Rosewood: Mummies & Meltdowns – Hail Mary Time (Review) [Update]


[Update] It has been brought to our attention that the talented actor Eddie Cibrian has been incorrectly credited on the cast links due to an administrative error. Mike’s Film Talk has corrected this and extend our sincere apologies to Mr. Cibrian.

Rosewood “Mummies & Meltdowns” follows last week’s episode where Rosie learns that Tawnya has taken him for everything he has.  While the pathologist is suffering his own meltdown, a music industry bad boy turns up dead and mummified on his boat.

This was a brilliant episode, although Rosie sorting himself out by the end of the show was a little…unrealistic.  However, this one gets massive points for taking the real life tale of the German boat captain found mummified on his yacht in 2016.

Of course as this is Rosewood the dead music producer was murdered and even with Rosie missing on almost every cylinder, he and his team work their way through the suspects until he figures out how to solve the mystery.

The big story is Rosie’s downward spiral after learning that Tawnya was a con artist and not the real deal. All his friends try to help him through his issues. Some, more gently than others, as Villa smacks the heck out of her bestie when she finds him drunk and in bed with two hookers. (Joo Joo calls her for help.)

Rosie goes through a short period of cynicism and having a pretty sour outlook on like. Again, as this is Rosewood, his outlook actually helps to prove the innocence of a few of the suspects.

He turns on everyone, bar Villa, and even treats Joo Joo, the man who has paid his friend’s bar bill across Miami and watched his back, abysmally. Eventually, Rosie has to sell the GTO to pay his bills and the Magic Lab staff.

The mummified body does not yield up many clues except for the tox report which shows that El Jefe, the dead man, was a long time user of digitalis. The man had a bad heart.

Apart from the heart medication, nothing else can be learned from the dried out corpse. As the questioning of suspects continues Villa tries once again to get Rosie out of the dumps.

Annalise tells him to try shaking and screaming.  Rosie is not buying her solution and she inadvertently provides a possible solution to the murder. She tires to save a plant that Rosie has practically killed.

He then realizes that they should try to re-hydrate the corpse. Rosie calls this action, “Hail Mary time.” He and his lab step to and despite the fact that none of them think it will really work, it does. They learn that the music producer was tased and his body dragged for a distance after he died.

Rosie finds a splinter. He and Villa head to he docks and the pathologist finds a bit of taser “confetti.” The killer is the choreographer who loved El Jefe and was furious when the man wanted to “come out” with someone else.

Before the murder is solved, Rosie calls Kayla’s phone, which had been turned off. She meets with him and tells Rosie that she is not a teenager, her name is not Kayla, she is 22 and she broke from Tawnya. She did not like what they did to Rosie.

They talk and Ira shows up mid conversation. Rosie tells Hornstock to book “Kayla.”  Later, after the case is solved, he changes his mind and drops the charges. Kayla is set free but he tells her that they cannot go back.

As Rosie gets ready to leave, Slade tells him to wait. Ira, Villa and the captain tells Rosie that since he sold the GTO they may have  a loaner for him to drive. Outside, all his family and friends reveal that they bought back the GTO.

Rosie and Annalise go an a drive and with a scream, that startles Villa, things look a bit more settled in Rosewood land.

The entire Tawnya storyline felt…wrong. There was no sign that the waitress was not what she claimed but her presence was not appreciated by many fans.  Taking Rosie for everything was a surprise and also felt wrong.

Still, as mentioned in an earlier review, Rosie was eager to be a family man and thought he had found the perfect fit. His bouncing back seems a bit rushed but, this is Rosie after all.

Morris Chestnut and Jaina Lee Ortiz still have the best chemistry and Eddie Ciboria (who has worked with Chestnut before in the 2005 horror film  The Cave) is slowly but surely fitting in.

In this episode, the character of Captain Slade peeled another layer back to reveal more of what makes the man tick.

Rosewood has moved from Thursdays on FOX to Fridays.  Tune in on the right night to catch the final three episodes in this season.


Guest starring Kamal Angelo Bolden as Joo Joo, Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Jamil Luther, Matt Pascua as Chase Austin, Patrick Hume as Leland Evan Manson and Camille Spirlin as Kayla.

Rosewood: Bacterium & the Brothers Panitch – Fly Away (Review)


Rosewood “Bacterium and the Brothers Panitch” was a good start to the second part of the season. It featured a hostage situation and a chance for Ira Hornstock to prove yet again that he is one hell of a cop.  There is a glance into Captain Slade’s past and, at long last, all of those fans who never really liked Tawnya now know why.

This episode had a nasty twist in its tail. Throughout the episode, Tawnya provides a narrative that ends when the events of this segment finish. Alls well that ends well for everyone but Rosie.

Owen Panitch takes a cop hostage and borrows his uniform. Then he takes the station hostage with the help of two accomplices. The man wants his brother Walter either released or declared innocent.

It seems that Slade, back in his old precinct, was approached by Owen when his gentle giant of a brother reacted badly at his arrest. Slade ignored Owen which was the trigger for this latest action by the free Panitch brother.

Rosewood this week was all about relationships behind all the explosives, shooting of accomplishes and the primary story of brotherly love. There was the secondary character of Agent Harrows who turned out to be more of a problem than a solution and Floyd Butters made a welcome if short reappearance.

Rosie and Ira help Owen but the hostage taker pays a steep price for the actions he has taken. Walter is indeed a gentle giant who only acted out after a bad dentist visit.

By the end of the episode, Villa and Adrian sort out their differences. So too do TMI and Pippy, Rosewood, however has been caught with his pants down, so to speak.

Tawnya, it seems, despite her farewell note’s claim to the contrary, was never about Team Rosie at all. She has cleaned the pathologist out, his checking and savings accounts have been emptied along with the safe in his home.

Rosewood managed to hook up with a con artist who made him her latest mark.  He was so busy with his mother’s problems that whatever warning he may have had was lost in his almost urgent need to be a “family man.”

This was an interesting story arc and the end, where Tawnya’s note is verified by Rosie finding that the two new women in his life have taken him for everything,  was shocking and a little disappointing.

Beaumont Rosewood Jr. has always seemed to have an internal radar that was capable of sniffing out the fakers, cheats and liars. This move by show creator Todd Harthan feels like a move meant to make up for the lack of quality in the second season.

Could Rosie be fooled so easily? Fans may not think so but perhaps his move away from Annalise could explain the loss of his mojo. There are two episodes left. Number 12 airs on Friday, January 13. “Mummies and Meltdowns” is the title. Could one of the meltdowns be Rosie’s?

Rosewood now airs Fridays on FOX. Tune in and see what Rosie’s next move will be.


Guest starring Michael Weston as Owen Panitch, Julianna Guill as Astrid, Dawn Olivieri as Agent Harrows, Daniel Buran as Duke and Kurt Fuller as Floyd Butters.

Rosewood: Half-Life and Havana Nights – Crossover (Review)


The penultimate episode of Rosewood wraps up the case of Gerald Kelly after a few false starts. “Half-Life and Havana Nights” sticks with the muted yellow coloring and indulges in a FOX crossover of sorts.  Daisy Wick (played brilliantly by Carla Gallo) is an old roommate of TMI’s.

The Dr. Brennan associate (From the FOX series Bones.) arrives in time to help Rosie’s team decipher the cremated remains of the missing murder victim; Elena.  Wick shows that attention to detail that initially from Brennan to distraction on Bones and helps to send Rosie and Villa on the right path.

Rosewood does pretty well without Wick’s assistance as he works out that the remains have no signs of radium so the girl could not have been held in the bunker. Prior to that they round up all the evidence on hand, the clues lead Villa and Rosie to Cuba, specifically Havana.

They find that Michelle, the supposed third victim of Gerald, alive and well. Unfortunately the daughter of the innocent man framed for multiple murders has a bad attitude. Michelle is also a suspect due to a drop of her blood found on the clothing of another victim.

Annoyingly, after bringing back Gerald’s estranged daughter, a new character is introduced – Harley; an old boyfriend.  It is this new chap who  murdered the other girls.

Apart from Gerald winning his freedom and re-uniting with Michelle and meeting Donna Rosewood outside the prison’s visiting room, this was easily the weakest episode of either season one or two.

Nothing ruins a “good” mystery more effectively than introducing a new character in the third act who was the killer all along.  Granted, Rosewood is not a sitting room Agatha Christie type mystery. However, having the real killer hiding until the end of the search is a no-no; not to mention that it is a cheap cheat.

(Harley could well have been interviewed earlier but if this was the case his was so nondescript that the actor’s name was not included in the show’s credits till this episode.)

Resorting to soap opera tactics to surprise the audience shows just how sloppy this season of Rosewood has become.

Back to the mystery and the heretofore hidden killer, it is the radium, or lack thereof, that leads the team to Harley.

Rosie knocks out the killer after working out that the escaping gas was not a real threat. Meanwhile Villa and her new guy are going to on a date; the opera. As Harley is lead away in handcuffs and a lot of press, hungry for answers to the 10 year old case, Elena’s Panamanian father shoots her killer dead.

Dealing with character relationships and dynamics, Slade and Hornstock have, rather oddly, bonded and are now finishing each other’s sentences. Until recently this was reserved for Villa and Rosie, this new development is as unsettling as the new woman in Rosewood’s life.

The miss-match of the waitress and the pathologist is huge.  It smacks of a Pygmalion type scenario and feels like a definite dead end.  Of course Tawnya could be an honor grad from Yale, or Princeton fallen on hard times but she does not feel like an unfortunate Cum Laude graduate.

Rosewood has one episode left in this season. It may well start the show back in the direction headed in season one. Rosie and Villa were a perfect match, both on and off the job. Hopefully this unlikely romance will end and the pathologist can go back to Annalise.


Guest starring Carla Gallo as Daisy Wick, Joy Brunson as Michelle Kelly, Ruben Garfias as Carlos Santiago,Daniel Roebuck as Ernie Portnoy and James Harvey Ward as Harley.

Rosewood: Prosopagnosia & Parrotfish – Lighting Problems (Review)


There is something wrong with Rosewood this season.  The show has become quite dark, or at the very least muted. The bright bold colors of season one have given way to a yellow muting of…everything.  It looks like a crayon wash gone sour.

“Prosopagnosia & Parrotfish” suffered lighting problems of the yellow sort as well. The big question here is why have the show’s producers opted to throttle the luster of Rosewood?

The lighting is not the only thing about Rosewood that has changed.  The Villa/Rosie will they, won’t dynamic they has been put on the back burner. As a result the chemistry between the two characters has dissipated to the extent that it is nonexistent.

Introducing Tawnya and her youngster, Kayla feels forced and annoying. (Rather interestingly the single mother opts to move things back a little in the episode. She feels, as do the audience, that things are moving too fast.) This move to make Rosie into more of a father-figure comes out of left field somewhere and should go back there.

The banter between Villa and Rosie has also diminished.  Both characters had the perfect amount of give and take last season, this go around it has, like their possible romantic entanglement, lost its power.

Captain Slade is still an odd fit. This episode tried to establish the transplant as a hometown boy, apparently the new cap grew up in the mean streets of Miami, but he still feels like a intruder.  Ira was conspicuous in his absence this week and although the Gerald storyline was included, Donna felt “less there” also.

The murder this week on Rosewood was that of a food truck chef killed in a local park. An eye witness has some sort of “faceless syndrome” which means he cannot identify the man he saw murder the victim.

Slade takes point on this one and shows, yet again, that in the interrogation room he plays by his own rules. The investigation pulls up a number of suspects until, finally, Villa and Rosie work out who the real killer is.

It is “faceless syndrome” guy. Unfortunately we do not really care. This case feels too much like an excuse to make Slade fit into the scenario.  The new captain is still an uncomfortable fit, just was Tawnya and Kayla are.

Another awkward bit was Pippy almost flinging herself at Tawnya’s kid.  While she does match Rosie’s own “trying too hard” demeanor it still feels, like the presence of Captain Slade, forced.

Each episode of Rosewood this season has distanced itself from what worked so well in season one.  The cute interaction between Morris Chestnut and Jaina Lee Ortiz is missing and there is far too little Ira Hornstock.

The killer this week was caught with a bit of forensic reconstruction and a touch of Rosie’s medical expertise. (It all had to do with peanut oil allergies and the marks on the witness’ arm. Which was all too similar to an earlier crime suspect who had chemical swelling on his arm.)

*The other  arm “rash” was in episode 206 – Rosewood: Tree Toxins and Three Stories*

After catching the killer, who was the eyewitness, Rosie finally gets permission to exhume the other victim that Gerald was supposed to have killed. They open the grave and find the body missing.

The episode had too much Slade, too little Rosie and Villa and way too much yellow…everywhere. For some odd reason the vibrancy that made Rosewood so beautiful to look at last year has vanished. Look at this still from last season:

No yellow overtones to be found in this season one still.

Rosewood had a splendid formula that worked last season. This time something has definitely changed.  Show creator Todd Harthan needs to put his foot down and bring back the things that made Rosewood so special. Lose the yellow look and get back that vibrancy and boldness that made the series so special in season one. 

Rosewood airs Thursdays on FOX.



Rosewood: Lidocaine and Long Term Lust – Nip and Tuck (Review)


Rosewood this week starts off with Tawnya and Rosie still going gang busters with their new relationship. Things come to a screeching halt however when the new woman in his life stands Rosie up for lunch.

The theme of  “Lidocaine and Long Term Lust” was abuse.  Spousal and otherwise. A top Miami model is found murdered. The young woman is posed like a doll and she was beaten the night she died.

Rosie is unfocused this week. When questioned about his lack of “Rosie-ness” he blames it on the Gerald case. Mitchie is back and so is Pippy. The trio are back together and they concentrate on what killed the model.

Tawnya stands Rosie up and when he asks her why, she hesitantly explains that her ex husband threatened to kill her. Rosie moves Tawnya and Kayla into his house to keep them safe.

Villa has to put up with her mother and Hornstock partying into the wee hours and later Daisie takes Annalise out with TMI and Pippy for a girl’s night.  Villa meets up with Adrian Webb, the new M.E. and Rosie is intrigued.

The model was beaten to make it seem like her ex boyfriend killed her. The beating did not kill her though, she was overdosed with lidocaine patches.  The woman was addicted to plastic surgery and  on the day she was murdered she had a few more nips and tucks done.

Suspects include her ex, her present boyfriend and her plastic surgeon. It turns out that the young woman was hooked on attaining perfection.  Her backstory was one of abuse. She had an abusive father and then her ex boyfriend was also an abuser.

As the episode progresses Rosie zeroes in on the plastic surgeon but he is cleared. However, the surgeon’s trademark, using “moles” to cover up scarring leads Rosie and Annalise to the killer.

It was the woman’s new boyfriend.

The surgeon actually cured the young woman of her addiction to perfection and she was going to quit the business and her new boyfriend.

Rosewood goes to see Tawnya’s ex. He promises that if the man comes near his new girlfriend  that he will take action.

While it is annoying that the “will they, won’t they” aspect of Villa and Rosewood’s partnership has been diverted the chemistry between the two is still impressive.

Sadly the show needs that Rosie and Villa interchange. Without it the show feels awkward.

Still, the two new regulars are a nice fit. Pippy returning to the lab may allow the relationship between her and TMI to rekindle and Mitchie is fitting in that bit better.

The main storyline dealt with domestic abuse and misogyny as well as personal image problems of men and women.

It was brilliant to have Lisa Vidal back as Annalise’s mother and Ira Hornstock’s girlfriend.  She makes the show sparkle that bit more.

Rosewood airs Thursdays on FOX. Tune in and see where the show heads next. Will Gerald become a fixture in the show?


Guest starring  Camille Spirlin as Kayla