Jessica Simpson Showing off New Weight Watchers Waistline

Jessica Simpson Showing off New Weight Watchers Waistline

Since Jessica Simpson is the newest “face” for Weight Watchers, it came as no surprise that she spent some time in front of cameras showing off her new waistline. The mother of two gained a lot of poundage carrying her two children and after the last one came into the world the performer set out to get her old figure back. The success of her mission can be seen in the photographs taken at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington D.C. on the red carpet and later in a “selfie” where Jessica and two gal pals posed prettily for the camera.

Ellen Page How Brave Is Telling LGBT You Are Gay?

Ellen Page How Brave Is Telling LGBT You Are Gay?

On February 14, aka St Valentines Day, Ellen Page told an LGBT audience at the first annual Time To Thrive conference that she was gay; Twitter has been full of supportive tweets saying how brave the Canadian actress was for coming out, but the question being asked by some is “just how brave is telling a LGBT audience that you are gay?” Which is just what Page did at the Human Rights Campaign sponsored event. It was created to support young LGBT people. The conference was held at Bally’s Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and Page was there to support the work done by the HRC in aid of youngster’s with issues.


Justin Bieber Egg on His Face?

Justin Bieber Egg on His Face?

Justin Bieber could end up with egg on his face after getting caught on film egging his neighbor’s house. So far, there is no news on which neighbor was targeted by the soon-to-be retired singer. It isn’t the first time that Bieber has been in hot water with his fellow denizens in the Calabasas gated community that he calls home.


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