Justin Bieber Not Guilty…Not

Justin Bieber Not Guilty…Not

A lot of websites are leaping to Justin Bieber’s defense today, saying that he was not driving under the influence; but the truth will out and in reality the news that Justin Bieber is allegedly not guilty…is not true at all. When all of the reported facts are added together it certainly appears that the teen heartthrob falls squarely into guilty territory. Do not be deceived by the lack of facts used to come to this conclusion. Sites that are jumping on the Bieber is innocent bandwagon are omitting all the facts as reported just one day prior to the singer being released from jail.


Michael Jackson Trial: AEG Not Guilty of Wrongful Death

Michael Jackson Trial: AEG Not Guilty of Wrongful Death

A verdict was reached today in the trial against AEG Live, the concert promoters who were alleged to have been negligent in their treatment of Michael Jackson which the Jackson family claimed led to the performer’s death. A verdict of not guilty was reached for the company

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