MTV Movie Awards and Mila Kunis Baby Bump

MTV Movie Awards and Mila Kunis Baby Bump

As un-entertaining as the MTV Movie Awards show was, it was nice to see that someone else noticed the lengths that the camera crew went to so that Mila Kunis’ baby bump was not visible to the audience at home. Wearing a simple black number, the 30 year-old Ted star came up from the crowd to collect her Best Villain Award for her portrayal as Theodora the Wicked Witch of the West in Oz The Great And Powerful.

MTV Movie Awards Paying Tribute to Late Paul Walker

MTV Movie Awards Paying Tribute to Late Paul Walker

With Paul Walker’s film Brick Mansions opening nationwide on Friday, April 25 the timing is perfect for the MTV Movie Awards to pay tribute to the late actor. The president of MTV, Stephen Friedman, has said that Walker was a “role” model for the MTV audience. The 40 year-old actor struck a chord in the current generation of viewers and his too-early death last year became a media circus of fan grief and wild conspiracy theories about the star’s death.