Transcendence: the Movie Noah Could Have Been? (Trailer)

Transcendence: the Movie Noah Could Have Been? (Trailer)

On April 18 Transcendence opens nationwide and at first glance, this science fiction, drama/mystery is the movie that Noah could have been. While this may sound a bit “off-base” consider, if you will, the broad ranging scope of this Christopher Nolan produced epic.

Noah: You Are Going to Need a Bigger Boat…Not

Noah: You Are Going to Need a Bigger Boat…Not

Darren Aronofsky may have waited four years to follow up his psychological/ballet thriller Black Swan with the biblical tale of Noah, but word is out that “you’re going to need a bigger boat,” is not something you’ll hear in the film. There are those, mostly Christians, who take a more literal view of the story about the “creator” destroying the world’s population with a flood that covered the Earth who are not particularly keen on the movie.

Noah Courts Controversy Before U.S. Theater Open

Noah Courts Controversy Before U.S. Theater Open

Darren Aronofsky’s biblical epic Noah, due to open in the U.S. on March 28 has been courting controversy before it premieres theatrically within these borders. Thus far, this retelling of the world’s biggest tsunami, skirts around mentioning God altogether, referring instead to a much more PC term of The Creator. All the better to not offend those who have, perhaps, different names for “the big guy/gal.”

Bring me Sunshine

It is amazing how one little thing can change your outlook so much. When I went to bed last night, exhausted from power reading my way through one book and halfway through another, it was raining so much I expected to see Noah at my front door in the morning warning of the impending flood.

Waking up earlier this morning the rain was still present and busily melting the last vestiges of the snow and ice we’ve had on the ground for over a week. Not especially cheerful to look at, but the knowledge that my trips to the Metro would be safer now did fill me with comfort.

I then went back to bed (had a seriously weird dream that I’ll be damned if I can remember anything about except its odd and possibly disturbing nature) and then woke to this glorious sunshine and the odd pile of shovelled snow with a few heaps of disinterred snowmen scattered about. My energy level, as always, shot off the effing chain like it usually does when Sol makes one of his sporadic appearances.

Coincidentally, every time the sun puts in a much appreciated appearance I think of Morecambe and Wise. Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise (Little Erne) a comic duo whose TV show used to delight me when I first came to England; their show’s ending signature tune was Bring Me Sunshine and the lads would sign and cavort to the song. It quickly became a favourite of mine and I can still hear them singing it; although both funny men have passed on to that big stage in the sky.

One tiny seagull celebrates the sun in my neighbourhood.

Nothing charges my batteries more than the sight of a robin-egg blue sky, with or without seagull. I already feel equipped to face world and the many different challenges that face me, head on. I feel like standing tall, pointing my arm in the forward direction and shouting, “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed [sic] ahead!” I am not alone in my joy of the sun’s re-emergence, I’ve seen scores of my neighbours who have been, like me, mostly house-bound trundling themselves and their children, babies and dogs sprightly down the path; all smiling and all happy.

If I was in fact completely restored by this “salubrious weather” I’d probably attempt the Morecambe and Wise dance that used to accompany their Bring Me Sunshine song, instead I’ll just hop on YouTube and see if anyone has been kind enough to post it and perhaps just sing along while the boys dance.


Talent Should Not Equal Tantrums and Tedium

Deja vu for Messer Crowe

I was going to blog about the most obvious subject going right now. It’s being called many things, Frankenstorm, Superstorm, The Perfect Storm and of course it’s original moniker of Hurricane Sandy. But honestly? I think that what little I would have to say on the subject wouldn’t interest anyone. Afterall, I haven’t lived through it.

I’ve been “surfing” the net for news of the devastation that Sandy has visited on the US and I stumbled on an article that had been posted on

If you bothered to follow the link, you’re probably as bored as I am. So my bored friend and neighbors what do you think of the casting choices? My immediate problem (apart from the fact that the film is based on a Biblical event) is that Russell “Bloody” Crowe is in the lead role. As Noah??

Now before I get started, I will state that I do not know Mr Crowe personally. We have never met, nor have we done business together. But after reading the miles of print on this man’s odious behaviour, I wouldn’t want to.

Crowe is a perfect example of how not to act if you are a “star.” Entire forests could be decimated in the effort to put to print his acts of rudeness and unpleasantness towards his fans and members of the paparazzi. *Okay, so some of the paparazzi probably deserve it. But not all of them are that obtrusive.*

It is inexcusable that Crowe can be so vile towards the members of the movie going public whose bums on seats have helped to cement his status as a film star. Thus far Crowe has been documented striking, assaulting (once with a mobile [cell] phone) verbally abusing, or just downright being rude to fans.

The only “good” thing I’ve heard about Crowe is his treatment of his co-workers. So far only Christian Bale has been seen to be vile and abusive to his fellow film crew members.

*Warning Contains Adult Language.*

Okay, fair enough that this poor bugger got in Bale’s line of sight. But come on! It’s a movie! Bale wasn’t working on a cure for cancer or  how to solve the world’s hunger problem was he.

Russell Crowe on the other hand has not lashed out at any of his co-workers.

Just his fans.

Oh and the occasional radio interviewer:

If you listen carefully, you won’t hear one hint of animosity from the interviewers tone. Crowe just decided to be insulted by the question and then rudely cut the interview short.

I will not knowingly put one penny in the pocket of either Russell Crowe or Christian Bale. Both actors seem to be of the opinion that their talent puts them above everyone else. Manners, disposition, and laws do not apply to them.


Like the title suggests, talent should not equal tedious behavior. Lashing out at co-workers and fans is not admirable nor is it acceptable. In this day and age where everyone is listening via the internet, it’s not a good idea. If you want people to continue to watch your films, straighten up.

I will mention that I did watch Terminator Salvation (the oh so important film that Bale verbally crucified his crew member on). I did this only to see if the film was worthy of such rage and obvious frustration from Bale.

It was not.

Eu tu Christian?