Scream Queens: Chanel Pour Homme-icide – Accents (Review)


Scream Queens this week managed to be the funniest episode as well as the most nonsensical. “Chanel Pour Homme-icide” changes the formula a bit. Instead of the most recently cured patient being offed by the Green Meanie, it is two of the new Chanel’s.

Of course the killer did go after Chanel #5 and Denise Hemphill in the Halloween episode. Chamberlin Jackson was attacked but Zayday was bypassed completely.

In this episode Nurse Hoffel has taken over as the new Chanel Oberlin, she calls the two Chanel’s “idiot b*tches,” and we learn that she is addicted to Pethidine and she knows all about Dean Munsch’s  cannibal induced disease. 

Denise Hemphill is not dead, although initially Munsch wants to throw her in the swamp. (Which, incidentally, would have been brilliant for last season since Hemphill was uber annoying. This season? Not so much.) Since the FBI agent cannot be resuscitated the Dean puts her in a cryogenic chamber.

The disease of the week in this episode was Madonna Accent Syndrome, aka Foreign Accent Syndrome. (This syndrome, or illness, really exists by the way so kudos to the writers for this one…) A patient changes her accent every single time she speaks (Not a really symptom…) after a head injury.

Perhaps the funniest bit of the entire two seasons of Scream Queens has the staff suddenly suffering from the same symptoms as  Hotchkiss.  Dr. Holt, Dr. Cascade and Chanel #3 all start changing their accents each time they speak.  All of them are classic “Hollywood” versions of foreign accents.

John Stamos’ character gets the line of the episode with his complaint:

“Damn it. My accent keeps changing. Now I sound like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins.”

ZayDay recruits Chanel #5 to help track down the “baby in the belly,” #5 is annoyed that three new Chanel’s have been taken on board. She is especially upset that one of the newbies is a male.

Hester is also recruited. She gets the second funniest line of the episode as well:

“I’m a psychopath, a sociopath and I’m also allergic to gluten.”

After visiting the woman whose husband was dumped in the swamp, ZayDay believes that Chamberlin is the “baby in the belly.”

Ms. Hotchkiss is cured and the staff have settled into a faux British accent, and they decide to call Madonna.  Mensch fires Hoffel who blackmails her way into staying at the hospital.

Amazingly, Hotchkiss is not murdered.

The Chanel’s throw a party and set up Chanel #8 to be killed by the Green Meanie. Twink, aka Chanel #9 messes up their plan by stepping in to get the gift meant for #8.

#8 comes up to tell the Chanel’s that #9 wanted the present so she came back to the party.  They find #9 on a morgue drawer and he has been gutted. As most of the Chanel’s scream, Hester smiles.

Dean Munsch tells off the three original Chanel’s for not telling her about their plan.  Chanel #3 manages to work the word “onerous” into the conversation. Munsch  brings in three more Chanel’s into the hospital.

She also says that she will find Hester.  The first new Chanel dies, the one with six fingers on one hand. The Green Meanie chops off the extra digit and when the new Chanel thanks the killer, she is then stabbed to death.

Dr. Cascade is the “baby in the belly.”  And, he has lost his English upper-crust accent.

This last reveal could  mean that Cascade is the Green Meanie, but considering the size of the killer he probably is a red herring. If we go by size alone, the killer looks more like Nurse Hoffel.

She is quite tall, especially in heels and she is a full figured woman as well. Chamberlin is also big enough to be the Green Meanie but he was attacked as well. (Although looking at last season, there could well be two Green Meanies…)

This episode of Scream Queens was definitely worth a giggle or two. Although it does fall back on the season one formula, i.e. we are at a loss here, so let’s have a party.  It works, as it allows one new Chanel to be skewered.

It does appear that someone on the hospital’s staff called Madonna as both Chanel #3 and Dr. Cascade have lost their accents.

Scream Queens airs Tuesdays on FOX.


Guest starring Mary Birdsong as Penelope Hotchkiss, Trilby Glover as Jane, Moira O’Neill as Chanel #9, Pablo Castelblanco as Tristan, aka Twink.

Scream Queens: Black Friday – Stating the Obvious (Review)

Scream Queens has, thus far, been a lot of fun to watch. Black Friday, with the start of the episode featuring Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts) torturing the poor downtrodden American overweight and unwashed who watch helplessly as she scoops all the best bargains is on par with the level of comedy this show has to offer.


Scream Queens has, thus far, been a lot of fun to watch. Black Friday, with the start of the episode featuring Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts) torturing the poor downtrodden American overweight and unwashed who watch helplessly as she scoops all the best bargains is on par with the level of comedy this show has to offer. .The storyline, of the girls deciding to murder Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) with its Rasputin theme was brilliant.

Right up until the writers decided to treat the viewer as though they had the same intelligence levels as the characters in Kappa Kappa Tau, or the single remaining Dickie Dollar Scholar Chad Radwell (Glen Powell). Stating the obvious, Hester (Lea Michele) goes on to state the obvious connection in case, you know, the viewer  missed the whole Rasputin thing. 

The gags still worked, Hester does wait until after the Cryosauna fails to work but once she tells the group about the “mystic monk” and the many attempts to murder the man, along with the fact that the man managed to partially free himself before drowning after being, poisoned, shot, beaten and thrown in the frozen river where his body was later found, the urge to slap the writer became almost unbearable.

Still the remaining bit of the storyline worked until that lame scene between Chanel and Munsch as the deserted pool.  Was it just this viewer who found that to be a yawn to the nth? Perhaps someone found it to be entertaining but is just did not flow…

Standout moments:

Chanel Oberlin being shot with the crossbow and surviving.  Funny and revealing.

Denise Hemphill finally getting a gun and becoming a) A real cop and b) the chief of police and c)failing to shoot the red devil when she has the chance. For the first time since her introduction, Hemphill was actually funny rather than annoying as hell.

*Sidenote* This was, however,  a missed moment.  The red devil lets off the crossbow bolt and misses Denise by a mile killing  another cop instead. 

Chad Radwell attempting to recruit Pete Martinez (Diego Boneta) to the very empty frat house and kudos to actor Glen Powell for being able to say Dickie Dollar Scholars repeatedly without messing up. (Any bets as to how many takes this scene took?) 

Dean Munsch and ZayDay talking Gigi’s roasted head.

ZayDay Williams (KeKe Palmer) tearfully admitting that the roasted head of Gigi Caldwell, aka Jess Meyer, (Is this a reference to Halloween? Michael Meyers?) actually smelled pretty tasty…

Pete and Grace’s dad bonding over researching Gigi’s past and the sex talk between Wes and Grace who then decides that she is ready to bed Pete…

Honorable Mention:

The whole cryosauna bit had to a be an obvious nod and wink to Jason X where the indestructible baddie from the Friday the 13th franchise is cryogenically frozen and then comes back to life in space.  Nice touch.

Dean Munsch getting her Jason X on…


Overall the episode was a bit like its title.  Like Black Friday, which is full of desperate people trying to buy things on sale and then feeling let down when they miss the bargain of a century, the episode feels like a  bit of a let down.

Pete appears to be confessing, a least twice, that he is “one of the killers.” (There are more than two remember?) So there is still that person on the other end of the cell phone who must also be a murderer.  Points given for keeping the suspect list high.

The bit where Grace and Chanel both decided to kill the dean and poison her was a nice touch, as was Wes’ zeroing in on Gigi’s (Jess’) liking his playlists.

And finally…Anticlimactic is the best way to describe the pool scene between Chanel #1 and Dean Munsch.  Granted, the series, which has not been approved for another season yet, has only one more two-hour episode left in its first run but that was just blah.

This was the penultimate episode since FOX has combined the final two episodes for a finale. Usually, the slamming together of the season’s last two segments  is a bad sign.  In this case though  it may just be FOX trying to get the series over before Christmas TV begins.

Certainly Ryan Murphy is planning on a “Sleepaway Camp” theme for season two, but whether this transpires or not has not been confirmed by the network. FOX have not  greenlit giving the series another chance to air next year.

Scream Queens is a funny, irreverent look at sorority horror films and the series shows what can be done with a  splendid mix of comedy and slasher horror.  The two hour finale airs on December 8. Tune in and see who makes it to the end, four, or, as Oliver Hudson has hinted, five. 

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