Bruce Jenner Smoking Hot, Talking Not

PHOTO OF JENNER ACCIDENTSo gender bender Bruce Jenner was not talking on his cell phone before the accident that killed one person, he was smoking and not fleeing the paps who were hot on his tail. According to one news agency the 65 year old reality television star and former athlete is used to the photographers chasing him. Even more so since he stated his intent to have the op so he can legally become Ms. Jenner.

The rest of this article can be read on Viral Global News

Aaron Paul on Crack Video Goes Viral

Aaron Paul on Crack Video Goes Viral

Aaron Paul has been very busy promoting his new film Need for Speed and one of the things that has come from his many interviews is his appearance pre-Jessie Pinkman on The Price is Right where, as Paul says, he looks as though he is on crack; a video of Aaron’s short time on the show has gone viral. This week has been one of revelations from the 34 year-old actor and star of the iconoclastic television showBreaking Bad.

Lindsay Lohan Says Thanks to Celeb Pals on Chelsea Lately

Lindsay Lohan Says Thanks to Celeb Pals on Chelsea Lately

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