Lindsay Lohan: Latest Shocker Miscarriage During Oprah Show

Lindsay Lohan: Latest Shocker Miscarriage During Oprah Show

It would be hard to not feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan even before learning of the latest shocking information about her miscarriage during the last of her Oprah produced show that promised to peel back layers of the actress. The 27 year-old former child star has been up and down so often in her career and life that she resembles a see-saw.

Lindsay Lohan Reality Show Flop?

Lindsay Lohan Reality Show Flop?

OWN network and their Lindsay Lohan reality show, aka documentary, looks to be a real flop. At least according to viewing figures from the Sunday premiere. A measly 693,184 folks tuned in to watch Ms Lohan’s show and by any other network’s standards this is pretty low. In fact it could be seen as being abysmal. Considering how much the 27 year-old actress is getting paid for this television event, it looks like Oprah Winfrey’s business has been taken to the cleaners.