‘Haven’ Reflections: Is This a Double Cross? (Review)

‘Haven’ Reflections: Is This a Double Cross? (Review)

Despite Dwight wanting to believe that the good CDC doctor is who she claims to be in Haven: Reflections it is starting to look like a double cross will soon be affecting Parker and the entire town. Charlotte Cross is up to something, looking at that thick file on Audrey Parker that the doctor pulled out at the end of the episode she obviously knows a lot more about the town and “the troubles” than she has admitted. The woman whom the CDC claim to have never sent to Maine has not yet revealed what she is really after.

‘Haven’ Mortality: My Bear Friend Is Back (Review)

‘Haven’ Mortality: My Bear Friend Is Back (Review)

Last week in Haven, the flu aka the contagion, spread like wildfire amongst the troubled population and triggered off the CDC doctor and a trouble that had disturbing dancing bears showing up all over town, this week in Mortality the bear friend is back and the troubles may become public knowledge. Duke falls neatly into Mara’s obvious plans to divide and conquer and the “good guys” are running in circles trying to figure out what is going on.