The Face in the Clouds

author photograph of clouds

At first glance, the smudge in the clouds looked like God had taken the edge of His hand and smeared a hole in the oblique cover so He could see the desert below. I was amused and, not a little delighted, to see the effect in the evening sky. I stopped and held up my iPhone to take a couple of pictures of this phenomenon and there it was.

The face.

Not in the clouds, nor was it visible to the naked eye at least not to mine, it was on my iPhone display. I stood by the side of the hot road, dust swirling around my sore and swollen feet, transfixed by the face  on my phone. I was so absorbed that if the big guy himself suddenly appeared beside me, it would have gone unnoticed.

Looking at the face in the clouds, or more accurately the “space” in the clouds where some monstrous hand had scraped away the grayness for a better view, I realized that this was not the big fella, or gal. This was an evil and angry face. On the picture, which will be shared below, it looks more cartoonish, or even photoshopped, but looking at it through the lens of the iPhone, the peering image most certainly did not look like the work of an artist.

Unfortunately the iPhone 5 I possess, even with the lens zoomed to its maximum extent, did not capture the face as clearly as the display. The image looks different in the photograph. This variation, however, does nothing to keep this mysterious man, yes it’s very obviously male, from looking ominous and not a little scary. All this on top of being gloriously freaky and cool.

So, after this long winded build up, here is the picture:

Photograph of face in clouds

After walking another 600 yards or so, glancing at the furious visage in the sky above me, I decided to take another snap:

Photograph of face in clouds

Once again, the display on the phone was clearer than the final photo. Probably down to my dubious skills as operator rather than any limitations of the equipment itself. This time, the face was an almost 3/4 profile looking partially at me (in my mind at least) and  where I was heading. Still rather disconcerting and spooky.

Taking a few more snaps, I turned and headed home. The face in the clouds had topped off an odd, and strenuous day. It also “weirded” me out a little.  But not enough to take away the delight at this wonder of nature. Where a face, so clear and concise that I could see the anger in its huge glare,  gazed  down at my lonely walk home across the desert.

20 February 2015

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