaur do that? I’m changing. So you can suck it.”

Rhonda’s freak shot that kills the wrecker driver and her reaction to it:

“He was going to die anyway…Right? In a few minutes.”

Larsson (Branagh Gallagher) pulling the pole from Spikes hands and later calling Leanne a moron after explaining that she is the only one who know where the bunker is. 

Things Unresolved:

If Celine is carrying Jude’s baby, does this mean that Jamie will not get into the bunker and the good Father made another saviour?  Who is the woman in the wooden box?  What is the backstory on Sutton and the monkey? Will Sutton start killing off the excess bunker denizens? Will June Whitfield, as God, reappear?

And why does the woman in the box believe that the monkey is pure evil?

Overall Thoughts:

The timeline in the last episode (ever) of You, Me and the Apocalypse stretched belief. With minutes left, Jamie and his little group/family mange to make it from Windsor to Slough, after crossing the muddy bottom of the Thames in time to be saved. (Who knew the Thames was so shallow eh? And  not one shopping trolley in sight…)

Anther problem that will never be sorted out, not necessarily unresolved but puzzling nonetheless, is the issue of Sutton being Jamie and Ariel’s grandmother but Rhonda and Scotty’s mum.  They all appear to be roughly the same age so this is a tad confusing.


Diana Rigg, Jenna Fischer, Megan Mullally and Mathew Baynton all kill it in this episode.  On a sidenote young Grace Taylor, despite having less to do in this final installment is just brilliant. This performer is one to keep an eye on.

You, Me and the Apocalypse - Season 1
Grace Taylor as Fankie

The last episode of You, Me and the Apocalypse left one with that bittersweet aftertaste so prevalent of series that never finish what they have started. Still, it was a great journey. One full of comedic and poignant moments and at least one viewer was delighted to have “discovered” the existence of Megan Mullally.

End of Days, The End of the World, in England may have been the last of the series but it did clear one thing up. Despite this reviewer’s smug assertion that it was Jamie who provide the intro to each episode, it was Arial all along.

Well played Sky, even it you did “bottle it” in the end and decide not to do a second season.

You, Me and the Apocalypse: 24 Hours to Go – And Now a Word From Our Sponsor (Review)

You Me and the Apocalypse is a black comedy. Up to this point the one-off series (in the UK at any rate) has focussed on the comedy with the darker elements either glossed over or tinged with humor. In 24 Hours to Go It is as though the show is taking a break from the humor and allowing a word from the sponsor; death.

 You, Me and the Apocalypse - Season 1

You Me and the Apocalypse is a black comedy. Up to this point the one-off series (in the UK at any rate) has focussed on the comedy with the darker elements either glossed over or tinged with humor. In 24 Hours to Go It is as though the show is taking a break from the humor and allowing a word from the sponsor; death.

Overall the episode was fairly grim with a look at how the world would react at the apocalypse.  Jude’s murder, obviously done by Father Christophe at the orders of the Cardinal, is called a suicide and the clergy cannot wait to put him in the ground at Rome. Celine takes the body back to Slough so Jude can be buried near his family.

Sutton learns of Jamie and Ariel blackmails his grandmother. Everyone begins the episode in celebration believing that the Saviour program worked.  General Gaines shoots the president the moment they arrive at the Genesis bunker and allows the poppet the US leader  brought in place of the first lady to escape.

Rhonda has been sentenced to death and amazingly, Leanne (Megan Mullally) is brought in and placed in the cell next to the librarian. The white supremacist provides the comedic highlight of this more somber episode as the guards have her cuffed up like Hannibal Lector.  (She later wolfs down her last meal telling the guard that she is going to “poop like you’ve never seen” when she dies.) 

General Gaines tells the world that Saviour failed and that he will die with them.

Celebrations turn to hysteria and panic, except in the Slough pub where Jude’s wake is held. This is England and the group decide to have a knees-up to see out the end of the world. Celine goes along with this.

Later, after imbibing too many shots, Celine heads to the loo (restroom) to throw up. There she sees God (June Whitfield)  who tells her that Jude is in heaven and that he says hello. God also reveals that she still needs Celine and that she is:

“part of my plan. Always have been and always will be.”

Sidenote: It is fitting that June Whitfield was chosen to be God, the woman is an institution in England.  June has been a household name since 1953, where she became known for working on radio.  American audiences may not “get it” but this reviewer was excited to see the performer and (to be honest) June’s portrayal brought a  little tear.

Ariel kidnaps Jamie right after he meets Sutton (Diana Rigg) and gets the invite to her “family” bunker.  The evil twin puts Jamie in his bank vault and then impersonates his good twin to take Layla and Frankie to the bunker and leave Jamie to die.

Jamie’s mum (played so wonderfully by another English treasure Pauline Quirke) is completely fooled by Ariel, as is Dave (her new fiancee) and all three indulge in a group hug while Ariel cringes.

Spike shames Scotty and Gaines into rescuing Rhonda.  Gaines bullies his way onto the military base where she is being held.  The general provides another comic moment when he threatens to go Mount Vesuvius all over a prison guard:

“Is that what you want? You want me to erupt and spray my hold molten lava upon you? Is that what you really want? To be my Pompeii?”

(Easily the most sexual threat in the history of television.)

He succeeds in getting Scotty’s sister out but she then demands the release of Leanne. The guard gets suspicious and pulls his gun, Scotty leaps in front of his spouse and is shot. Gaines kills the guard and Leanne gets out.

This leads to a running gun battle between the remaining military and the rescue team, which now has a wounded Scott,   along with Rhonda and Leanne. Rhonda’s friend is  pretty formidable taking out soldiers while still cuffed and she is last seen disappearing around a corner in her Hannibal Lector chains.

Celine goes back to the church and is once more Sister Celine. She tells Jude that soon she will be with him.

You, Me and the Apocalypse has saved its darker moments for near the end. This penultimate episode was less about the laughs, although the black humor is still there, and more about bringing everyone together for the end.

You, Me and the Apocalypse - Season 1
Layla and Jamie

The death of Jude is still a shocker and so too is the possible death of Jamie in that bank vault. Although it appears that Jamie will survive and it is him doing the narration at the start of each episode.

We know that he makes it out of the vault because of his attire while watching the end of the world “on telly.” Pink shorts and a blue vest (t-shirt) is what our narrator is wearing, the same clothes Jamie  had on in the vault.

The last episode will show who made it to the bunker and who did not. There have been teasing little glimpses through out the series. We’ve seen Rhonda, Frankie and Gaines as well as Jamie, but there are still others who have not been seen.

You, Me and the Apocalypse suffered from a loss of viewers in the UK where it originally aired and one wonders it that was down to Jude Laws’ character being killed off.  It could well be that the the finale will carry on with the grim tone and lose most of its comic flavor which could well be the real reason the show was not brought back.

The season finale airs next Thursday on NBC.


Gracepoint AKA Broadchurch American Style Continues

Gracepoint AKA Broadchurch American Style Continues

Gracepoint, aka Broadchurch American style continues its frame by frame replication of the original ITV drama with David Tennant as the lead detective with issues in both. Some things are different, despite the fact that overall the show is the same. Tennant’s “problem” in the British version is handled by pills, in the U.S. show he has a hypodermic needle which he shakily stabs into his thigh. While this may look more dramatic, or more realistic from an American point of view, it also makes it seem that Emmett Carver could suffer from diabetes rather than a mental issue, which the other show hints at with a bit more finesse.