Arrow vs The Flash Crossover Part two: The Brave and the Bold (Review)

Arrow vs The Flash Crossover Part two: The Brave and the Bold (Review)

As Oliver Queen himself states in the episode of The Brave and the Bold, there is a significant difference between the way he, Arrow, works along with his team, and the way Barry Allen, The Flash, works with his and in part two of this CW “vs” crossover, it is obvious. Green says that Barry’s support operation get to give their enemies “cute nicknames” while he skirts a fine line between deadly serious and just deadly. Cisco Ramon seemingly proves Arrow’s point for him by calling the latest big bad in the show “Kaboom Boomerang.” At least, the more violence prone Green tries to leave a few bad men standing in season three of Arrow.

The Flash vs Arrow Equals Geek vs Testosterone (Review)

The Flash vs Arrow Equals Geek vs Testosterone (Review)

Two heroes who fight crime equals at least a couple of different ways to approach problems and in the first episode of the CW two-night crossover The Flash vs Arrow the whole plot of Tuesday’s show boils down to a case of geek vs testosterone. The first part of the program pointed out the weaknesses and strengths of both comic book heroes. The plot line, apart from amusingly showing just how differently the two good guy’s work soon becomes a real hero versus hero after Barry Allen, aka The Flash, gets “whammied” by the villain’s red glowing “angry eyes” which infects victims with a killing rage.

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