Castle Season 7 Finale and Stana Katic’s One Year Contract

Promo still for Castle with Fillion and Katic
So Castle’s season 7 finale was pretty well done in terms of allowing the viewer another little slice of Rick’s childhood and “the reason he became a writer of mysteries.” On the same day that Hollander’s Woods aired it was announced that Season 8 was fait accompli and that Stana Katic had signed a “one year” contract which would enable her to return for at least one more season.

While that little tidbit of news begs the question of just how long will Katic continue to stick with Castle if it keeps being renewed for an indefinite amount of seasons.

The season finale on May 11, had Richard facing a childhood demon, almost literally, Kate being wooed to become a Senator while she waits to see if she makes Captain, and Alexis trying to find her way to her own passion. There is also a thread where the newlywed couple show just how far, they have each other’s back.

In fact, one of the best scenes in the show has Castle’s outstretched hand shoved under the barn door; palm up, wedding ring shining, fingers outstretched. “Kate!” he says and she slaps her service revolver in his waiting paw allowing him to kill the madman who is centimeters from making Mrs. Castle a widow.

Good stuff certainly. The nice thing about the season 7 finale was that it could be watched without worrying about the rest of the season. The brilliant cameo from Lance Reddick (Fringe, Bosch) where he attacks Kate during an “interview” gives a splendid recap of the entire season. Although going back to binge watch is not a bad thing in the Castle-verse.

It is amazing that the show has survived for so long. After the first two seasons the show slowed down and lost a bit of its impetus. Season six picked things up nicely and the beginning of this season saw Rick become persona non gratis at the precinct which put a completely different slant on things. This was, of course, after his vanishing act which was a two part cliff hanger started last season.

Stana Katic continues to look more glamorous in each new season and Nathan Fillion looks to have lost a substantial amount of weight. As the show keeps being renewed it is all too easy to picture an older glam couple who each use a zimmer to chase down suspects and Alexis having the unenviable task of picking out a home for the aging crime-fighting duo.

While Castle may not go on quite that long, it is an alarming thought that all the stars of the show could end up pretty long in the tooth before the network finally decides enough is enough. Until then, the idea of another season will please all existing fans. Although the news that Katic only signed a one year contract seems to indicate that if the show goes on past season 8 it may well do so without “Kate.”

Season eight should be interesting. Rick’s “killing a villain” count has gone up by one, (and it is interesting to note that he pumped the mask wearing nut job with what seemed like the entire clip from Kate’s gun) Martha may be moving out and Alexis may also become a “long distance” regular, since she is searching for her passion. A change of showrunner will obviously keep things moving forward and it remains to be seen where Rick and Kate will be heading in the new season.

Castle: Bad Santa You Cannot Keep a Good Castle Down (Review)

Castle: Bad Santa You Cannot Keep a Good Castle Down (Review)

So this week’s Castle episode, which is apparently a combination mid season finale and Christmas show, ends on a downer but it seems that you cannot keep a good Castle down. This statement could be confusing but if fans of the series hang on to see the previews of the next episode, Rick manages to get around the latest bad news to hit season 7. This latest season has been one of those years where it seems a lot of negative events have plagued the newlyweds, and before their marriage, the engaged couple. Season 6 ended with the possible death of the writer and 7 opened with him missing and Kate fretting and searching.

Castle: The Time of Our Lives (Recap and Review)

Castle: The Time of Our Lives (Recap and Review)

Castle: The Time of Our Lives begins with a courier, with a silver briefcase handcuffed to his wrist, getting ambushed and murdered, along with his driver, and has his hand removed so the culprits can steal the case. Rick and Kate are in the kitchen discussing the fact that he cannot sleep and what their lives would be like if they had never met. This little exchange, where Martha comes in trying to decide whether she needs to audition for a Stoppard play, sets up the tone for the rest of the show.

‘Castle’ Child’s Play: Selling Ice Cream Can be Murder

‘Castle’ Child’s Play: Selling Ice Cream Can be Murder

Episode four of Castle this week had an ice cream vendor being shot in his van, seeming to prove that selling ice cream can be murder until it turns out that the victim’s profession had nothing to do with his being killed. As the show progressed it turned out that the vendor was not the only person to meet an untimely end. The two plot lines in Child’s Play deal with Alexis learning to deal with Rick being back and wanting to keep track of her father’s every move and the second is Rick getting in touch with his inner child, something that the writer is very good at already, so he can find out which child in a second grade class may have witnessed the ice cream van murder.

Castle Episode Three Early Halloween Special

Castle Episode Three Early Halloween Special

This week’s episode of Castle, Clear & Present Danger started off like an early Halloween special hinting at deals with the devil and the invisible man. So a combination of supernatural and science fiction was on offer which then segwayed into scientific territory. At the start of the episode, this show’s victim was in the middle of playing pool when something invisible attacked him and pushed a broken pool cue through his chest.

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