Lucifer: Sin Eater – People Wobble and One Falls Down (Review)


Lucifer carries on the mummy dearest theme in “Sin Eater.” The episode had a number of comic moments dealing with Charlotte/Mum.  Elly managed to get in a giggle moment or two and the Se7en type serial killer offsets the laughs this week.

The murderer turns out to be a long time censor on the new “Facebook”, called Wobble, and all the depravity on the site causes him to snap. In other word’s unlike Weeble’s, people wobble and then fall down.

Boom. Boom.

Lucifer has a lot of sly humor in this episode.  The scene where a melancholy Amenadiel is sitting amidst his fallen feathers and drinking wine was brilliant.  It set things up as the forlorn angel drowns his sorrows.

Maze arrives and starts pounding on the door. Amenadiel quickly grabs a “dust devil” portable hoover (vacuum) and begins clearing the feathers.  There cannot be many who did not expect the angel to break the fourth wall and do a “Foghorn Leghorn.”

“Fortunately I keep these numbered for just such an emergency.”

The character did not break the fourth wall but this did not stop the gag from sticking in the minds of viewers who are Looney Tunes fans.

Lucifer featured a killer that dispatched offenders through a means that fit their crime, except for the last victim.  Unlike the killer in Se7en this murderer does not tie the infractions to a biblical theme, i.e. the seven deadly sins.

The episode was interesting although it featured a distracted Chloe who focussed on the crimes and not the question of who Lucifer really is. To be fair she does get the only real standout line in the episode…Twice.

“Do not touch the charred crotch.”

Chloe’s distraction is all about the family camping trip that Trixie is looking forward to.

Charlotte continues to upset Lucifer with her experimentation with the human condition. (More comic moments.) Although there is a very touching scene where Amenadiel meets up with mum.

It has been opined that the angel is afraid of “mother” since he was the one who dragged her to Hell.  However, taking into consideration his character arc, it is more likely that Amenadiel is afraid that mum will guess his fall from grace.  She would know that those molting wings mean a very serious transgression.

The whole mum storyline is proving to be more interesting than the “crime of the week” as Charlotte tells Amenadiel to take her back to Hell. Mom hates this world and cannot understand it.

Charlotte’s helplessness in the human world is an act, at least up to a point. She wants Lucifer to “forgive her and let her stay” as punishment.  If God is a chess player he obviously practiced with Charlotte, aka Mum.

The bit at the end where the mugger attacks her only to be shoved into a wall so hard it apparently kills him, did surprise dear old mum. But how much? She is not shocked at this display of strength, just pleasantly surprised it seems.  (More along the lines of a self realization that “Mum’s still got it.”)

By the end of the episode, Dan and Chloe sort out their roles as soon to be  divorced parents.  Lucifer sentences his mum to stay on earth and live the life of Charlotte. The killer is caught, it was Ray Codfree, and Chloe actually saves Leila from being burnt to a cinder.

Kudos to Robin Givens who made the most of her role as possible suspect turned potential victim.

Woodside, Brandt and Ellis still continue to rock their roles and Helfer has proven to be a wonderful addition as Charlotte/Mum.

Notes to show creator Tom Kapinos:

More Trixie please and as Ella is becoming a firm favorite  more of her as well and can Chloe lighten up a tad?

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX.  Tune in and see where this season heads next.


Guest starring Robin Givens as Leila Simms and Vik Sahay as Ray Codfree

Lucifer: Pops – The Devil Gets Burned (Review)

In Lucifer: Pops the devil gets burned, Chloe makes a move and Dan learns just how dangerous the re-generated Malcolm really is. Decker’s famous mother stops by for a visit; an event that causes Morningstar to get rather excited, Mazikeen makes friends with Trixie and Lucifer identifies a bit too closely with the son of a murdered chef.


In Lucifer: Pops the devil gets burned, Chloe  makes a move and Dan learns just how dangerous the re-generated Malcolm really is.  Decker’s famous mother stops by for a visit; an event that causes Morningstar to get rather excited, Mazikeen makes friends with Trixie and Lucifer identifies a bit too closely  with the son of a murdered chef.

Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) connects with Dr. Linda Martin (Rachael Harris) and becomes a new patient.   

As Lucifer and Chloe investigate the poisoning of a local “celebrity” chef, Decker’s mother appears to take Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) to her first audition. Chloe is furious and the women argue.

Trixie runs off, via an Uber, and goes to see Lucifer. She meets Maze instead and makes a new friend.  (A comic moment in LUX where Maze pours the child a glass of straight liquor. The child asks if it is a Shirley Temple; a non-alcoholic drink.  Taking an umbrella and plunking it into the girl’s glass, Maze responds, “It is now.”)

During the investigation of the murdered chef  Lucifer and Decker work their way through the list of suspects and Morningstar  projects his own feelings about his patriarchal figure onto Javier junior.

The murdered chef, despite having a nasty temper, was loved by all his staff who called him “pops” as he was a father figure.  Finally, while Chloe works on the relationship with her mother  and Dan attempts to find something good to say about Lucifer to Malcolm, the crime is solved.

The sous chef did it when she learned that Chef Javier and his son were reconciling. When confronted with the evidence by Lucifer and Chloe the desperate woman sets the restaurant on fire trapping the two partners in the kitchen.

Morningstar rescues Chloe  and gets burned in the process; leading Lucifer to remark about  the irony of “the Devil getting burned.”  Dan tries to arrest Malcolm to save Morningstar but ends up either being murdered or at least rendered unconscious by the “Lazarus” cop.

Mazikeen goes back to see Linda, after initially stalking out when the doctor told the demon she needed to make friends.

Chloe tries to call her ex but Malcolm answers the call with a text; breaking up with Decker by posing as Dan.  Later, Chloe goes to LUX to see Lucifer.  She is inebriated and makes a move on the nightclub owner.

She realizes that she is aping her mother’s behavior and surprisingly, Lucifer rejects her drunken advances.  He is shocked at his own behavior but this action brings Morningstar closer to Chloe.  In mid-discussion with Decker, she falls asleep and Lucifer looks to the heavens:

“Oh God.”

Lucifer: Pops was an amusing look at the further transformation of Morningstar. At long last the famous mother made an appearance in the guise of De Mornay who still looks more like Debbie Reynolds now she is older (Perhaps the two are somehow related?).  Whatever is goin on with Rebecca, she looks nowhere near her age.

The resurrected cop Malcolm (Kevin Rankin) continues to compulsively shove food into his mouth. At the point where Dan tries to arrest him, Malcolm is still eating and only stops to overpower (Kill?) his new “partner.”

Amenadiel does not appear in this episode but to be fair this was more about “Mommy Decker” and Chloe as well as Lucifer’s continuing issues with “daddy.”  While not as quirkily amusing as previous episodes , by the end of Pops, Lucifer realizes that he is changing ever more and is a bit overwhelmed by the transformation.


There is one bit in the episode where Lucifer reverts to type and invites the main murder suspect to cook for the mother/daughter reunion meal.  Javier’s son (played by Manny Montana) is thought to have poisoned his father, at least Chloe thinks so, and she is not overly pleased when Morningstar asks the man to cook for her family dinner party.

On a  sidenote, it is a bit annoying that Chloe Decker still refuses to acknowledge that there is more to Lucifer than some delusions that he is the Devil. His un-natural strength and ability to get suspects/people to reveal their inner-most desires and so-on should be ringing a few bells.

Despite this, the series is devilishly good entertainment.

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX.



Lucifer: A Priest Walks Into a Bar – You’ve Got a Friend in Me (Review)

Lucifer: A Priest Walks Into a Bar starts with Dr. Linda telling Morningstar that he is lonely. Before you can sing a verse from Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,”Lucifer has two pals, one is the priest who walks into LUX hoping to find a real life “The Enforcer” and the other is Decker. (Maze could count as another friend, but the demon does have her own best interests at heart and she is “required” to be the devil’s protector.)


Lucifer: A Priest Walks Into a Bar starts with Dr. Linda telling Morningstar that he is lonely. Before you can sing a verse from Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,”Lucifer has two pals, one is the priest who walks into LUX hoping to find a real life “The Enforcer” and the other is Decker.  (Maze could count as another friend, but the demon does have her own best interests at heart and she is “required” to be the devil’s protector.)

A “banished” Mazikeen approaches Lucifer after he makes a pizza delivery boys night and tells him there is something he must see downstairs.  A priest, Father Frank (Colman Domingo) is in the bar area of LUX and he wants Lucifer to help him protect a young man from a drug dealer. 

While the main plot of Lucifer deals with the devil eventually bonding with a priest, Amenadiel reminds his own personal Lazarus; Malcolm, that he brought him back from the dead for a reason. This peripheral storyline is interesting in and of itself.

Malcolm compulsively eating since his 30 second journey to Hell is reminiscent of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme where the pirate Captain Barbossa has a constant craving to taste food and wine.

Amenadiel, who is having to guard the gates of Hell during his brother’s absence, appears to be affected by his temporary posting. The Angel is turning dark;  quite the reverse of Morningstar who is discovering humanity in his own make up the longer he is away from the underworld.

The dealer, Lenny Arietta, whom Frank wants dealt with,   is the head of a community center for young people. Lauren and Morningstar go to speak with Arietta and find him beaten to death. They also find a voice modulator, Lucifer is amused to find the device and does the “Luke, I am your father,” quote using the modulator, much to Decker’s annoyance.

The priest reveals to Chloe and Lucifer that the boy he wants to protect; Connor, worked for the late Arietta. Decker tells Father Frank that he needs protection after someone shoots at the clergyman from a car. His new place of sanctuary is now Morningstar’s nightclub.

Father Frank resists temptation and after the priest proves he is not affected by the scantily clad women dancing around him, Lucifer bonds with the clergyman over the piano. Music does not just sooth the breast, it makes opposite’s attract.

The two play a boogie woogie duet and Decker leaves Morningstar in charge of the priest. Lucifer complains about “babysitting Frank” and Chloe replies that she babysits him, Lucifer, all the time. The two opposites bond further with a balcony chat about the “big guy:” and the fact that his plans for Lucifer are not over.

Dan brings Malcolm a gun from the precinct evidence locker. This is part of the former dead cops plan for Amenadiel’s task.

Colman Domingo as Father Frank

In this episode;  A Priest Walks Into a Bar,  Amenadiel tasks his little miracle with killing Morningstar and sending him back to Hell.  Father Frank dies after a confrontation with the boy he has been trying to protect after being shot by the man who murdered Arietta and took it over his drug trade.

Frank tells Lucifer he believes that the “Father” put him in the devil’s path and not the other way around as he first thought. Lucifer holds the priest as he dies and the Father’s death infuriates Morningstar  as much as it grieves him.

Morningstar rages at the man who shot the  priest and killed him. Grabbing Erik Doyle (Adam Bartley) by the throat and slamming him up against the church wall Lucifer  is ready to kill the man. Decker talks him down.

Later, Lucifer shouts at his father for playing some game where everyone loses. Decker puts off her talk with Dan (Kevin Alejandro) and leaves the house. Lucifer sits in the bar at LUX playing the piano. Decker joins him and they begin to play “Heart and Soul” as a duet. (Shades of “Big.”)

Amenadiel meets Malcolm in a covered carpark and  orders the hit on Lucifer Morningstar.  It really does seem like the angel has become the devil.

While the series has not yet addressed the cold, violent  and uncaring side of the Amenadiel in the comic, it is increasing his deadliness. It also shows just how far the angel is prepared to go in his quest to put Lucifer back in Hell. Amenadiel really does not like having to stand in for his brother.

One thing that the death of Father Frank has done for Lucifer is that it has brought Decker and Morningstar closer. The two of them playing together at the end, before Amenadiel orders Lucifer’s death, has a warm glow to it as the devil’s humanity is growing.

Kudos to both Colman Domingo who played Father Frank Lawrence and Kevin Rankin who plays Malcolm. The actors killed it in this episode. Domingo manages to put the priesthood back in a good place (and after the damning film Spotlight, this is no mean feat). Rankin makes us believe that his Lazarus cop really did spend a 30 year visit to Hell in 30 seconds.

It has to be said that the scene with Father Frank is, at the very least,  one which will have the viewer grasping for that damned tissue box with a large lump in the throat.  Tear inducing and poignant, Ellis manages to make the audience wail on his behalf. Truly moving.

Ellis makes his small changes to Morningstar subtle and yet can fall back on his quirky humor at a moments notice:

“The most evil of people have the most normal names, I’ve experienced… Beware anyone named Keith.”

The smarminess is disappearing as is his lasciviousness (Morningstar even abstains from joining the delivery guy and the tree Barbies.) It bothers him but one feels that soon a more solid transformation will take place.

Or will it? After all Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) still has that feather…

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX.

Lucifer: Eu Tu Doctor? – Dirty (Recap/Review)


In “Lucifer: Eu Tu doctor?” Morningstar learns that he suffers from jealousy, at least where Chloe and Dan are concerned.  He also finds out about Amenadiel, aka Dr. Canaan, and Maze’s betrayal. It also turns out that Malcolm (the coma cop) may have been saved by an angel but the man has much more in common with Lucifer as he is dirty after all and he is not alone.

Lucifer is disturbed to find that Linda, his therapist, believes he is jealous of Chloe and Dan. Detective Decker interrupts the session with a murder. A “cheating” therapist has been murdered. Morningstar arranges for Linda to consult on the case and he tries to have his doctor fix Chloe’s “douche” meter.

While investigating  the murder, more is learned about Decker’s former relationship with Dan, Malcolm pays Chloe a visit, Lucifer learns of Dr. Canaan, and Decker’s douche meter definitely needs sorting.

As every episode thus far, Lucifer continues his mortal morph while pursuing Chloe. Missing from “Eu Tu Doctor?” is Amenadiel. The angel’s presence is there, with the discovery of his office near Dr. Martin’s and Morningstar’s realization that Mazikeen helped his brother, but he is not.

Investigations show, via Dr. Martin’s assistance, that the murdered Dr. Shaw’s wife was stalking a patient of her husbands. While the doc’s spouse did not kill her husband, Sandy  is instrumental in solving his murder.  Malcolm tells Decker that he was investigating a crooked cop when he was shot.

He also reveals that he died.

The theme this week is all about dirt. Not the organic kind, except in Sandy Shaw’s case, but more in the meaning of the word.  Viewers learn that at least two cops are dirty, and peripherally, Lucifer learns of the  the dirty trick that Mazikeen pulled on him by helping Amenadiel.

Morningstar solves the murder by inviting the group  counseling session of Dr. Shaw’s former patients (a mourning/coping mechanism) to look at his problem with Decker. The session is run by Dr. Medina (Al Madrigal) and when Lucifer asks what the therapist wants. What he truly desires, it turns out to be Sandy, the murdered man’s wife. 

Medina confesses to killing Shaw as he attacks Lucifer. Chloe saves the day and Linda is having second thoughts about her relationship with Morningstar.  Decker believes she now knows who shot Malcolm at the Palmetto club.

She and Lucifer head to The Paddock Bar and discover Paolucci has killed himself and left a suicide note. In it, he claims to have shot his partner Malcolm and cannot live with the guilt. Linda stops the physical part of her dealings with Lucifer and Dan kisses Chloe revealing quite a lot about how they feel about each other.

Malcolm meets with Dan and we learn that the “Lazarus cop”  killed his partner and that it was Dan who shot Malcolm at the Palmetto club. Not only is Malcolm “dirty” as Chloe always believed but so is her ex Dan.

Back at LUX, Morningstar confronts Maze and reveals he knows she helped Amenadiel. Mazikeen explains she did it to protect Lucifer but he does not believe her. “We are done,” the devil says before walking away from his ninja bartender.

This episode of “Lucifer” left out not only Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) but lacked the flashing eyes and demonic morphing bit where the devil scares the deserving.  There was the usual “what is your desire” drill, Sandy Shaw is the recipient and when asked her initial response is “dirty.”

“Eu Tu Doctor?” was far less about Lucifer and more about the Palmetto cop Malcolm and learning that Dan, as suspected all along, was the cop who shot him.  There is a keen sense of irony in this episode. Dirty cop Malcolm is brought back to life by an angel (Amenadiel) but rather than this miracle causing the man to mend his ways, he continues the nefarious nature of his existence.

Tom Ellis is still charming as the self centered and rather smarmy Lucifer and Lauren German stays strong as the object of the devil’s desire.  This was a somewhat low-key episode but still entertaining as Morningstar discovers himself becoming still more human when his green-eyed monster makes itself known.

“Lucifer” airs Mondays on FOX.

Lucifer: Wingman – Amenadiel Steps up and Maze has a Secret (Review)

Last week in Lucifer someone stole the devil’s wings and in Wingman, Morningstar seeks assistance from Chloe and an unlikely ally; Amenadiel. The angel steps up, in a number of ways, and by the end of the episode, Mazikeen has a secret


Last week in Lucifer someone stole the devil’s wings and in Wingman, Morningstar seeks assistance from Chloe and an unlikely ally; Amenadiel. The angel steps up, in a number of ways, and by the end of the episode, Mazikeen has a secret. As Lucifer struggles to find his wings, Decker is urged to drop her investigations against the dying cop, Malcolm.

After striking out on his latest line of enquiry Morningstar turns to his “partner” Chloe for advice. They talk and Lucifer realizes that the best person to turn to for help is Amenadiel.  As the two brothers talk, the angel reveals that since Lucifer left Hell, he has had to guard the gates. A job that Amenadiel loathes. Lucifer’s request for help is denied and the angel storms off.

Lucifer returns to Chloe’s house to ask for her assistance, something she has been prepared to offer anyway, and ends up working her “Palmetto/Malcolm” case with her and her ex Dan. The trio head to the Palmetto club to re-enact the shooting of Malcolm.  During their visit, the APB Chloe put out on the angel wings gets a hit.

Decker and Morningstar meet with FBI agent Pitts who explains that the wings are on auction along with other religious relics via the black market. The auction, says the agent, will be raided and all the items on the block will become the property of the feds for 30 days.

Lucifer turns up and as he approaches the entrance Amenadiel’s presence is felt and Morningstar invites his brother to join him.  The two are stopped by a security guard who refuses to take a bribe to get in. Amenadiel starts to show some of that aggression (shown in the comics) and Lucifer shows the “devil’s coin” to the camera and they are allowed in.

Chloe and Dan stop by Malcolm’s hospital room where his wife is preparing to pull the plug on his life support unit. Auctioneer Carmen is disappointed to learn that the coin is not for sale and when he learns why Morningstar is there, he threatens to have his men shoot the Lucifer and his brother.

Once more, Amenadiel shows that aggression, or ego as Lucifer calls it, and the angel dares the auctioneer to have his men shoot. Morningstar nervously stops the situation from escalating and says that he will purchase the wings. The two leave and Lucifer explains about bleeding from being shot.

Decker shows up to warn the two about the FBI raid due to take place in moments and, like Linda, falls immediately under the spell of Amenadiel.   The feds arrive just as the wings are unveiled and begin arresting everyone. Amenadiel slows down time and lucifer learns that the objects on display are fake.

Carmen escapes through a secret door and Decker’s discovery of the portal gives her an idea about the Palmetto shooting.

Lucifer goes after his real wings; Carmen has them mounted in his home. Dan and Chloe find a secret passage at the Palmetto Club and realize that another cop knew about Malcolm’s undercover work and shot him.  Morningstar retrieves his wings from former atheist Carmen.

Amenadiel and Lucifer meet on the beach and the wings are on the sand behind Morningstar. As the two talk, the wings burst into flames. Amenadiel is furious and he attacks his brother. Lucifer tells the angel that he cannot return to hell now.


Chloe drops the investigation against Malcolm believing that the real corrupt cop is the one who shot Malcolm. Decker stops by the wake to pass on the news and Dan will be helping her in the new investigation.

Mazikeen swears to help Lucifer even if she cannot return to hell and after pledging to be part of his team, she reveals a single feather…

Decker stops by and chats with Lucifer to make things right between them while Amenadiel “raises” Malcolm from the dead at the hospital.

Lucifer is upping the stakes.  D.B. Woodside‘s Amenadiel is starting to become more violent, only just being restrained in this episode by Morningstar. Maze has shown that while she has to protect Lucifer, she is not above a little trickery and Decker is falling for the nightclub owner that she believes is delusional.

Tom Ellis is brilliant as Lucifer and Lauren Decker is top notch as Chloe.  The rest of the regular cast, especially Leslie-Ann Brandt, are knocking it out of the park. The show looks brilliant, dark, broody and demonic enough that it comes as no surprise that Morningstar wants to live there.

Despite  Lucifer  dropping slightly in popularity over the week, at least it is according to IMDb, this comic book adaptation is a clear hit. Tune in and see what the devil is up to.

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