Rosewood Episode 110: To be Continued

It is apparent that Morris Chestnut was born to play Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr. aka Rosie. Episode 110, which is a “to be continued” storyline, the first in the season, brings a lot of things together while keeping the “serial killer” question alive and well.


It is apparent that Morris Chestnut was born to play Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr. aka Rosie. Episode 110, which is a “to be continued” storyline, the first in the season, brings a lot of things together while keeping the “serial killer” question alive and well. Chestnut fills the shoes of the self-medicating pathologist and pursuer of Detective Villa with ease.

This episode features a pretty impressive killer. One who takes out a victim’s heart through his esophagus and fills the veins around another’s brain with acrylic.  As Rosie’s mother points out, this homicidal “artiste”  is a creative whose narcissistic tendencies mean that they want to be found out.

The show starts with a game of charades. Rosie on one team, with TMI and Pippy, and Villa  with Dr. Mike (Taye Diggs) on the other. Turns out that Annalise (Jaina Lee Ortiz) is killer at the party game and Rosie’s team threaten to defect to the other side. 

A phone call interrupts the game and allows Rosewood a chance to “fix up” his pal Neil (Rodney To) who is the coroner who has a man-crush on Rosie. The first victim is delivered by Neil and he is fascinated that the man has no heart or blood and no visible wounds. 

Someone hacks the police departments computer system and leaves a clue:

“Think INSIDE the BOX”

Neil becomes a suspect and Villa, along with Rosie, visit his house and find evidence that points to the hapless coroner. He comes home and Villa finds the victim’s heart in his backpack.  It is revealed that Neil did not kill the victim, his airtight alibi was that he was having sex when the victim killed.

Away from the case, Villa and Dr. Mike are becoming quite the item. At one point the two share a shower and Boyce talks of them taking a holiday in the Keys.  Rosie is concerned and not a little jealous of the couple. He later tells Mike off when he realizes his friend was going to leave the country without telling Annalise.

Mike changes this mind and decides not to work for his favorite organization Doctors Without Borders so he can stay and be with Villa. The detective does not react well to this news and leave her birthday celebration with Mike early to be with Rosie. It seem that Villa was not as serious about the new relationship as Mike is.

Meanwhile, Rosie has patched things up with Kat (Nicole Ari Parker), as has Annalise. Later, however, when Villa comes to see Rosewood after leaving Mike in the lurch, the pathologist breaks off his conversation  with Kat and their plan-making the moment the detective shows up.

Before that interrupted phone call though, the case heats up as the local police race to catch the killer before the FBI and TMI’s former fiancee; FBI profiler Heath Casablanca (Sam Witwer). A not-so good-natured rivalry begins as Captain Hornstock professes his hate of these “full haired” young men from the bureau.

By the time Aortic Atresia & Art Installations ends, two suspects have been arrested, although the first; Neil,  is released. The second one, Roger was framed and this is discovered when Annalise shows up at Rosie’s to celebrate her birthday. The doctor’s computer system has been hacked and his monitors all say “BLACKLIGHT ME.” The pathologist does and he and Annalise discover a clue on the floor. This indicates that the police have the wrong man and the screen dissolves to “TO BE CONTINUED…”

TMI (Anna Kronkle) and Rosie (Morris Chestnut) Charades…

This show fits together like a finely constructed jigsaw puzzle. Each piece perfectly slotted into its place with no forcing necessary.  All the characters interact smoothly and effortlessly.


The scene where Rosie, and his team of TMI and Pippy are discussing the profile of the killer. His mother Donna Rosewood (Lorraine Toussaint) comes into the area to give her profile of the murderer, which is different than that given by Casablanca. 

Before and after the prognosis, Rosie admonishes his mother for “eavesdropping” and she replies that his “open office” plan makes it impossible not to:

Rosie: “Mom, this eavesdropping is becoming a problem.

Donna: “Well, you’re the one who’s built a lab with no walls. Words echo in here.”

After her profile, Mrs. Rosewood goes to leave the examination area:

Donna: “Anyway, I think I’ll just, uh, go back to my little office where, uh, I can hear everything.

Rosie: “Stop eavesdropping, mom.”

Donna: “Build some walls, son.”

This exchange is indicative of the quality direction, performances, writing and pacing of this show. The character’s interact on a genuine level and a sense of truth exists between everyone on the show.  The relationship between Pippy and TMI is lovely to see and later in the episode when  TMI ask her partner to move up the wedding date there  cannot be a dry eye in the house.

FOX have a real winner here with Rosewood and in impressive show of faiththe network have already given the order for a full season.  The series airs on Wednesdays.  This is a clever, intelligent show with humor and writing so tight it is almost screams. Watch this series and become a fan of Chestnut, the rest of the cast and thank show creator Millicent Shelton for coming up with a show that entertains almost effortlessly. 

Rosewood: Morris Chestnut Killing It Again (Review)


Coming late to the Rosewood party, it has to be said up front that Morris Chestnut is killing it…again. The first time Chestnut worked his magic was as the uber annoying Tony Rice in the Sean Bean vehicle Legends.  That Morris has chops to spare has been proven on TNT with his character being the only one, apart from Bean’s, to return to the second season of the series. Now, on Fox, Chestnut has the title role in a mystery/crime drama  which has a huge dose of humor.

The show is listed as being a drama, mystery, crime mix but the humor apparent in the show is not mentioned. Granted this is not laugh out loud moments of mirth, but it is funny, because Dr. Rosewood Jr. (Chestnut) is a witty and amusing man. It says a lot for the show’s writers that one can step into the season at episode 106 and “get it.”

Rosewood’s incessant assault on Villa (Jaina Lee Ortiz, which includes a brilliant Dr. Seuss reference, after they have a falling out over his “relationship” with her therapist Kat (Nicole Ari Parker) is funny and clever and witty.

It is also touching.

The plot of Rosewood: Policies and Ponies has Villa’s boss, and Rosewood’s friend, Captain Ira Hornstock (Domenick Lombardozzi) being framed for the murder of one of his ex-wives.  Despite the fact that Ira feels like he should be played by Dean Norris, Lombardozzi has a sort of grizzled charm that makes the role just as quirky as the rest of the characters in the show.

If there is one complaint about Rosewood,  it would be its seeming attempt  to be all things to all people. Rosewood’s sister is gay and her fiancé works with her at the family business.  His mother and father are going to get divorced and Hornstock has been married multiple times with a slew of kids.

Regardless of the show’s creator appearing to cater to a large and very diverse  demographic, it is Chestnut’s Rosewood Jr.  pathologist extraordinaire that sells this show. His professional man is glib, witty, and articulate.  He is also sincere.  Morris Chestnut sells his character with scary ease and the rest of the cast do have to struggle to match his adept performance.

The plot twist in this episode was clever and, like the rest of the show, funny.  Captain Hornstock’s murdered ex-wife, who came to borrow money from him just before she was killed, wanted the money to pay for a hit she had put out on him.  Hornstock’s former wife expected her ex to pay for his own murder.

An added twist was that when she could not come up with the money for her hitman, she is murdered by the man she hired.

Gabrielle Dennis, as Rosewood’s sister Pippy, she also works with him in the pathology lab, is a great performer who exudes a natural believability and she is impressive in her role. The chemistry between her and the other actors is spot on.

The lines for this show are just brilliant as is the chemistry between Chestnut and Ortiz. For example, after dissing Rosewood and Hornstock by referring to them as “playing Cagney and Lacey,” Dr. Rosewood responds:

“Really? Really? “Cagney & Lacey”? Really?

Villa: “Relax. You’re Cagney.

Rosewood: “I want to be Lacey.”

Rosewood is an excellent mix of humor and story. Amusing, intelligent and perhaps trying that little bit too hard, the show works nonetheless.  Morris Chestnut proves that he has got some impressive chops and he is not afraid to use them.

The series airs Wednesdays  on FOX, tune in and enjoy the hell out of this cleverly written and presented crime show.