Face Off: SyFy Airs Reality Show Seventh Season

Face Off: SyFy Airs Reality Show Seventh Season

The SyFy Network will air the seventh season of the reality competition show known as Face Off on Tuesday July 22. The fact that the show is now on season seven is a testament to its popularity. Essentially a makeup and prosthetic competition between artists who create creatures from science fiction, horror and fantasy the show is presented by McKenzie Westmore who is part of the Westmore makeup legacy in Hollywood, her father is Michael Westmore. The seasons have between 12 and 16 contestants and there are currently four judges. The most recently added judge, Lois Burwell is well known for her makeup work on Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan and The Green Mile amongst other films that she has worked on.

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Day Two: Winner Twins Panel and Cosplay Contest

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Day Two: Winner Twins Panel and Cosplay Contest

Day two of the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con featured a Winner Twins panel and more cosplay than the day before as well as a competition. Before the panel and the evening contest, however, there were people to meet. Both Holly Conrad and Jessica Merizan from Crabcat Industries and Heroes of Cosplay on the SyFy channel. Also present on day two was Alana Rose from another SyFy program Face Off. The illustrious Sylvester McCoy, of Doctor Who fame and comic book artist legend Jim Lee were both available for photographs and autographs.

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