Chelsea: Natasha Lyonne, Marc Maron and Nathan Adrian – Cats (Review)

Chelsea Handler Netflix

This episode of Chelsea was brilliantly funny. All because of the tension between Ms. Handler and her second guest Marc Maron.   Chelsea’s guests included Natasha Lyonne, who is just brilliant on Orange Is the New Black as Nicky Nichols, Maron and Olympic Gold and Bronze medalist Nathan Adrian.

Lyonne was the first guest and her most recent films were very briefly discussed, Antibirth and The Intervention, Natasha was great quirky fun. The interview was rambling and disjointed and very funny.  A clip from Lyonne’s gal pal Aubry Plaza was shown where she did a pretty decent impression of Natasha.

The OITNB actress then made a joke about having sex with Aubrey, which they did in a film together (Addicted to Fresno: 2015). Lyonne hit a blank spot at one point and Chelsea then introduced Marc Maron, stand up comic and host of WTF.

Maron’s podcast, often recorded in his garage, is wildly popular and he even interviewed President Obama from the garage.  When Chelsea appeared on his podcast, the two did not get along. She mentioned his two cats and the interview went downhill from there.

(During the podcast, apparently, Maron lost his composure and became aggressive, much to the surprise of the social media world.)

The subject of the cats came up again and Natasha launched into peals of delighted laughter when Marc complained that people see him as some sort of “freakish cat person.”

Clearly the antagonism between Chelsea and Maron is still there. When he mentions the the cat person label, Handler pounces.  “For you to get this hostile is f*cking weird…”

Finally they moved on past the cat issue and Chelsea’s previous appearance on Marc’s podcast to talk about the Barrack Obama interview.  Maron talks about the surreal experience of having the president of the United States showing up at the garage. Snipers on the roof, the Secret Service and so on.

Chelsea actually gave Maron a nice plug for his presidential interview. Despite the tension between Marc and Chelsea, he gave great interview. Funny, witty and an even match for Chelsea. Maron will also performing at Carnegie Hall.

The show then went to a pre-recorded segment where Chelsea guested on Liar City, a Florida podcast hosted by Brian Flanagan. It was amusing and typically Chelsea “ran” the podcast. Professing her hatred for Arnold Schwarzenegger and her love for faux singing group Milli Vanilli.

Next up was Adrian who spoke about the Olympics, Michael Phelps and what sleeping at the Olympic Village was like.  (Twin beds with extenders.) Adrian was full of praise for Phelps and did not say too much about Ryan Lochte.

Chelsea finished by saluting the Olympic athletes who competed at Rio and specifically applauded Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui who told the world she was on her period.

This alternative talkshow on Netflix continues to entertain because of Ms. Handler’s choice of guests and her sight-seeing segments. Handler is brilliant at hoisting the drug flag. Her opening gag about CVS was very funny.

Chelsea will be back on tomorrow and Friday on Netflix. Do not miss this out of the box talkshow.

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