Constantine: Blessed Are the Damned (Recap and Review)

Constantine: Blessed Are the Damned (Recap and Review)

It is hard not to love a series where the main character uses phrases like “gobsmacked” which the main protagonist John Constantine does in Blessed Are the Damned. In Constantine, the Liverpool lad brings his country’s language with him to the rural U.S. and to the not so rural areas of the country. In this week’s episode a lay preacher for a small church is bitten by a rattlesnake and he lays dying on the floor. Suddenly, he comes back to life clutching a feather. Upon his return he can now perform miracles, such as healing and the first member of his congregation, a one legged man, grows a new leg after being touched by the preacher.

Constantine on Television: Was That a Cigarette?

Constantine on Television: Was That a Cigarette?

At long last, Constantine has been, sort of, returned to his British roots with the show’s appearance on American television but thus far, this chain smoking Liverpudlian has played with his lighter more than he has puffed on any tobacco laden products although towards the end of episode two, that was a cigarette he popped into his mouth before being disturbed by Zed. It was, in fact, one from an entire packet of cigarettes that Constantine had in his possession, presumably, over the first two episodes of the series on NBC.

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