Z Nation: Day One – It’s a Z World After All (Review)

A lot of things are made clear in Z Nation Day One and after the end credits roll, it seems that it is a Z world after all. With beaucoup backstory everything about DJ Qualls’ character “Citizen Z” becomes abundantly clear.

Z Nation - Season 2

A lot of things are made clear in Z Nation Day One and after the end credits roll, it seems that it is a Z world after all.  With beaucoup backstory everything about DJ Qualls’ character “Citizen Z” becomes abundantly clear.  Not just the Z man either, although with Mack and Addy’s backstory we finally learn how they met and became a “couple.” (Addy’s backstory was dealt with more fully in season one.)

In this episode, we learn what the surviving members of the “Murphy” gang were doing on “Day One.”  As it typical with this series, episodes change pace, delivery and even genre (to a degree) throughout the season.  From an hour long homage to French auteur Robert Enrico (Z Nation White Light) to Mad Max: Fury Road ( Z Nation Zombie Road), this series vacillates between fullout comedy, tongue in cheek humor and a poignancy that requires the liberal use of tissues. 

As the backstories are revealed this week, there are moments of that tongue in cheek delivery, but with a bittersweet twist. After learning that they are standing amongst the ruins of Disneyland (and amazingly the matterhorn ride is still standing) Addy points out that “It’s a Small World” would have been right over “there.”

Doc (As the group move on): “It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears…”

There are other “present day moments” that mark who is what in the “here and now.   One thing that is clarified is Lt. Warren’s present role. Apart from being the strong positive role model, Roberta is also the mother of the group.

She is the one who tells the truth;  it is going to hurt and there is nothing anyone can do about it. In her exchange with Murphy, where he confesses that he can no longer dream, Warren lays it on the line, like the mommy of the group that she has become, at least in this instance, her information  is not sugar coated.

Murphy: “They’re gonna hurt me. You know that, right?”

Roberta: “I won’t let that happen.”

Murphy: “You can’t stop it if you’re not there.”

Roberta: “Murphy, this is the apocalypse. Look, I can’t tell you it’s not gonna hurt. The truth is eventually we’re all gonna get hurt. There isn’t a happy ending for any of us. But you… You are the one person that can change that. You got to do it alone. Even if it hurts.” 

This is some pretty poignant stuff here. Hearing Warren tell Murphy the truth switches the sympathy vote from the reluctant hero to the woman who is in charge of getting the saviors of humanity to California. Roberta says, basically, that every single one of them is going to be hurt and that this is all going to end in tears, yet she continues her mission.

The logic of the damned.

These are the moments in Z Nation that make it hard to believe that The Asylum produce this . (this star studio produces Sharknado ad nauseam) Amazing as this is, they have made a show that includes scenes that rise the series looks sideways  at the zombie apocalypse. The how approaches the post apocalyptic world  with wit, humor and a certain amount of sarcasm.  Apart from being an alternative to AMC  with their zombie offering of The Walking Dead, which began life as a Robert Kirkman comic book, Z Nation  focusses on almost pure entertainment from a skewed prospective. Funny, irreverent with the odd sucker punch (i.e. Mack’s surprising death.)

The backstories in this episode  reveal much. Such as just how the weedy Citizen Z becomes the eye in the sky, how he got into the “military” and why he is such a lousy shot.  We learn that Addy has always been bloodthirsty (check out her reactions at the hockey game where she and Mack (Michael Welch) meet, not cute, but…brute, if you will.

Doc, the proverbial “stoner” was actually  a five years clean drug counsellor, who held internal dialogues with himself. As well as getting excited when he does something neat, for example, when throwing the Z off his “patient” he asks the prone man:

“Hang on! Did you see that?”

Z Nation - Season 2
Doc…Five years clean….

Murphy, we learn, was in prison for postal fraud and when Day One occurred and, not surprisingly,  he looked out for number one first. Albeit in a sort of horrified, “this is not really happening” way.

10K is shown as a younger boy in short pants and carrying a couple of fish back from the river. The Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn allegory is all too clear. Nat Zang is also allowed a tiny comic moment where he runs into a tree escaping from the Z infested woods.

The pinnacle of the flashback sequences; the one that sticks in the mind long after watching it, is Vasquez’s.

Like the rest, it explains  much about the former DEA agent turned mercenary and gives another “nod and wink” to an iconic genre film, Ringu, aka The Ring.  As  Vasquez stands, weeping, in front of his dead family in their respective caskets, he hears sounds. After shouting to the funeral staff about rats, another man in the facility attacks him.

The attacker is a Z. Vasquez kills the creature and then watches in horror as his dead wife and daughter clamber out of their coffins and crawl towards him as newly created zombies.  As the man screams and screams, his wife crawls toward him, hair down in her face like Sadako from the well…

A wonderful touch.

While the flashbacks play out and the team head closer to their rendezvous, Citizen Z learns that his system has been hacked and he spends the entire episode tracking down the hacker. Once he finds the source of the hack he also learns they have been keeping an eye on Murphy’s whereabouts through Z”s network. He destroys his system.

Z Nation ends with a nod to The Walking Dead, with an allusion or two to other classic films as they approach the California GPS location.  Roberta takes Vasquez toward what appears to be “greasy spoon.” Inside sits “Auntie” a smiling woman who offers them tea while holding a derringer under the counter.

(Auntie is played by character actress Jayne Taini, who more recently has been playing Harriet Greenberg on Ray Donovan.)

The similarity to the “barbecue” lady in TWD (who is in season four where Rick’s group finally reach Terminus) is clear and as unnerving as it is funny.  Z Nation has one more episode left;  Day One being the penultimate of season two, and with the added twist of Murphy being tracked (from Hawaii) and the odd “restaurant” where the lady behind the counter has a silenced machine gun,  the finale should  go out with a bang.

Kudos to Kellita Smith who touched the heart with her speech to Murphy.  On a sidenote, it was nice to see Michael Welch again, minus the scruff and apparently a few pounds lighter in the “Addy meets Mack” flashback sequence.

Z Nation - Season 2
Mack and Addy, cute meets brute…

The season finale airs December 18 on SyFy. Tune in and see what these latest plot twists will bring.


Z Nation: Zombie Baby Daddy – And Then There Were Five (Review)

Z Nation - Season 2
Only The Asylum and Z Nation co-creator Craig Engler (who wrote Zombie Baby Daddy) can  produce an episode that combines some splendid comical moments with a disturbing death.   With a flourish of drama (in the case of Lucy, aka Lulu tinged with a foreshadowing of doom for her “new parents” Ma and Pa Kettle) Engler settles the issue of just what Cassandra turned into.

Of course it was almost preordained that Lucy’s story was not going to end well in Zombaby! last week.  In this week’s episode, which starts in downtown Springfield, Illinois, the expanded group of seven, counting Lucy, are trapped by a horde of zombies who are all attracted to the newly born infant. That Murphy’s offspring draws the undead like flies when she makes any noise, either crying or just “baby noises” is interesting.

Almost as interesting is the fact that since the Batch 47 phyto zombie episode,  Murphy’s ability to control  zombies has faded almost to nonexistence. In Zombie Baby Daddy, he briefly holds the encroaching undead at bay, but his control fades quickly and he throws Lucy to Doc.

The start of the episode gives Russell Hodgkinson’s character the best lines. Grabbing little “Lulu” out of the air, Doc hops on a school bus. Locking the door behind him he realizes too late that the vehicle if full of undead Abraham Lincoln lookalikes. The Lincoln zombies stir when Lucy starts crying, but not before Doc utters a pained, “Holy acid flashback man.”

When Addy and Roberta force the bus door open,  Doc, with Lucy cradled in his arms, leaves the bus and the little group back away from the yellow vehicle as zombie Lincoln’s exit. Roberta says, “What in God’s name?” Doc, with a sense of relief, answers, “Oh good, you see ’em too.”

The group then dispatch the zombie’s with 10K (Nat Kang) getting the visual punch line by shooting the Abe Lincoln zombie with the giant penny attached to its head.  All this before the opening credits roll.

The group are aware, and concerned, that the baby is a zombie magnet.  The child does not just attract  the human undead. In a hilariously, yet oh so creepy, scene Murphy is trying to calm the crying child when a group of zombie animals come out from behind a bit of machinery that Murphy is setting on.  Like many of Z Nation‘s episodes and scenes the event is disturbing as it is funny. A sort of zombie Disney moment, sans the singing critters. (Or varmints as Murphy calls the undead animals.)

Z Nation - Season 2
Murphy and Lucy seconds before a disturbing “Disney” moment.

The group scatter. Vasquez heads out through  the woods and Roberta follows. 10K brings back some fish he caught and Murphy takes Lucy away from the team, leaving Cassandra behind with orders to let no one leave.  The mercenary winds up at a Zeroes “hideout” and as Warren watches, the man is captured and she “bails him out,” but not before the two of them are shot.

Back at the camp, 10K, Addy and Doc attempt to leave by splitting up. Addy is positive that Cassandra will not hurt them badly as she still believes that the girl is their friend. The first time the trio split up, Cassandra chases Addy down and almost breaks her arm. Addy’s cries of pain bring Doc and 10K back.

The second attempt to leave ends with Cassandra starting to break 10K’s neck and, in desperation, he stabs her in the head.

Engler’s episode is shocking. The whole storyline of Cassandra, becoming Murphy’s bodyguard, slave and pet, was at times very amusing, as was Pisay Pao’s performance, with the actress channelling her “inner” guard dog.

*Sidenote*Mad props to Pisay Pao with her performance as the increasingly animalistic Cassandra.  She managed to keep enough humanity in her character that when she dies the viewer is truly upset.  It also has to be mentioned that  only Anastasia Baranova can impress so much with a slow-motion short-hair “shampoo advert” toss of the head. (Springfield, Illinois hair toss outside the Lincoln school bus = win.)

The buildup and then the quick sudden death of Cassandra (made all the more disturbing as it was at the hand of 10K who still seemed to have a little crush on her) is indicative of where this zombie alternative to The Walking Dead is headed this season.  Like the first season, the humor is still there but Engler and co-creator Karl Schaefer are packing in some serious sucker punches this season.

Season one saw the death of Garnett just as he and Roberta were about to “hook-up” and the only other thing more shocking  in the first run of the show was when Addy left Mack for Camp “Sappho.” Season two saw the two reunite only to have Mack die. (Kudos to Michael Welch for his performance in that scene.)  Now Z Nation has lost Cassandra and baby Lucy.

One does get the impression that Lucy will show up later, after her crying (Which we know will draw zombies to the little home of the Kettle’s.) exit while her new parents coo over the cot she is in. Cassandra will presumably not return, her resurrection last season by Murphy is not permanent and death by a knife blade in the brain cannot be fixed in a zombie apocalypse.

Murphy’s decision to leave his baby with the couple in the clearing was a little surprising after his obvious infatuation with the infant. Although this move does make sense for a number of reasons. Not least being the problems of having a CG baby as a repeated character.

Z Nation - Season 2
“Murphy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do…”

The other main plot thread in this week’s episode was  Warren/Vasquez  attraction which resulted in the two  “bonding” over stitches. This pair of “type A” personalities have been getting closer even as they continue to argue with one another. Roberta saving the newest member of the  Murphy group was a nice touch. So too was her starting to slam a scalpel into Vasquez’ brain just as he “recovers.”

Z Nation airs Fridays on SyFy and this second season is darker and a tad more…serious. Tune in for the sly tongue-in-cheek humor, but watch out for those sucker punches, they really hurt.


Z Nation: Zombie Road – Fury Road on Z Weed

Cassandra and Murphy.

This weeks sees Z Nation leaving the sadder aspect of transporting Murphy to the CDC, i.e. the death of  Mack (Michael Welch) behind and heading back into almost full blown homage territory. Zombie Road, written and directed by Dan Marchant (the man who wrote the best episode of season one, Die Zombie Die…Again) this is an apparent tip of the hat to Mad Max: Fury Road  on quualudes or Z Weed.

The group, sans Mack but with newest member Vasquez, move out and come across a “wagon train.” Doc names this tune in one with his rhetorical “Is this some kind of post-apocalyptic wagon train.” Roberta responds with another western reference “Well, it ain’t the 3:10 to Yuma.”

While the style of the vehicular  “train” is pure Mad Max,  along with the attacking hoards of bandits, the pacing is more like a western (which to be honest is the underlying genre of any of the Mad Max films) although more of the vintage variety versus the high octane delivery of “Fury Road.”  The episode may be titled as a sort of nod and wink to the George Miller Australian film, but it does feel more like a combination The Hallelujah  Trail/The Way West/Fury Road mash up.  (With a touch of Cheech & Chong based humor.)

Keith Allan gets to shine in this episode after his character along with Doc get high on Z Weed, grown  with dead zombie compost…Dude! When the “wagon master” tells off his new passengers along with the somewhat less than “with it” existing member of the train,  Wrecking Ball, Allan gets in some yucks with his “excuse me stewardess, will there be snacks on this flight” quip.

Before the gang bump into the zombie train, there is a splendidly comic moment where Vazquez, acting as the Alpha male, shoves Murphy forward saying “Move.”  Murphy wheels around and says, “you are not the boss of me.” Pointing to Warren, who has moved forward to intercede, Murphy says, “She is.”

Roberta tells Vasquez that she can handle this and pushing Murphy forward she tells him “Move.” After a short pause, Murphy gestures grandly toward the ground and responds, “Gladly.”  Soon after the little band spy the wagon train.

The train is on it’s way to Edmonton when the group step in to help the travelers out.  A new breed of zombie is introduced  into the Z Nation verse; Blasters. Custer says to Warren that these were killed by the atomic blast and hunt in packs.

These radioactive zombies are scarily fast, almost comically so in some instances, and seem to almost “peck” the face off their victims.This obvious reference to the “zombie face eating” incident in Florida.  While the style of attack is pretty darned freaky to watch, and the aftermath is no picnic either, the  fear factor is cut down a bit by the nod and wink to this 2012 incident. Still, these lightning fast creatures are alarming.

Even 10K has trouble bringing these supersonic zombies down.  There is one moment when a wounded Blaster looks to be rubbing it’s bottom on the ground after being shot and one more where a zombie is “running’ bum down.  Murphy learns, to his chagrin, that these new creatures cannot be controlled.

According to another character, these zombies’ brains were melted by the radiation hence there is no point of contact.  This could be why Murphy cannot control the new breed of zombie. Add to this, the “white noise” sound that Murphy hears when trying to contact the zombies, these new monsters are pretty impressive. They do seem to have a leader regardless of the melted brain theory.

At one point a single  Blaster, wearing a long, once-white, lab coat attacks and apparently controls the other zombies.   It looks suspiciously like Dr. Kurian from season one’s finale; who is seen climbing into the fridge as the start of season two’s open.

10K is getting increasingly jealous of Murphy and Cassandra while, at the same time, being concerned as to just “what’ she  has become. Although at one point it looks like 10K may have a fan that is not part zombie or under the control of Murphy. This, however, does not last as repeated Blaster zombie attacks, combined with roaming bandit attacks leaves the young lady dead.

The casualties this week are all centered on the wagon train denizens on their way to Edmonton.  Addy comes dangerously close to joining Mack and Cassandra learns that Z Weed seems to “sort her out.”  Despite the rather slow pace of the vehicles in the train, the  show moves forward quite nicely with its accompaniment of quasi Native American drum beats along with a bass tonal background.

William Sadler is the wagon master, Sam Custer, and  radiation is slowly killing the man while his character tries to get his people to safety. With a touch of Ward Bond in his attitude the leader of the train slow loses his grip on sanity and his ability to lead diminishes as well.

The new zombie threat puts everyone, including Murphy, on the menu and cranks the tension up nicely. Vasquez appears to be slowly leaning toward the less “mercenary” side of things and there appears to be a mutual attraction between the bounty hunter and Roberta Warren.

Zombie Road is a nice slow down from  the intensity of last week’s episode.  The Mad Max attack on the car, with Doc and Wrecking Ball, is low octane; with the vehicle’s moving slowly and the action being almost pedestrian, but it works nicely. The punch line for this gag is Cassandra leaping on the attackers and munching (See what we did there?) on the ambushers.

Line of the episode award goes to guest star Sadler. Explaining to Roberta and Vasquez who Wrecking Ball is (Custer’s nephew) Sam tells the two that “The cheese slid off that cracker long ago.” Priceless.

The Murphy  group, who join the larger wagon train, are the only survivors after the Blaster attacks and the repeated bandit action. In the end they decide to head toward the Z Weed factory mentioned by Wrecking Ball. Murphy, who stole the Charger escapes with Cassandra and Custer’s nephew, and they too are headed for the weed manufacturing plant.

There was no Citizen Z storyline this week and the main group had plenty to keep the viewer entertained without DJ Qualls . It will be interesting to see if Wrecking Ball makes it to the factory, Cassandra does not seem to be too impressed with their passenger. Hopefully next week Citizen Z’s adventures will be revealed.

Z Nation airs Fridays on SyFy, a great alternative to all things The Walking Dead and great entertainment. Amazingly, The Asylum have proven that Sharknado is not their only party trick. Catch this one, it is great television, getting better with each episode.

Z Nation: The White Light – Another One Bites the Dust (Review)

Z Nation - Season 2

It seems rather fitting that another episode which steps out of the realm of Z Nation‘s usual schlocky, yet so addictively, fun delivery should also feature the exit of a character that featured in another “out of step” episode.  Die Zombie Die…Again was a Mack and Addy episode which surpassed the entirety of season one. It featured a sobering moment where Addy remembers something that she had repressed.

All pretty impressively straight forward and a brilliantly presented piece of drama. The segment was presented as a repetitive dream cycle that could not be broken until the truth was revealed and initially it looked like the dream was Mack’s and not Addy’s. The Asylum’s version of Groundhog Day a la video gaming;  the dream felt like a last generation video game, and the result was one heck of a standout episode.

*If you have not seen “The White Light” yet stop reading now.*

The death of Mack is  surprisingly shocking and, like the episode where Garnett (Tom Everett Scottdies, a deviation from the usual humor-filled delivery of the series. Just as Garnett is suddenly turned into a zombie in Resurrection Z  (and Roberta “gives the Sergeant mercy” ) Mack’s death reminds us that the show is horror and that the comedy in the show is meant to be of the deepest black. 

Written and directed by John Hyams, The White Light has an Incident at Owl Creek, aka Occurrence at Owl Creek  feel to it. Clearly this is Hyams’ homage to French auteur Robert Enrico and it works beautifully. Another homage appears to be made to Wild Bunch director Sam Peckinpah with the inclusion of the “hillbilly” bounty hunters in the episode’s story line.

In The White Light the team are still trying to capture Murphy who runs from all who approach as Citizen Z’s broadcast has made it “open season” on Murphy. As the entire town of Cheyenne, Wyoming turns into a giant shooting gallery, Roberta and her group focus on their target and staying alive.

Bounty hunter, Vasquez played by Matt Cedeño keeps cropping up, just as he did in the first episode, and by the end looks to be the replacement for Mack.  

There are a number of surrealistic moments in the episode. 

Z Nation - Season 2
Doc fights to the death with the hillbilly sniper…

Perhaps none more so than the scene with Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) where he has a fight to the death with the hillbilly sniper. As the sniper overpowers Doc and begins throttling the life out of him, Doc has an out-of-body experience. As his spectral body floats toward the ceiling, he spies a knife on top of the bookshelf next to his physical body. 

Doc’s body floats up and he asks, “Is this it? My last rodeo.” After murmuring something about still being room temperature, he notices the weapon. “Oh hey! There’s a knife on top of the shelf!” He shouts to his inert body on the floor, “Hey man! Get that thing!” His near-death self, still being choked, slams his hand into the shelf knocking the knife off. Grabbing it, Doc shoves the blade into the hillbilly’s neck, killing him.

Surreal perfection that could only happen to Hodgkinson’s character.

The white light referred to appears to the characters as they are about to die. Citizen Z, Addy, Mack (who does actually die) 10K,  Roberta, all have an experience similar to the French short film’s main protagonist in “Owl Creek.” Amid all these near death moments with accompanying visions that are specific to that character there are still comedic moments.

Murphy running away with a group of zombies emulating his every move, and being followed by his personal attack weapon Cassandra (Pisay Pao). The mob of zombies follows Murphy into a block of apartments and he turns to them in exasperation. “You guys ever consider how annoying this might be?” Of course Keith Allan’s character realizes mid-tirade that one of those following him around looks like him. 

Setting the “lookalike” up in his clothes the decoy Murphy draws the bounty hunters off the scent. Cassandra later attacks Vasquez, who gets the drop on the “fake” Murphy, and she proves that like a Timex watch, this little “not zombie” can take a licking and keep on ticking.

Z Nation - Season 2
Cassandra attacking Vasquez, the Z Nation version of the Energizer Bunny…

All of the gang face death. Citizen Z ends up taking on a zombie with a baseball bat and pistol and still almost loses. Addy is ambushed by a zombie and Mack intercedes almost too late. 10K has a close encounter with a rocket launcher round, Doc with the hillbilly sniper, Roberta with another of the hillbilly bounty hunters, and later Mack dies in a stairwell surrounded by zombies.

Vasquez saves Warren from her near death experience and Addy can only give Mack mercy with a bullet after finally unlocking the door to the stairs.

This episode had plenty of intense moments, including one where it looks like Murphy decides to end it all. After Addy returns from her encounter with Mack, she attacks the savior of humanity and it takes a lot of force to get her off him.

Before Mack dies and Murphy jumps, the segment “does a Doom” where the two protagonists face zombies in the dark. Armed with flashlights (torches) and guns this bit of the show harks back to the video game “in the dark” intensity of Doom.

*Sidenote* During the “death scene” this viewer cried. Be warned; Hyams takes his gloves off for this episode and punches for the kidneys. Tissues will be needed, and the tears do not stop there, after Addy beats the hell out of Murphy, Roberta asks about Mack and this equates to “sob city.” 

Z Nation - Season 2
Doc ties up Murphy, who just got beaten by Addy.

The gang are back together sans Mack but plus Vasquez. The episode ends as Roberta Warren starts up the van’s engine and the vehicle starts moving.

Mad props go to Anastasia Baranova and Michael Welch. These two knocked it out of the park this week. Baranova rocked it as the infuriated and grief stricken Addy and Welch was moving as the dying Mack. A gong or two should head to these two  actors come Emmy time. 

Kudos to John Hyams who took the game to a whole new level with this episode. Z Nation is not one of those programs designed to make one laugh and cry, but The White Light, while paying tribute to a couple of iconic filmmakers managed to do a Heineken (managing to reach parts that other episodes in the show have not).

Z Nation airs Fridays on SyFy as part of SyFy Friday. Keep an eye on this The Asylum offering, it just keeps getting better.

Z Nation - Season 2
Anastasia Barnova kills it as Addy in The White Light...

Z Nation: Murphy is Back Season Two Premiere (Preview)

Z Nation - Season 2On September 11, 2015 Z Nation returns to our screens and it appears that Murphy is back. At the end of last season, the remaining members of the “Save Murphy “brigade fled the trap that Citizen Z inadvertently led the group into. As nuclear missiles headed down toward the facility, initiated by Murphy (who shed his clothes and skin) the rest of the cast, including Z prepared to meet their maker…

Fast forward to season two and we can see who made it and who became either a zombie, or crispy character. Show makers The Asylum have come back to prove that whatever tongue-in-cheek humor they delivered in season one can be topped in the season two premiere.

There will be a number of familiar faces, along with a surprise appearance of one or two of Murphy’s regulars thought to be “out of the running” as it were. Keith Allan is back as Murphy, the savior of humanity with attitude, Kellita Smith as Roberta Warren once again proves that beauty and brains can mix with serious kick arse methods, Michael Welch and Anastasia Baranova are back as Mack and Addy and Russell Hodgkinson, Nat Zang, DJ Qualls and Pisay Pao have all returned as Doc, 10K, Citizen Z and Cassandra respectively.

At the beginning of The Murphy Z is still in the frozen north and the gang are scattered after fleeing the nuclear detonation at the lab. Murphy survives and after a surprise visit settles in until he is “found.”

It is a relief to see characters who managed to worm their way into our hearts last year come back, or not…

Last year, Z Nation pushed the boundaries of “good taste” with some pretty close to the bone humor, mixed in with some very spectacular storylines. (Think specifically episode 109 Die Zombie Die… Again) There were other storylines that combined their particular brand of humor with some pretty upsetting moments; usually pulled out of a being too traumatic with some more humor.

In season one it was all about one team, which changed members a bit, trying to get Murphy to  the CDC. This year the scenario changes when Citizen Z puts out a BOLO for the savior of humanity.  Since the finale last year, it has been a long time  to wait for Murphy and the gang to return.

SyFy teased fans of the show with a little glimpse of Kellita Smith (who played Roberta Warren) in The Asylum’s Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! Warren is guarding the gate at an Army installation and Frankie Muniz’ character Lucas Stevens tells Roberta to cheer up, [sic] “it could be zombies instead of sharknadoes.”  A lovely nod and wink to the upcoming season two premiere.

Like last season, the first episode introduces some characters for the group to interact with and it looks like there is going to be a really nasty surprise for Murphy.   This “blast from Murph’s recent past” may take a while to get to him but this one will be an excuse for more humor guaranteed to make the viewer wince and laugh, or vice versa.

Allan continues his drier-than-dry delivery of lines and cracks that can make the viewer’s eye’s water. For a show that had such a dubious beginning Z Nation finished with an almost jaw-dropping finale and left fans itching to see who would survive.

Z Nation is part of SyFy Friday and airs September 11, 2015 at 9, aka tomorrow.  Having seen the season two premiere, it is with utmost confidence that we recommend not missing this one.  Murphy, aka Keith Allan, rocks it and hits some new “character” lows in the season two premiere episode The Murphy.  Great zombified fun and no mercy needs to be granted.


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