11.22.63. Truth – and Consequences (Recap/Review)

11.22.63 continues with Truth and Sadie bursting from Jake’s house by the lusty sounds of Marina and Lee Harvey Oswald’s love making.

Daniel Webber as Lee Harvey Oswald in 11.22.63

11.22.63 continues with Truth and Sadie bursting from Jake’s house by the lusty sounds of Marina and Lee Harvey Oswald’s love making. Not knowing that the consequences of having told Epping about her husband’s clothes pin will cause innumerable problems.  Ms Dunhill wastes no time telling Jake that she is not happy that he continues to like to her.

After Sadie leaves, Jake is left to orchestrate the General Walker mission, where he hopes to learn the truth of just what Oswald’s part was in the attempted shooting of the public figure.  Prior to Bill and Jake casing out Walker’s house and making plans to catch Oswald in the act, Jake is let go from the school.

Deke Simmons (Nick Searcy) uses the morality clause in Jake’s contract to release him.  Although the principal explains the it will be easier for Epping to get another job if he resigns. Miss Mimi is not happy to see Jake go at all.

Bill Turcotte continues to be too aware of Marina and Jake goes to clear up the Oswald evidence. Johnny Clayton (T.R. Knightcalls Epping and tells him to come to Sadie’s house. Jake calls Turcotte and tells him to go to Walker’s on his own.

At Sadie’s house, Jake arrives to find that Clayton has cut his wife’s face deeply and she is sitting in a dining room chair. Johnny rants (sounding a bit like Annie Wilkes “Dirty bird” is used quite often, along with the “wormy-hole” thing that Clayton likes so much)

As Jake is held “under the gun” so to speak, it is Sadie (Sarah Gadon) who remains clear headed enough to attempt an escape. She breaks a fruit bowl after telling Epping to get ready. After the bowl crashes to the floor, Sadie reveals that Johnny’s grandmother molested him as a 12 year-old boy and that the woman was taken away.

Clayton goes off like a rocket and as he reaches full rant, the doorbell rings, interrupting his rage and for a moment all three freeze. Meanwhile, Bill makes contact with Marina again and as a result meets Oswald.

The doorbell was two of Dunhill’s students delivering a raffle win. Jake tells the kids to call the police. Clayton tells Jake that if he does not drink the full glass of bleach, he will kill Sadie.  As Epping raises the glass to his lips, Clayton leans forward eagerly and Jake throws the bleach in the man’s face.

Johnny is blinded and he begins shooting around the room as Jake and Sadie crouch in the corner of the living room. Epping tosses his watch over by the television and Clayton turns and shoots the screen.  Epping grabs a poker and hits the man in the head. A shot rings out and Clayton falls.

Sadie is rushed to the hospital and as the police start to question Jake, Deke comes to the rescue. The sheriff is a former student of Deke’s and the principal tells the man he can meet Jake at the hospital. Bill watches Marina and Oswald until Lee leaves.

At the hospital, Jake learns what medicine was like back in 1960s America.  At the Walker’s house, Bill waits nervously for Oswald to show up. The church near the general’s house lets out and Turcotte sees his dead sister. Distracted and excited, the man runs to catch the woman and misses the attempted shooting of Walker.

Sadie survives  the attack and Jake tells her the truth, that he is from the future. She begins to laugh until she realizes Epping is serious. Jake and Sadie finally meet for real and he declares his love.

This episode showed just how the past pushes when Jake gets too close. The timing of Clayton’s attack on Sadie and his planned murder of Epping/Amberson is not coincidental. The past also interferes with Turcotte’s fact finding mission by inserting his dead sister Clara.

In this version of King’s time travel tale, Jake has not returned to the future. In the novel verse of 11.22.63 he does reset the clock a number of times. Once again, this omission has not harmed the tale and enough incidents are included to keep relatively true to the written story.

With Bill inserting himself into the Oswald’s lives, because of his attraction to Marina, there are sure to be consequences that make the mission to stop Lee more difficult.  11.22.63 airs Mondays on Hulu and thus far has been a pretty decent adaptation of Stephen King’s novel.  Tune in and see whether the truth can be learned before Oswald strikes.

Justified: The Toll Payback Is a B*tch (Recap/Review)

Justified: The Toll Payback Is a B*tch (Recap/Review)

In this week’s episode of Justified: The Toll it looks like payback is going to be a b*tch for more than one person in Harlan. After Boyd decides not to “deal” with the little prison guard who set his wife up, he prepares for a meeting with Winn Duffy and Picker about the heroin and Crowe problem. Art goes to take Alison into protective custody and as they start to leave they come under fire from an “unknown” person. Art is hit and Alison calls 9-1-1 for the stricken lawman.