KFC: Having Your Cup and Eating It

Edible cups Seattle's Best Coffee picture

Quite tickled to read about KFC, the fast food chain formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, puttingĀ edible coffee cups on sale in the United Kingdom. Two articles made it into the Entertainment section of Google News this morning each telling the world, oh so briefly, about this new phenomenon.

It seems that in honor of KFC being in the UK for 50 years, these experimental edibles are being offered as a celebratory “gift” to customers. Made of cookie, coated in sugar paper, which can be eaten, with a white chocolate lining inside (heat protection) and scented, the cups are made by The Robin Collective.

This “environmentally” friendly drinking utensil will offer the smell of freshly-cut grass, wild flowers and coconut sun cream.


Pardon my French but who wants to drink coffee that smells like sun cream, coconut or otherwise. This has got to be a gag, aka a punk, aka a practical joke. As any coffee connoisseur will gladly tell you, smell is an important part of drinking the stuff. Starbucks, for example, teach their Baristas what flavors and scents go with what coffees.

No one will want to eat a coffee cup that reeks of used coffee and grass unless they stand on four legs and give milk. The sun cream bit could be seen as sort of “yummy” but not with coffee. After reading about the olfactory descriptions I went over to The Robin Collective’s web site and found a blank page.

Still, my Internet is a bit dodgy so readers can mosey over and have a look for themselves. But…I still think something smells in the UK KFC news items. (You see what I did there?) And not of wild flowers either. The pictures on offer, from all two of these articles, show Seattle’s Best Coffee cups.

Would not the company started by the “colonel” want to have cups with his logo on it? Granted, there may not be any cups with the KFC stamp on them just yet, but that blank company page seems awfully suspicious.

On the other side of the coin, one article states that the press release references the “scents” and states that these will make the UK customers think of better weather and sunny skies. In a country where rain, fog, clouds and lack of sunshine are the norm, this does make a certain amount of sense.

This not so hidden dig at English weather also makes this seem like a practical joke in the making. But what if it is not? If KFC are really having edible cups made for their 50th, what scents do you think would trump the smells on offer?

Personally, I think they should be scented with Dutch Koekje. Nothing, in my honest opinion, beats the small cookies that were served up with a cup of coffee in Holland. Just the idea of the smell of these small delicacies is enough to bring out the Homer Simpson in me.

26 February 2015