Lucifer: My Little Monkey – Dad (Recap/Review)


Lucifer “My Little Monkey” is all about the love of a daughter for her dad and acceptance.  The start of the episode sees Chloe’s dad, Officer Decker in a flashback.  A goodnatured cop, Decker is shooting the breeze with a shop owner when he is shot to death as a prelude to a robbery.

The opening sequence sees the proud father waiting for the shopkeeper to finish making his Hawaiian bread. John Decker also gives the man two tickets to Chloe’s film, “Hot Tub High School.” The movie that his little monkey has spent so much time living down.

A man comes in and shoots the cop to death.

This could almost be seen as a late “Father’s Day” episode. Although with Lucifer’s aping of Dan, aka Detective Douche, it could also have been called “Monkey See, Monkey Do.”

Flash forward to the present and Chloe is upset that the man who killed her father is being released from prison on family leave. Lucifer comes in the precinct to complain about Linda cancelling his session and does not catch her pain.

Dan, however, does. Lucifer decides to hang around Dan and learn how to be more like him.  The episode is amusing when it follows Lucifer around. His idea of learning how to be more like Dan includes dressing like the detective and aping his mannerisms.

It gets on Dan’s nerves.

Meanwhile, Chloe confronts Deputy Warden Smith over his decision to let Fields out and follows the prison transport van. She finds the vehicle stationary and its occupants all dead, including the man who killed her father Joe Fields.

Dan offers to investigate the crime and Lucifer offers to help, Dan is not keen but Chloe encourages it. Ella comes in with information on the new case. Fingerprints found on the scene belong to Rodney Lam. Amusingly, Ella still thinks Lucifer is a method actor.

Chloe, Maze and Trixie are still adjusting to their living arrangements.  Joe Fields’ daughter, Tina shows up with a gun and the belief that Chloe killed her dad.

The upset woman shows Decker a video she got from her dad’s attorney. On the recording, shot on the day of John Decker’s murder,  Joe Fields tells his daughter he is innocent.  Based on the exterior seen through the window, Chloe realizes that Fields did not kill her dad.

Meanwhile Dan and “Dan 2” arrest Rodney. Lam confesses to the murder but gets all the facts wrong.  Dan does not believe him and finally Lucifer does his “trick” and gets the man to tell the truth. He was paid to take the fall for the murder.

Maze goes to Linda for a character reference and the terrified woman pretends to be out. Mazikeen then enters her office via the window and Linda admits that she is frightened of the demon.  Linda asks her to go and a hurt Mazikeen leaves.

Dan, Chloe and Lucifer compare notes and they find out that both men were paid to admit to murders they did not commit. Decker has a flashback to her early days on the force and meeting Dan for the first time.

“Luci-Dan” bring Chloe up to date with the news that Lam’s deal was brokered by a Russian mobster named Boris. The two men then go to meet  Boris in a steam room to get information.

Deputy Warden Smith drops off the murdered man’s effects so Chloe can look through them. Touchingly, Ella takes time out to help Decker on the case. Chloe discovers fingerprints that are not in the database and Ella offers to dig deeper and see if she can find a match.

Back at the steam room, Lucifer, who tells the mobster that he is Dan, asks Boris to kill Lucifer Morningstar as he hurts people. It is a revealing moment as Lucifer has never acknowledged that his actions can be hurtful before. Clearly hanging around Dan has rubbed off.

Boris commits to killing Morningstar, convinced after the real Dan agrees that Morningstar is not very nice. The mobster is then arrested and Chloe questions Boris. He admits nothing but confesses that he knows the name  John Decker.

Dan congratulates Lucifer on a job well done. As the two men talk Chloe arrives and tells them the death of her dad was a “hit.” Maze is frustrated about her lack of success on the job front and Linda’s defection.

Lucifer follows Dan to a improv club and catches Chloe’s ex parodying him. Dan does a spot on impression, vocally, but his definition of Lucifer infuriates Morningstar who stops his improvisational session.

They then argue and as the two talk Lucifer reveals that he is upset at hurting Linda as well as his “family members.” Dan then explains that he is not as “good” as Lucifer thinks. The detective reveals that the improv is a type of therapy session.

Dan asks his temporary partner not to tell Chloe.

Lucifer is summoned to Chloe’s house and Maze angrily accosts her former boss. Morningstar then helps Chloe solve the case. The culprit is Deputy Warden Perry Smith.

They go to question the man and Dan tells them that he gave them the slip.  Mazikeen catches Smith for Chloe and she questions the man who murdered her father. She comes very close to shooting him.

Maze goes to see Linda and excitedly shows off her first “paycheck” as a bounty hunter. The doctor finally opens the door after the demon tells her that she wanted to celebrate with her friend.

By the end of the episode, Linda and Maze reunite  and Lucifer makes Chloe cry when he tells her that her father would be proud of her. She then hugs him.

There was no sign of Charlotte or Amenadiel in this episode which allowed for more focus on Lucifer, Dan, Chloe and Maze, as well as Linda. The message seems to be that demons and the devil can change their ways.

“My Little Monkey” (the line spoken by John Decker moments before being murdered) was a touching episode. It gave the viewer a deeper look at Dan and Maze.  It also revealed that Lucifer was upset that he had hurt his therapist.

The bottom line, from Maze and Lucifer’s point of view is that they both want acceptance from their friends. Each one is working to be a better person because of this.

Lucifer is still one of the best shows on FOX at the moment.  The series airs   Mondays after Gotham.  Make sure to tune in for the next episode, based on the preview it should be a corker.


Guest starring Alex Fernandez as Deputy Warden Perry Smith, Ronnie Gene Blevins as Rodney Lam, Chris Payne Gilbert as John Decker, Caitlin Stryker as Tina Fields and  Charles Halford – as Boris Sokolov.

Lucifer: Wingman – Amenadiel Steps up and Maze has a Secret (Review)

Last week in Lucifer someone stole the devil’s wings and in Wingman, Morningstar seeks assistance from Chloe and an unlikely ally; Amenadiel. The angel steps up, in a number of ways, and by the end of the episode, Mazikeen has a secret


Last week in Lucifer someone stole the devil’s wings and in Wingman, Morningstar seeks assistance from Chloe and an unlikely ally; Amenadiel. The angel steps up, in a number of ways, and by the end of the episode, Mazikeen has a secret. As Lucifer struggles to find his wings, Decker is urged to drop her investigations against the dying cop, Malcolm.

After striking out on his latest line of enquiry Morningstar turns to his “partner” Chloe for advice. They talk and Lucifer realizes that the best person to turn to for help is Amenadiel.  As the two brothers talk, the angel reveals that since Lucifer left Hell, he has had to guard the gates. A job that Amenadiel loathes. Lucifer’s request for help is denied and the angel storms off.

Lucifer returns to Chloe’s house to ask for her assistance, something she has been prepared to offer anyway, and ends up working her “Palmetto/Malcolm” case with her and her ex Dan. The trio head to the Palmetto club to re-enact the shooting of Malcolm.  During their visit, the APB Chloe put out on the angel wings gets a hit.

Decker and Morningstar meet with FBI agent Pitts who explains that the wings are on auction along with other religious relics via the black market. The auction, says the agent, will be raided and all the items on the block will become the property of the feds for 30 days.

Lucifer turns up and as he approaches the entrance Amenadiel’s presence is felt and Morningstar invites his brother to join him.  The two are stopped by a security guard who refuses to take a bribe to get in. Amenadiel starts to show some of that aggression (shown in the comics) and Lucifer shows the “devil’s coin” to the camera and they are allowed in.

Chloe and Dan stop by Malcolm’s hospital room where his wife is preparing to pull the plug on his life support unit. Auctioneer Carmen is disappointed to learn that the coin is not for sale and when he learns why Morningstar is there, he threatens to have his men shoot the Lucifer and his brother.

Once more, Amenadiel shows that aggression, or ego as Lucifer calls it, and the angel dares the auctioneer to have his men shoot. Morningstar nervously stops the situation from escalating and says that he will purchase the wings. The two leave and Lucifer explains about bleeding from being shot.

Decker shows up to warn the two about the FBI raid due to take place in moments and, like Linda, falls immediately under the spell of Amenadiel.   The feds arrive just as the wings are unveiled and begin arresting everyone. Amenadiel slows down time and lucifer learns that the objects on display are fake.

Carmen escapes through a secret door and Decker’s discovery of the portal gives her an idea about the Palmetto shooting.

Lucifer goes after his real wings; Carmen has them mounted in his home. Dan and Chloe find a secret passage at the Palmetto Club and realize that another cop knew about Malcolm’s undercover work and shot him.  Morningstar retrieves his wings from former atheist Carmen.

Amenadiel and Lucifer meet on the beach and the wings are on the sand behind Morningstar. As the two talk, the wings burst into flames. Amenadiel is furious and he attacks his brother. Lucifer tells the angel that he cannot return to hell now.


Chloe drops the investigation against Malcolm believing that the real corrupt cop is the one who shot Malcolm. Decker stops by the wake to pass on the news and Dan will be helping her in the new investigation.

Mazikeen swears to help Lucifer even if she cannot return to hell and after pledging to be part of his team, she reveals a single feather…

Decker stops by and chats with Lucifer to make things right between them while Amenadiel “raises” Malcolm from the dead at the hospital.

Lucifer is upping the stakes.  D.B. Woodside‘s Amenadiel is starting to become more violent, only just being restrained in this episode by Morningstar. Maze has shown that while she has to protect Lucifer, she is not above a little trickery and Decker is falling for the nightclub owner that she believes is delusional.

Tom Ellis is brilliant as Lucifer and Lauren Decker is top notch as Chloe.  The rest of the regular cast, especially Leslie-Ann Brandt, are knocking it out of the park. The show looks brilliant, dark, broody and demonic enough that it comes as no surprise that Morningstar wants to live there.

Despite  Lucifer  dropping slightly in popularity over the week, at least it is according to IMDb, this comic book adaptation is a clear hit. Tune in and see what the devil is up to.

Lucifer: Sweet Kicks – Gangs and Fashion (Review)

Lucifer: Sweet Kicks has a plot dealing with gangs and fashion, as well as Mazikeen showing her true self and Amenadiel preparing to fight dirty in his bid to get Morningstar back into Hell.


Lucifer: Sweet Kicks has a plot dealing with gangs and fashion, as well as Mazikeen showing her true self and Amenadiel preparing to fight dirty in his bid to get Morningstar back into Hell.  Lucifer attends Benny Choi, former gang member and a “kicks” designer who the former ruler of Hell did a favor, back in the day.

After the show finishes shots are fired and a young girl dies, trampled to death by the panicking audience.  Lucifer talks Chloe’s boss into letting him help to bring the person responsible for the girl’s death to justice.  Using his, “your deepest desire superpower” he gets permission to accompany Decker as she works the case.

Lucifer is excited at the possibility of getting hurt and being caught up in the middle of a gang turf war.  Decker is not pleased about her new partner and after he mentions the thrill of pain, she slaps him.

“That hurt!”

“Do it again.”

The new team talk to Benny and his right-hand man, ex-Marine Hector.   Choi reveals his gang origins and the presence of  the “latin king” gang. Lucifer also tells Decker that he is responsible for Choi’s success via one of his favors.

Lucifer and Chloe head to a local cop bar where they run into an old enemy who insults Decker. Morningstar  then breaks the other cop’s nose and the duo leave.  Before the punch, Lucifer explains about his favor system.

Maze meets with Amenadiel in an effort to get Lucifer back into Hell, where she wants to return.  She tells the angel about Linda, Morningstar’s pet doctor.

Dan, aka Detective Douche, turns up at Lux to remind Lucifer that his new partner is also the mother of his child. He tells Morningstar to calm down before she gets hurt.

The “Starsky and Hutch” team end up questioning the main suspect Yellow Viper after speaking with a couple of Latin Kings who turn up, with the whole gang,  during the Q&A session and a shootout is only just averted by Maze getting involved.

Interesting points:

Lucifer rather nastily reminds Mazikeen that it is her job to protect him whether she wants to or not.

Maze completely destroying, with broken bones and contusions aplenty, the Latin Kings, but Chloe knocking out the one member still standing.

Linda, turning out to have a thing for angels as well as devils.

Final thoughts:

The storyline has Benny Choi as the bad guy. He arranges to frame the real talent, Yellow Viper who just got out of prison and Hector, Choi’s assistant turns his boss in after forcing to kill the pet pig “Pig Diddy.”  (Oh those sentimental gangsters…)

Lucifer’s favor looks set to make Chloe’s boss the new chief and  Chloe proves that her gut instincts are pretty reliable.

It should also be pointed out that the episode title; Sweet Kicks has a dual meaning. Choi’s “kicks” and the sweet kicks that Lucifer is experiencing with the possibility of being hurt.

Apart from Lucifer’s line about “do it again,” Decker gets “line of the episode” with her:

“Your bartender’s a ninja…Of course she is.”

This week has no further injuries of Lucifer by Chloe.  He is still excited at the prospect of “becoming more mortal” and Mazikeen is still annoyed that Morningstar will not return willingly to Hell. Amenadiel is still pretty low key, compared to the comics but he is zeroing in on Linda for a “fluid exchange.”

At the end of the episode, Benny is treated to a look at the real Lucifer, something that Morningstar never seems to tire of.  Later, after Chloe gives Lucifer the slip, Mazikeen stops by the cop’s house for a visit. Showing her true appearance, to the camera but not Decker, it is clear that Lucifer’s protector is jealous after all.

Tom EllisLauren GermanLesley-Ann Brandt and D.B. Woodside are all working well together in this television version of the comic book devil.  Ellis brings a huge amount of naughty fun to his Lucifer Morningstar and the chemistry between the actor and German is spot-on.

Brandt manages to work very well with both her co-stars, in terms of chemistry, playing brilliantly off both  Woodside and Ellis.  

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX.  Tune in for a look at this version of the character created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg.

The Librarians: And Santa’s Midnight Run (Recap and Review)

The Librarians: And Santa’s Midnight Run (Recap and Review)

The Librarians, in their Christmas episode, have the brilliant Bruce Campbell as Father Christmas in the segment titled And Santa’s Midnight Run. In this week’s show Santa is kidnapped in a soup kitchen in London and Gretchen Claus, aka Mrs. Santa calls Jenkins to see if her missing husband is in the library. Since Saint Nick is not in the building, Jenkins announces that Christmas will be cancelled for the world if the Librarians in training cannot find him. Jake Stone and Cassandra head to the London kitchen to collect evidence and the couple meet a charity Father Christmas who reveals via rhyming cockney slang what happened when the real Santa was taken.

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