The Following Silence: Death Via Twin? (Recap/Review)

The Following Silence: Death Via Twin? (Recap/Review)

*Contains Spoilers*

After the shocking, or perhaps not so shocking to those who’ve been watching The Following from season one, death of Lily in last week’s episode; last night’s show,Silence, ends on a clear cliffhanger moment and it looks like Ryan may die via one of the twins if not both of them. This penultimate episode shows events barrelling down a path so steep that nothing anyone does will stop, seemingly, the vicious slaughter that Joe Carroll has planned for his last stand.

The Following: Freedom Split Forces (Recap/Review)

The Following: Freedom Split Forces (Recap/Review)

Joe Carroll goes through the business of brainwashing his new flock into killing without reservation in The Following: Freedom he also has some dissatisfaction brewing in the ranks and it won’t be long before he splits his forces to take on three different factions. Two men wearing white Joe Carroll masks slice and dice their way through a crowded cafe and while Ryan Hardy and Mike Weston are investigating, Emma is busy trying to seal Mandy’s fate as a “lost cause.” Ryan is getting more involved with the Carrie Cook and Claire wants to see Hardy. Joe wants Emma to keep Robert in line and her doing so moves her up that little bit more in the power stakes in his new cult.

The Following: Teachers Pet the Joe Carroll Dead Club (Recap/Review)

The Following: Teachers Pet the Joe Carroll Dead Club (Recap/Review)

Within minutes of this episode of The Following: Teachers Pet the list that makes up the we want Joe Carroll dead club has grown by one. Turns out that Claire is not dead and that Mike Weston knew all along. So while Ryan Hardy was torturing himself with alcohol over his guilt, Weston could have stopped it at anytime with the truth.

The Following: Sacrifice – How the Mighty Have Fallen (Review)

The Following: Sacrifice – How the Mighty Have Fallen (Review)

In last week’s episode, Joe Carroll escaped Ryan and co with a little help from his source in the FBI, this week in The Following: Sacrifice Carroll puts himself in the hands of another cult; oh how the mighty have fallen. Carroll is not alone in this fall, Murphy and his helpers have also hit rock bottom. Mike Weston and Max Hardy, Ryan’s niece, both want out of his obsessive quest to kill Joe.

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