Haven: Body Switching and the Trouble With Thinnies

Haven: Body Switching and the Trouble With Thinnies

In this Haven two parter, where body switching is still the latest trouble and Dave/Vince learn that with thinnies, closer is not better, Duke and Nathan are actually dealing pretty well with occupying the other’s body. Except that Nathan is not overly pleased that Duke “goes commando.” According to Crocker though, it just lets “everything breathe.” This bit of information does not impress Wuornos in the least.

Haven: Audrey Versus Mara

Haven: Audrey Versus Mara

Haven season five has started with the first three episodes being all about Nathan versus Mara versus Audrey. This latest turn of events is confusing if viewers missed season four. The series has run for quite a number of seasons considering the source material, Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid, was a short book of 174 pages. Essentially a mystery, the only real connection that this show has to the book is the town’s two newsmen Dave and Vince. The place that the story took place in was not even called Haven and no character named Audrey existed.