Lady Gaga ARTPOP Film For G.U.Y. Esoteric Imagery (Video)

Lady Gaga ARTPOP Film For G.U.Y. Esoteric Imagery (Video)

Let there be no mistake, Lady Gaga knows how to perform and her song, G.U.Y.along with the ARTPOP film that accompanies it, shows just what she can do with esoteric imagery. The “film” runs for an amazing 11 minutes and 46 seconds. Only seven minutes or so contains the actual song. While the credits roll, a long four minutes worth, another song by Mommy Monster, Manicure, plays over the endless track of who did what on the film.


Miley Cyrus Instagram Snap: Rolling Weed and High as F***

Miley Cyrus Instagram Snap: Rolling Weed and High as F***

While Miley Cyrus posted her own Instagram snap of the new “kitty” tattoo on her inner lip, there is another picture of her rolling weed and “high as f***. The second Instagram post is courtesy of another type of lip. Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne uploaded the picture of the 21 year-old singer on Friday.

Miley Cyrus Leaves Costume Behind in Milwaukee

Miley Cyrus Leaves Costume Behind in Milwaukee

Apparently, Miley Cyrus was caught leaving her costume behind in Milwaukee on March 9 when she missed a very quick costume change. The fan pleasing singer decided to perform the number in her underwear and it seems that no one in the audience noticed. To be fair, most of the 21 year-old’s on stage outfits are about the same dimensions as most women’s underwear so it is not too surprising that it was not readily apparent to her Wisconsin fans.

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber Share Disrespect for Bill Clinton

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber Share Disrespect for Bill Clinton

Just when it seemed that Miley Cyrus could not possibly stretch the boundaries of bad taste any further, she decides to share Justin Bieber’s disrespect for Bill Clinton. Only Cyrus doesn’t just spout a few naughty words whilst looking at the former president’s picture on a wall. That is not risque enough for the former Hannah Montana actress. The 21 year-old singer has gone all out for her Bangerz tour and she “recreates” a scandalous White House moment live and on stage.


Kendall Jenner Nipples on Display

Kendall Jenner Nipples on Display

Kendall Jenner took a page from Miley Cyrus’ book on transparent apparel as the 18 year-old model put her nipples on display while walking down the runway during the Marc Jacobs Fashion Show. The reality television star strutted her stuff on Thursday, February 13 in her daring debut for Miley Cyrus’ favorite designer as part of Mercedes Benz Fashion week in New York City, New York.