Chris Brown Rehab be Damned

Chris Brown Rehab be Damned

Chris Brown may have checked into rehab to get a lesser sentence after his assault charge in Washington DC, but now he seems to be saying rehab be damned. He checked himself out early and has declared that he is an outpatient attending anger management classes. Sadly, it seems that is all he is addressing in his new status as a non-resident rehabilitation attendee.

Chris Brown Cancels Halloween Show No Treat for Fans

Chris Brown Cancels Halloween Show No Treat for Fans

Chris Brown has cancelled his Halloween show leaving his fans with no treat as a result. After Brown was arrested for misdemeanor assault on Sunday, and his release from jail on Monday, the singer checked himself into rehab. He has acknowledged that anger management is not his forte. Unfortunately, in the process of getting his “focus” back, he has pulled a Halloween “trick” on his fans who were expecting to see him perform at the event.

Chris Brown Doing a Miley Cyrus?

Chris Brown Doing a Miley Cyrus?

Amid all the news about Chris Brown being charged with felony assault, along with his bodyguard, it seems that the troubled singer has been doing a Miley Cyrus. According to sources, Brown has turned on his most recent romantic interest and unfollowed her on Twitter after she unfollowed Brown.

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