The Mindy Project: Princeton Charming (Review)

Mindy on a date in Princeton Charming

“The Mindy Project,” which moved over to Hulu from FOX last year, fell under the radar until recently. Being that time of year where shows finish and that fallow period begins where new series  have yet start, there are the odd gems out there that linger on past the “season.” Mindy Kaling has a comedy that runs for an incredible 26 episodes on Hulu and it is a ray of comic sunshine that lights up this dark in-between time on telly. “Princeton Charming” the episode that aired Monday is a great example of why this comedy works so well.

Dr. Lahiri (Kaling) returns from her Texas visit with presents for everyone but holds back the giant belt buckle she bought for Jody (Garret Dillahunt) when she learns he has a new girlfriend. After dispensing the gifts, she takes a call from her old alma mater Princeton. 

The Ivy League university wants Mindy to give her “Later Baby!” presentation at the facility.  Jody initially says he cannot go, his new girl has an allergy appointment, but Mindy talks him into changing his mind.

Jody’s new girlfriend (played by Maria Thayer) has severe allergies and rubs Mindy up the wrong way the moment she begins sneezing at an ear splitting decibel level in the car.  The little group wend their way to the Princeton auditorium only to learn from the local football coach Jay R. Ferguson  that room they booked has already been taken  for recruiting players. 

Mindy learns that she booked the auditorium for the same date next year and surrenders the room to the coach. Not before learning that they know each other from when Mindy was at Princeton before. There is a clear mutual attraction, all the more so after Lahiri puts the coach’s hands on her breast “for five seconds.”

Shortly after,  the coach not only gives up the auditorium but helps Mindy distribute the flyers at the Science Library.  By the end of the episode Coach has asked Mindy on a date, after they have sex back at his place and she has bonded with Jody’s new girlfriend.

Series creator Kaling, who also stars as the ob/gyn who takes control of her own life with hilarious consequences, cut her comic chops on the American version of  “The Office.” “The Mindy Project”  showcases her talents very well.

Mindy Kaling’s character is strong, successful and quirky. Somewhat overly preoccupied with sex and always on the lookout for  a new fella in her live. Mindy Lahiri is fun and funny.

Jay R. Ferguson plays the coach in this episode and this actor, who has been killing it over on ABC’s The Real O’Neals  as the father, manages to make the most of his guest star role. Ferguson exudes a sort of truth in what ever role he plays and the interaction between the actor and Mindy Kaling was priceless. 

“The Mindy Project” is one of the few genuinely funny shows on television at the moment.  A lead character who is attractive,  funny and likable and storylines that are amusing and quirky equal a win in terms of comedy.

The series airs  Mondays on Hulu. Tune in only if you like to laugh.

Mindy Kaling Topless Elle Cover Overlooked

Mindy Kaling Topless Elle Cover Overlooked

There seems to be an epidemic of overzealous political correctness going on at the moment; the latest recipient is Mindy Kaling, whose topless Elle magazine cover was overlooked by those who rushed to defend the comic actress’s honor. Apparently many have jumped into the fray to complain that the curvy performer was not given a full page spread.

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