Scream Queens: Beware of Young Girls – Dean “Hannibal” Munsch (Review)


It is difficult to say whether Scream Queens show creators Ian Brennan, Ryan Murphy, and Brad Falchuk are that clever or just desperately throwing every horror reference they think of into the series.  Since the gags, like the Hannibal Lector references in Beware of Young Girls,  or that, not so, sly dig at Ouija that really hit the funny bone so hard it hurts, the former appears to be the truth behind these three conspirators.  Before looking at the episode overall, however, l mad props go to Jamie Lee Curtis and her Dean Cathy “Hannibal” Munsch “Quid Pro Quo, Clarice,” indeed.

The plot line this week reveals that Gigi (Nasim Pedrad), while not necessarily one of the Red Devil’s, is on a revenger murder spree with a partner, and she is not happy at the lack of progress.  Dean Munsch is a definite Hannibal Lector fan, and the local detective investigating the serial killings qualifies as the dumbest law enforcement official ever and Chad is lactose intolerant. 

Scream Queens introduces a new (Temporary?) character Feather McCarthy (played by Tavi Gevinson) who fell in love with Dean Munsch’s Beatle  loving husband, back in the day.  Pete (Diego Boneta) and Grace (Skyler Samuels) bring Feather in to question her about the dean.  The former Kappa Kappa Tau member reveals how she fell in love with her Beatles 101 instructor. 

*Sidenote* Diego does his brilliant Matthew McConaughey again. What a party trick. Now if he can do Christopher Walken…

The girl Feather also tells the two investigating students that someone, the dean,  tried to kill her with Dr. Munsch’s “iPod thing that you plug in and picks up music from the air” aka a transistor radio (as pointed out  by Grace).  The girl has the radio put in her bath by, we learn later, Dean Munsch, who states  that she distrusts anyone whose “bush” is that large, as they must be hiding something.

The sorority house stages Chanel #2’s funeral, at the start of the episode, where Emma Roberts delivers the funniest eulogy ever:

“This dumb dead whore also used her high-ponied wiles to seduce my man into rubbing uglies with her. So I hope you all grasp the concept that this is what happens when you rub uglies with my man… You end up dead! So, have fun being dead, Number Two. You were a stupid, little trollop, and I hope you’re burning in hell right now. Amen.”

Only Roberts could deliver this line  with such conviction.  She also, later in the show, asks Chanel #6:

“Why do you have nine tampons? How big is your cooch?”

Sexual, snort-making jokes aside, the episode had a plethora of horror homages, or nods and winks, and at least one “show-business”  gag.

The entire Feather and Dr. Munsch relationship was a clear reference to the “Chairman of the Board” and his short relationship to the former wife of Woody Allen, Mia Farrow. Actress Gevinson, who plays Feather, sports a bowl hair cut, similar to that worn by Farrow when she and Frank Sinatra were an item.  (Cattiest remark of just about ever goes to Ava Gardner who sniped, after seeing  Farrow (who looked a lot like Vic Gevinson  does in this episode), “I always knew Frank would run off with a boy…”)

Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow allusion?

During the scene where Feather finds her older lover murdered, Dame Shirley Bassey can be heard singing her version of Sinatra’s hit, “That’s Life”. Clearly a nod to the “old days of Hollywood.” Another, not so old, reference has Grace telling Gigi that her dad deserves a girlfriend who does not dress like Brenda Walsh.

Walsh, of course, was the character portrayed by Shannen Doherty in 90210.  Shannen has one of the worst reps in town as being a pretty nasty bit of stuff to work with. Whether these rumors are true or not does not matter, as the clear indication is that Gigi is not a nice gal either. This could be  “double nod”  as Doherty also hosted Scare Tactics where viewers pranked their friends with a great scare. (Later hosted by Tracy Morgan.)

With all these things going on, amid Emma Roberts getting some of the best lines of the series thus far, “The movie Ouija? No. No one did!” In response to Chanel #3 asking if Chanel had seen the film.  Chanel also gets numerous digs in at #5, as evidenced during the ouija board sequence, “Does her vagina have teeth?”

There is also the line about #2 being Eiffel-Towered by Hitler and Satan…

Perhaps the best film homage is Jamie Lee Curtis as “Hannibal” Munsch. When the inept police detective arrests the dean for murdering her former husband, he calls for back up. Two more detectives arrive with a straight-jacket and once Munsch is wrapped in the item, a’la Lector, she is taken outside for the crowds to gawp at.

In the asylum, she delivers that The Silence of the Lambs line “Quid Pro Quo, Clarice.” She also sketches her dress designs, cartoon faced creations all wearing dresses of black.  Away from Lector land, but still in the asylum, Munsch also sings the praises of the “meds” she is on, the little blue ones especially…An obvious allusion to The Matrix and the choice of pills that Neo can take “The blue one ends the story…”

Hannibal Munsch…

The Silence of the Lambs is also referenced at the end of the episode when Feather is put into a “Hannibal” cage, clear plexiglass and surrounded by space, in the middle of a huge room, wearing a straight-jacket and protesting her innocence.

Scream Queens is hysterically funny, clever, witty and full of homage moments. There are so many that one needs to either record the show and re-watch it repeatedly, in order to find all the references, or watch it once and miss loads of well written and delivered moments.

The series airs Tuesdays on FOX. Tune in and learn just how clever Ryan Murphy and his team of co-creators really are. Glee, hell…this is worlds better…and there is no teen angst or singing, just some great performers rocking it out of the park.

KillJoys: A Glitch in the System (recap and review)

Dutch in the cargo ship in Killjoys
Last week’s episode of Killjoys featured a pregnant vessel, aka a farm girl from Leith who needed transporting. This week in A Glitch in the System the trio are on what should be a pretty straightforward salvage operation that suddenly gets very strange. Seems there is nothing quite as unsettling as a cargo ship that has gone all Mary Celeste in space unless it is one with a ghost in the machine. Still appearances can be deceiving as the killjoys find out when they board the ship in A Glitch in the System.

As this episode starts Dutch is accusing the ship’s computer system of playing favorites, John is the fave crew member apparently, and as D’Av is having flashback’s while exercising, a 10 year-old beacon is transmitting from an asteroid field. The three head to the signal and find the Aegir, a cargo ship, that is apparently deserted.

Dutch tricks John into letting her board the empty ship first and when she tries to open the airlock door, after Lucy fails to do it, alarms go off. Dutch sets a charge on the door to blow it open and the alarms shut down and the airlock opens. There are no life forms detected onboard and Lucy declares that there are no toxins in the air.

D’Av and John get mines and head over, salvage rules state that after taking anything left onboard, a deserted vessel must be blown up. When all three get on the ship, John sneaks up behind Dutch and yells, “Look out space rats!” His antics earn him a slap from Dutch who then calls him “Sugar Pants” and tells him to find the ship’s transponder, to find its point of origin.

Before heading off John reveals that the ship flew through a solar flare and this fried the ship’s engines and computer systems. He also says that the crew apparently left the ship after this happened. D’Avin has to go and plant explosives around the cargo ship. Dutch then tells the two men that she will go look for “some booty.”

John asks Lucy to provide some music as they work and it is when the “searching” soundtrack begins to break up with static that things start to go weird. Dutch enters the cargo hold as the music starts cutting out and she reports that the place is empty. Comms is down and John asks Lucy about the music. Dutch finds a barricade along with a big red 17 spray painted on a wall and a man.

The man runs off with Dutch in pursuit. D’Av finds blood on the floor where he is attaching mines and John learns that Lucy had initiated decontamination procedures. Dutch’s target enters the airlock and as she threatens hims, he bites his finger and writes 17 on the glass door. The finger biter then presses the airlock button and is jettisoned into space. D’Av has found another man and John says that Lucy has retracted the bridge and is refusing to answer his calls.

Comms is restored and D’Av and Dutch question the guy he found. The man says his name is Hogan and that he is a ship picker who was trapped on the vessel. His leg is injured and says that he is former military like D’Av. Hogan offers to show Dutch where the deep suits are, so they can escape, but his injured leg stops him. Dutch heads to get the suits and D’Av takes Hogan down to the infirmary.

John discovers that the vessel is not a cargo ship but a military one and it never had a shipment. Dutch finds the infirmary that Hogan said was in the other direction and she finds a wall with pictures of people with the words, “terminated” and “liar” written over them. John finds a younger Hogan in the ship’s video files and tells D’Av that Hogan is not what he claims to be. He tells his brother not to respond but to say something that shows he understands, D’Av asks Hogan about space rats.

D’Avin tells Hogan that they need to head to the engine room and the two head to the elevator. Dutch finds the infirmary full of dead bodies and she asks Johnny where D’Av is. In the lift, Hogan reveals that his wounded leg has healed and the two men fight. D’Av loses after discovering that his attacker’s wounds heal themselves.

D’Av wakes up in a clear cell and he is implanted by a cloud of vapor. The interrogation computer starts to question him. Starting with name, rank and serial number, D’Avin refuses to answer and is tortured. Once he responds to the question, the damage done is fixed. It is during this questioning that he admits to killing his entire squad.

Dutch and John learn that the whole crew of the ship were interrogated in this fashion. One of the “prisoners” questioned is a woman that Dutch recognizes from the pile of dead bodies she found earlier. D’Av realizes that the cargo ship is a “torture unit.” Hogan reveals what happened to the ship and that he was the first person to be interrogated. He is also the only one who survived the process. It has clearly driven the man insane.

While discussing what happened to the crew, Dutch and John find D’Av. Hogan reveals that he brought the crew down to be interrogated. All of those questioned killed themselves. The woman turns out to have been a doctor who explains about the interrogation process and how nanites that tear down and then repair the subject, never stopping.

As D’Av recalls killing his squad, he also reveals that he does not know how or why. Dutch and John watch the whole thing on a monitor and the interrogator asks about red 17, something it asks everyone. The doctor, on a video log, explains about Hogan and the machine, she reveals that there is no way to stop it. She then shoots herself, which explains all the corpses that Dutch found with “head trauma.”

Dutch and John learn that the machine is “on a loop” caused by the solar flare. Dutch goes down to save D’Av, while Hogan reveals that he survived but only because he never knew what red 17 was, in essence, it was down to a glitch in the system.

When Dutch is caught, after her first question by the machine, she explodes her cell wall and appears to kill Hogan. She grabs D’Av and they run off and meet John. As the machine sets off alarms and tells the two “prisoners” that they must return to their cells, Dutch heads to the airlock and presses the button to allow herself to be sucked into space. D’Av is convinced she is dead.

John explains that until the brain dies, which the nanites cannot fix, they will continually repair Dutch and keep her alive until she gets to Lucy and their ship. Once the nanites begin to torture D’Av, John shoots him in the leg, explaining that the robots cannot injure and heal at the same time.

Dutch gets to the ship and Lucy refuses to let her in until she explains that Johnny is in trouble, the airlock opens and Dutch mutters “Favorites my arse.” Hogan shows back up and John shoots the prison guard in the head killing him. The three escape and as Dutch and D’Av are being decontaminated.

John tells D’Av he should have told him about the squad and D’Av tells his brother he needs to work on his “moments.” D’Av goes to see Pawter and learns that not only have the injuries he had before been fixed by the nanites but he has had neuro blockers put in his head. The doctor says he seems different and the two get up close and very personal.

Dutch’s father shows up and after threatening Johnny, tells her to pack her things to leave with him. “Little Bird” seems to reluctantly comply.

Killjoys continues to entertain on a high level. This week, the story veered from the simple action formula and went into a thriller mode with the deserted ship and its broken interrogation unit. Feeling a little 2001: A Space Odyssey (Hal) with a dash of Silent Running the show dealt with a “glitch” that opened up old wounds for D’Av but ultimately healed him and the experience brought him and his brother closer together.

Kudos to guest stars Richard Clarkin who played the flawed and insane prison guard Hogan and Christine Horne who besides eerily resembling Mia Farrow, gave a pretty impressive cameo performance in the time allowed, Killjoys is part of SyFy Fridays and is cracking entertainment. This is one to watch and fans of action and adventure science fiction will love it.

Mia Farrow Vs Woody Allen Via Dylan Farrow

Mia Farrow Vs Woody Allen Via Dylan Farrow

The trouble with doing dirty laundry in public is that no one ends up with a clean result when the washing is done; in the Mia Farrow vs Woody Allen via Dylan Farrow there will be no winner. Mia Farrow is holding onto a 21 year-old grudge; Dylan Farrow was either abused or, at the very least, believes she was and Woody Allen will wind up tarnished by the claim that he “messed” with his 7 year-old adopted daughter.

Woody Allen Daughter Tells of 21 Year Old Abuse…Again

Woody Allen Daughter Tells of 21 Year Old Abuse…Again

Woody Allen is one of the fair haired icons of Hollywood, but, not everyone is a fan; for instance, his daughter is telling the world about sexual abuse that happened over 21 years ago…again. Dylan Farrow is 28 years-old and is the jointly adopted child of Mia Farrow, a member of the Hollywood elite and Woody Allen. The 78 year-old film auteur and Farrow got together as a couple back in 1980; the two had a relationship that lasted till 1992. Their twelve year partnership, during which time the two never married, ended quickly and dramatically when Mia found nude pictures, taken by Allen, of one of her adopted children Soon-Yi Previn who was about 20 years-old at the time. In the same year that Allen’s relationship with Soon-Yi was made public, Dylan Farrow made allegations that her adoptive father had sexually abused her. In a 2013 Vanity Fair feature about Mia Farrow and her extended brood; Mia, Dylan, and the other children mentioned the alleged abuse.

Woody Allen Golden Globe Tribute Marred by Child Sex Claims

Woody Allen Golden Globe Tribute Marred by Child Sex Claims

Woody Allen may be a legend in the entertainment industry, but, his Golden Globe Tribute at the 71st annual awards event was marred by child sex claims from his estranged son. Although, his former partner Mia Farrow only hinted at the claims on her Twitter account. Allen Mia, who is a Hollywood legend in her own right, were a couple throughout the 1980′s until they separated in 1992. The two were romantically involved, but, never married. Woody and Mia adopted two children, neither one of which was Soon-Yi Previn, whom Allen declared his love for in the same year that he and Farrow broke up.

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